Aim Hi New Albany Shooting Range

Aim Hi New Albany Shooting Range is an indoor facility that caters to handgun, rifle and shotgun shooting, up to a Desert Eagle .50 caliber Action Express. One section features 50-foot long lanes, with 6 shooting positions, plus 25-yard lanes with 6 shooting positions. The targets are computer-controlled while the environment is well-maintained through a modern air filtration system.

Black Wing Shooting Center

Black Wing Shooting Center boasts of a 5-Star Rated shooting range in Delaware, Ohio. There is an indoor shooting range for pistols and rifles. Trap or skeet shooting can be done in the 12 station sporting clay course, as well as a 5-stand facility. Black Wing also sells new and used guns. The shooting center also provides instruction in carrying and shooting handguns, rifles and shotguns.

Cleland's Outdoor World

Cleland’s Outer World has two shooting ranges with a total of 7 shooting positions. The ranges offered are a combination of an indoor handgun and archery range and an outdoor rifle range. Cleland’s also offers firearms training, such as training to qualify for a concealed carry permit, as well as self defense women’s programs.

Erie County Conservation League

The Erie County Conservation League has a number of facilities catering to a variety of shooting disciplines. These include a 25-yard pistol range, rifle ranges with 50, 100, 200 and 300 shooting distances, an archery range and trap and skeet fields. The pistol, rifle and archery ranges are for members only while the trap and skeet fields are open to the public.

Fairfield Sportsmen's Association

Fairfield Sportmen’s Association is a members-only club, which opens its facilities to the public during its scheduled matches. The facilities for trap, skeet, rifle, pistol and archery are built on an 80-acre property. These include a 5-stand, 6 ATA trap fields, 2 archery ranges (a standard range and a 3-D range), international trap, a 30-shooter pistol range, plinking range and high-powered rifle range. The club also has a lake for fishing.

Miami Rifle & Pistol Club

Miami Rifle & Pistol Club is a 130-acre property in Batavia, Ohio. The club has a number of members-only ranges – the bowling pin range, the 30-firing point pistol range, the plinking range, three practical pistol ranges, a 600-yard high power rifle range and a 100-yard smallbore rifle range. There are also bench rest ranges that hold twelve covered firing points with maximum target distance of 200 yards.

Miamisburg Sportsmen's Club

Miamisburg Sportsmen’s Club provides plenty of opportunities for shooting practice with its indoor and outdoor shooting facilities. Its clubhouse holds the indoor shooting range. The outdoor shooting areas include a shotgun area, a .22 range, the North pistol bay, the Center pistol bay, a 50-yard range, a 100-yard range and a 200-yard range.

2A Shooting Center LLC

2A Shooting Center an indoor shooting range with 16 multi-use positions, all at a 25-yard distance. The range accommodates pistols and rifles. It is equipped with climate control, a Savage Wet Snail bullet trap system and a positive pressure air wall that gets rid of gun powder and other airborne particulates.

American Heritage Shooting Academy

This has a full service gun range, as well as a variety of other facilities for trap shooting, training and hiking. It also has a picnic area with grill and covered rifle benches. The American Heritage Shooting Academy, which is located in Locust Gove, Oklahoma, also offers training and custom ammunition development services.

H&H Shooting Sports Complex

H&H Shooting Sports has a total of 61 indoor shooting lanes that cater to firearms and archery shooting. The lanes include 6 10-meter lanes for airguns, 24 30-yard lanes for rilfes, and 12 25-yard lanes for pistols. H&H is proud to be hailed as the country’s first 5-star range. The complex is also a pro-shop and firearms training facility.

Nowata Firearms, LLC

Nowata Firearms has the distinction of being the longest indoor range in the state of Oklahoma that they have made open to the public. Range lengths are up to a maximum of 150 feet. This enables target shooting using not just pistols but also rifles, muzzle loaders and full-automatics. Shooters can even experience the thrill of trying a 50 caliber sniper rifle or full automatic belt fed machine gun hands on.

Ponca City Rifle & Pistol Club, Inc.

The Ponca City Rifle and Pistol Club has a private, members-only outdoor shooting facility has 4 ranges: a 100-yard rifle bay, a 50-meter rifle bay, a 4 to 25-yard pistol bay and a 4 to 25-yard rimfire bay. It also has a clubhouse. High powered rifles should be at least a centerfire rifle with iron sights. For high powered rifle shooting, there are 3 targets in various positions.

Sgt. Everett's Gun Range

Sgt. Everett’s Gun Range in Norman, Oklahoma, is an indoor shooting facility that caters to pistols (up to .44 Magnum), .22LR rifles and shotguns (birdshot only, no slugs, buckshot or steel shot). The indoor range has a maximum shooting distance of 75 feet. It is open to the public and equipped with handicap access.

The Tulsa Gun Club

The Tulsa Gun Club provides a variety of outdoor shooting activities that is open to the public. There is a 15-station pistol range (covered stations and 25 yards long) as a cowboy action shooting range with 22 expected total number of stages (some are under construction). This has 15 covered stations. The club also has a number of sporting clays facilities (skeet, 5 stand and trap shooting).

Tin Star Shooting Range

Tin Star Shooting Range in Weatherford, Oklahoma, provides a quality outdoor shooting environment. It boasts of a 250-yard rifle range, a 25-yard handgun range and a regulation trap field. For those interested in shooting with a bow and arrow, there is also 25-yard indoor archery range. Tin Star also serves as a host to regular shooting competitions.

Tulsa Firearms Training Academy, Inc.

The Tulsa Firearms Training Academy has been in the firearms training business since 1976. The academy’s practice range has a total of 24 shooting lanes – 18 lanes are 50 feet in length and 6 lanes are 25 yards in length. The range provides a safe and smoke-free environment, with climate-control and air ventilation systems. Each lane is equipped with an electronic retractable target system.

Tulsa Red Castle Gun Club

The Tulsa Red Castle Gun Club in Oklahoma proudly has the distinction of being the most complete shooting ranges in the state. It features an indoor shooting range for pistols and junior smallbore rifles. Its outdoor facilities include outdoor shooting ranges for rifles (bench rest, silhouette), high powered rifles, pistols, and black powder firearms. There are also sporting clay fields, cowboy action shooting ranges and plinking ranges.

Yellow Rose Firing Range

Yellow Rose Firing Range in Altus, Oklahoma is an indoor shooting range that features maximum shooting distances of 25 yards, user-friendly training target positioning and retrieval controls. The range is designed for shooting most handguns and 22 rifles using conventional ammunitions. Yellow Rose also sells firearms.

Albany Rifle & Pistol Club #18

The Albany Rifle & Pistol Club’s facility in Saddle Butte boasts of 6 shooting ranges, which has a combination of an indoor and outdoor range. The indoor range accommodates smallbore .22 pistol and rimfire rifle. The trap range is equipped with automatic trap throwers. There is also two ranges with five uncovered and seven covered shooting bays that can accommodate any caliber. There is also a trap range and a 3-D archery range.

Ashland Gun Club

The Ashland Gun Club is a members-only club that provides a variety of shootin activities and facilities. It has a 100 to 300-yard rifle range which can extend to 600 yards when scheduled. The club also has 2 pistol bays, a 50-yard pistol or rifle range and facilities for sporting clay shooting. It also has a covered archery range of up to 50 yards and a walk through course.

Beaver Creek Armory, LLC

Beaver Creek Armory in Hillsboro, Oregon, is an indoor shooting range with 12 lanes. The range is equipped with modern ventilation and lighting system for the shooter’s utmost comfort and health. The armory also provides various classes for handgun skill development. The only ammunition allowed in the range are those purchased at the Armory. Gun rental and gun smithing services are also provided.

Canby Rod and Gun Club

The Canby Rod & Gun Club at Canby, Oregon features facilities for various shooting disciplines. This includes a 50-foot indoor range that accommodates .22 or .17 rimfire firearms. The outdoor shooting facilities include a 100-yard centerfire rifle range, a 200/300-rilfe range, 2 25 and 50-yard pistol ranges, 6 trap ranges, a manual trap and an archery range.

Central Oregon Shooting Sports Association

Central Oregon Shooting Sports Association has several shooting facilities ranging from 50 yards to 1000 yards in shooting distance. The facilities rest on 600 acres of leased land. COSA has a 1,000-yard high-powered rifle range and a 1,000-yard black powder range. The ranges have member-only access, except during regular association-sponsored shooting events and except for the 100-yard public range.

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