Ar500 Dueling Tree Steel Target


SKU: Ar-1035


This target is built to take some serious abuse.

We built the base out of Ar500 armor plate so that it would not get damaged due to poor shot placement. The 2 welds on the base are completely shielded so that it is impossible to hit them with a bullet.

The center post is built out 3/8" Ar500 and will with stand impacts from pistols and rifles of all calibers.

The paddles are 5" x 3/8" and are constructed out the same Armor plate as the rest of the target. So feel free to shoot them with you favorite handgun or rifle.

We have designed a revolutionary cantilever pivot mechanism and engineered a aggressive deflection angle to send bullet splatter down into the dirt and ensure the paddles will flow smoothly from side to side with out getting stuck in the middle.

The target can be dissembled with out tools to add .22lr paddles or smaller rifle and pistol paddles to make target practice fun for the kids and more challenging for the expert marksman. 

You will not find another dueling tree with these high end features at such an affordable price point.

Happy shooting!!!!



Patent# US20180320815A1