"Get Some" Guns & Ammunition

Get Some” has a gun store and indoor pistol and rifle shooting facility in two locations in Murray and Orem, Utah. Their indoor ranges were built by Action Target, a premier builder of shooting ranges. The ranges are equipped with a TC gen-4 bullet trap and a state-of-the-art ventilation system. The gun store also holds firearms education training including a Concealed Carry Permit Class.

Big Hollow Gun Range

Big Hollow Shooting Range is a non-profit and is manned by volunteers. Based in Heber City, Utah, its facilities enable 100-yard shooting practice for the following: handgun (outdoors), rifle (outdoors), skeet shooting, trap shooting and competition shooting. This facilities is open for all but reserve Mondays and Tuesdays for local police departments.

Big Shot Ranch

Big Shot Ranch is a private firearms test center that also has shooting range facilities. The range has a 300-yard rifle range and a 360-degree drive on range. It also plans several improvements to their facilities, including the addition of state of the art target systems, heated shooting lanes, a simulator and a 360 shoothouse. It also has a clubhouse, members lounge and deck, weapons service room and gun safes.

Box Elder Wildlife Federation

The Box Elder Wildlife Federation is primarily a wildlife conservation organization which also runs two shooting ranges located in Tremonton and Mantua. It is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization that focuses on promoting conservation awareness through projects and activities. The Mantua Range has 110 yard and 50-foot positions. BEWF also provides hunter education training.

Centerville Small Arms Association

The Centerville Small Arms Association is a members-only association but opens its range to the public during scheduled “open range” days. The outdoor shooting range accommodates center-fire rifles, handguns, smallbore rifles and muzzle loaders. The range has a maximum shooting distance of 500 yards (for rifles) and 300 yards (for smallbore rifles).

Goldenspike Buffalo Range

The Golden Spike Buffalo Range is an outdoor shooting range in Promontory, Utah. It has since hosted numerous shooting matches. There is a long main firing line with steel targets placed at various distances, for up to 1,123 yards. There is also a changeable walkabout course that accommodates pistol and rifle shooting as well as a hunter rifle range with life-sized animal targets.

Park City Gun Club

Park City Gun Club has 12 lanes in its 2 shooting ranges. Each 25-long lane is equipped with advanced 360 turning targets, a simple-to-use control panel and a glass shooting booth. These booths have individual target lighting and are rifle rated for all firearms up to .50 BMG. There is also a simulator room that utilizes laser with computer animated and HD video targets. Other facilities include a live fire simulation room and a tactical training range.

Red Dot Firearms, LLC

Red Dot Firearms has an indoor shooting range that has been built and fitted by Action Target and Carey’s Small Arms Range Ventilation. The range has 12 lanes, that allow for shooting of up to .50 BMG caliber. The range proudly features a “Total Containment Trap” for safe shooting with minimal lead dust buildup, as well as a Carey ventilation system.