North Carolina
37 PSR Gun Club

37 PSR Gun Club is based in Bunnlevel, North Carolina. It boasts of a full service low restriction outdoor shooting range. There are 11 100-meter firing line positions for rifles and 10 25-meter positions for shotguns and pistols. It also has competition and tactical training bays and a full 270-degree, 11-room shoothouse. Those who want long range precision rifle firing practice can avail of a 400 and 700-meter range off-site.

Calibers Indoor Range

Calibers Indoor Range boasts of 12 firing lane positions that are open to the public. The range can accommodate rifles and pistols. The indoor range also offers training to quality for the NC Concealed Carry Permit given by NRA-certified trainers. Aside from the general public, the range caters to law enforcement agencies and security companies.

Carolina Sporting Arms Co.,Inc.

Carolina Sporting Arms has an indoor shooting range that houses 14 lanes. The range is equipped with temperature controls, dimmable lighting and turning targets. The Carey’s Small Arms Ventilation system efficiently cleans and filters the air. The range can accommodate handguns, shotguns and rifles. The facility also offers handgun training and preparations for obtaining the NC Concealed Handgun Permit.

Deep River Sporting Clays & Shooting School

Situated in 65 acres of woodland in Sanford, North Carolina, the Deep River is mainly an outdoor sporting clay shooting facility. The sporting clays course features 13 different shooting fields while the wobble deck provides 25 shooting targets, including crossing targets (optional). The facility also has a shooting pavilion is for handguns and files (up to .22 rimfire). This range has 8 lanes.

Drake Landing, LLC

Drake Landing is a farm turned outdoor shooting range that offers sporting clay, pistol pit, upland hunting and duck hunting activities. Its facilities include a pistol pit firing range with 10 bays at 50 yards maximum shooting range There are also 3 20-yard handgun ranges and a 25-yard auxiliary range. Shooting practice at Drake Landing is limited to small groups, by appointment only.UNTING, DEER HUNTING, 3-D ARCHERY, CORPORATE & TEAM BUILDING EVENTS

Duncan Gun Shop, Inc.

Duncan Gun Shop has both an indoor and outdoor shooting range. The indoor range has a maximum shooting distance of 25 yards and is divided into 1 bay for rifles and 5 bays for pistols. Shotguns are not allowed in the indoor range. The outdoor shooting facilities for shooting activities such as archery and skeet shooting.

Eagle Gun & Range LLC

Eagle Gun & Range has an indoor shooting range that has 18 lanes and can accommodate handguns and rifles of all large calibers except for a .50 BMG. The range is fitted with an electronic target positioning and retrieval system which enables training under different day and night-time scenarios. Handgun rentals are available.

Handgunners, Inc.

Handgunners Inc. is a members-only yard indoor rifle and pistol range with 10 lanes and a maximum shooting distance of 25 yards. These lanes are equipped with individualized electronic target positioning and retrieval system. The range is equipped to provide qualifications exercises for BLET Firearms. Firearms are available for rent.

Low Country Preserve/Low Country Sports

Low Country Preserve in East Tabor City, North Carolina, has shooting and outdoor adventure facilities including a 12-shooting bay range, a 150-yard rifle range, a 300-yard rifle range, 5-stand and skeet field. Shooters can stay overnight by renting a cabin in the woods. There are also camping, hunting and fishing facilities.

Point Blank Range

Point Blank Range features 15 state-of-the-art indoor shooting lanes at its facility. Each shooting booth is equipped with wireless, programmable target positioning and retrieval system that can be controlled by the occupant in the shooting booth or through a master control system. The booth is also fitted with Level III ballistic steel. Shooters will enjoy the clean and climate-controlled air and well-lighted environment.

ProShots Indoor Range and Training

ProShots Indoor Range and Training is a retain gun store, firearms training facility and gun range rolled in one. The indoor shooting range is composed of 8 lanes that is rated for pistols, shotguns (slugs only) and rifles (up to a .460 Weatherby Magnum). Steel-core ammunition is not allowed. Gun rentals are available. ProShots also provides North Carolina Concealed Carry Class.

North Dakota
Bismarck Mandan Rifle & Pistol Association

The association is committed towards promoting shooting sports and hunting, as well as firearm safety. The association has a shooting facility in Moffit, North Dakota that houses a 1000-yard rifle range and facilities that will accommodate rifle and handgun silhouette, cowboy action and benchrest shooting. It also has an indoor range – The Johnson Family Marksmanship Center, which is a 16-lane, 50-meter range.

Red River Regional Marksmanship Center, Inc.

The Red River Regional Marksmanship Center is a non-profit member-owned organization that runs an indoor shooting range. The range has 15 lanes at its main range, all with 50-foot distances. There is also an 8-lane airgun range with 3-position shooting capabilities, as well as a tube range for rifle-sighting practice. Rifles, handguns and rimfire handguns are accommodated.

Big Shots Range

Big Shots Range provides a full-service gun shop and indoor shooting range. The range is housed in a nearly 14,000 square foot building and has 9 lanes. There is a lounge equipped with closed-circuit TVs for spectators who want to watch a shooter’s performance. There is also a 3-D archery range in a “nature” setting, with rocks, trees and animal targets. The range is fitted with a modern ventilation system that replaces the indoor air every 90 seconds with hospital-grade air.

Bluffs Shooters, Inc.

Bluffs Shooter’s, Inc. is a club that aims to provide training and a safe modern environment for shooting sports activities. Located in Scottsbluff, Nebraska, this boasts of a 300-yard and 500-yard outdoor shooting range for rifles, handguns/smallbore rifles and shotgun rifles. There is also an informal practice area. The club also offers shooting competitions and training.

Heartland Public Shooting Park

The Heartland Public Shooting Park runs under the umbrella of Grand Island, Nebraska’s Park and Recreation Department. It has a wide variety of shooting facilities: 50-yard handgun ranges, 600-yard rifle ranges, Virgil Eihusen Skeet Fields, Sporting Clays Range, Trap Range, Archery Range and Five-Stand Range. There is also a fishing lake (catch and release only) as well as an RV park with full hook-ups.

The Bullet Hole-NE

The Bullet Hole is a gun store and indoor shooting range in La Vista, Nebraska. The range features 12 25-yard lanes and is handicap accessible. The range accommodates pistols, rifles (up to .308 caliber) and shotguns (buckshot or slugs only). The 1,000-square foot retail store provides a wide choice of firearms for rent.

Cheshire County Fish & Game Club
Cheshire County Fish & Game Club

The Chesire County Fish & Game Club has a number of outdoor shooting ranges. There are 100, 200 and 300-yard ranges for rifle shooting, 2 pistol ranges with temporary covers and a pistol range with roofed shooting points. In addition, there are facilities for trap shooting, 5-Stand shotgun and archery. The club also offers activities for avid fishers and nature lovers.

Country Pond Fish and Game Club, Inc.

Country Pond Fish and Game Club has indoor and outdoor members-only shooting ranges. These can be made available to non-members during public events. The shooting ranges can accommodate handguns, rifles, machine guns and muzzle loaders. The ranges are at 25, 50 and 100-yard distances. There are also facilities for trap shooting.

Exeter Sportsmans Club Inc.

The ESC, one of the country’s oldest clubs, has a private shooting range that is available to its members, as well as member-accompanied guests. It has outdoors shooting ranges for rifles, handguns and archery. The lengths range from 25 years to 100 yards. It also accommodates muzzle loaders, airguns and smallbore rifles. The ESC also has members’-only competitions regularly.

Major Waldron Sportsmens Association

Major Waldron Sportsmen’s Association provides facilities for various shooting disciplines. It has a 25-yard indoor range with ten shooting stations, a 300-yard outdoor rifle range with fifteen covered stations with 100, 200 and 300-yard targets. There is also a 15-station 50-yard range, as well as 2 skeet fields (1 modern and 1 traditional) and 2 trap fields.

Pelham Fish & Game Club, Inc.

Pelham Fish & Game Club is a members-only club that features over 300 acres of land. It has a 50-foot indoor pistol range with 8 shooting stations, a 25/50-yard outdoor pistol range with 52 stations, a silhouette range with 10 stations, a 25/50/100-yard “utility” rifle/pistol range with 50 stations and plinking stations. A 600-yard range is under construction. Members may also do shotgun shooting at the 5-stand and trap fields.

Pemigewasset Valley Fish & Game Club

The Pemigewasset Valley Fish & Game Club is a non-profit organization dedicated to fish and wildlife conservation. It has a 7-position, 50-foot shooting range that accommodates handguns and .22 rifles. There are also other shooting facilities such as a 300-yard range, a 200-yard range with pits, a warming house, portable 5-stand and PatTrap Launcher. All these sit on 330-acre of hills, ridges and swamps.

Piscataqua Fish & Game Club

The Piscataqua Fish and Game Club has 20 acres of wooded land that holds its shooting facilities. These include a 4-bay shooting pit with covered firing bays, an archery range (with 15 stations) and a 50-foot practice range. This club is for members and their guests only. It also offers avid fishermen with a river frontage that is stocked with trout.

Sunset Mountain Fish & Game Club, Inc

Sunset Mountain Fish & Game Club at Canterbury, New Hampshire, is a members-only facility with indoor and outdoor shooting ranges. The outdoor range is set amidst a backdrop of a lush forest. It accommodates shooting from center fire rifles (up to 200 yards), handguns and bows and arrows. The indoor range accommodates handguns. It also has facilities for fishing.

New Jersey
Association of N J Rifle & Pistol Clubs, Inc.

The Cherry Ridge Range, located in the property of the Association of NJ Rifle & Pistol Clubs, takes a multi-weapon approach. It has a range for handguns, rifles, shotguns, high power rifles and even bow and arrows. The handgun range has 47 firing points with 25 and 50-yard stands. The rifle range has 70 firing positions while the multi-purpose range can hold up to 25 shooters. The high power rifle range covers 200 and 300 yards.

Bob's Little Sport Shop Inc.

Bob’s Little Sport Shop caters to the needs of pistol-shooting and archery enthusiasts. It has an indoor pistol range that has 9 lanes, which accommodates handguns and rifles where ammunition does not exceed 3,600 fps. The shop also offers handgun training starting from the beginner to the expert level. There is also an indoor archery range.

Bullet Hole Inc.

Bullet Hole’s indoor shooting range is a 10-port, 23-yard range that is equipped with electronic target movers. This range can accommodate handguns, shotguns (all calibers and shot types) and even high-powered rifles. The climate control system provides excellent airflow. Gun rentals are not available. The range also provides police officer or security guard qualifications.

Central Jersey Rifle & Pistol Club

The Central Jersey Rifle & Pistol Club is a members-only club that offers a wide variety of shooting activities at its outdoor and indoor shooting ranges. The outdoor shooting ranges include a big bore range, a general purpose range and a pistol range – these have covered shooting stations. The club also has two 50-yard multi-purpose ranges, four 75-yard multi-purposes ranges, skeet ranges and an archery range. The indoor 50-foot range is equipped with climate control and keycard access.

Cumberland Riflemen

Cumberland Riflemen is a members-only club that has several outdoor shooting facilities, including a 40 yard informal plinking range, a 100-yard benchrest, a 600-yard center fire rifle range and a portable trap shooting range. There is also a 25-yard handgun range with 15 uncovered ports. The ranges are closed during shotgun deer season.

Gun For Hire LLC

Gun For Hire’s Woodland Park Range boasts of top-of-the-line, 5-star-rated facilities. It is open to the public with special privileges given to members. The range is equipped with a programmable turning target system, digital keypad controls and pre-programmed scenarios. Its 13 port 25-yard and 6-port 50-yard ranges are climate controlled with a custom-designed ventilation system. Its firearms training academy is considered one of the best in the East Coast.

Old Bridge Rifle & Pistol Club

Old Bridge Rifle & Pistol Club has both indoor and outdoor shooting range facilities. The indoor range is a 25-yard range with 12 shooting points. His accommodates handguns, pistols and .22 caliber rifles. The outdoor range is actually a complex of 7 ranges, the longest is 100 yards. All calibres are allowed in the ranges, as long as the shooter legally owns the firearm.

Quinton Sportsmen's Club

Quinton Sportsmen’s Club is an outdoor shooting facility, as well as a club that promotes responsible fishing and hunting activities. There is a covered shooting range with target backers up to 50 yards, as well as another range that has a maximum shooting distance of 200 meters. The club also has a sporting clay course with 18 stations and 29 different shooting positions. There is also a sket field range and a 5-stand shooting facility. The archery range features 3D targets.

RTSP Shooting Range

RTSP is New Jersey’s only 5-star rated range, as accredited by the National Shooting Sports Foundation. It boasts of a 4,000 square foot force-on-force shoot house, a digital simulator, electronic target retrieval systems, turning targets in its 21 roomy ports. The range is 25 yards long. Non-gun owners may choose from more than 100 firearms available for rent. The range is equipped with lead free HEPA filtration.

Shongum Sportsmen's Association

Shongum Sportsmen’s Association is a result of the merger of the Comanche Bowmen and the Paper Punchers. The club features a sprawling 90-acre property with a clubhouse, as well as number of outdoor ranges and an indoor range. Hunting and archery facilities are also available. It has a 100-yard outdoor range with 20 shooting stations, a trap range equipped with 4 voice-activated trap houses, an archery range and an indoor range with 15 shooting ports at 50-foot lengths.

Shore Shot Pistol Range

Shore Shot Pistol Range in Lakewood, New Jersey, is an indoor shooting range. It has 10 lanes with a maximum shooting distance of 25 yards, with target stops set at 5, 7, 10, 15 and 25 yards. The range accommodates all pistol calibers (.22LR up to .500 S&W Magnum) and provides guns for rent. The range is climate-controlled and air-filtered.

South Jersey Shooting Club

The South Jersey Shooting Club has five outdoor shooting ranges. This include a 25-yard handgun range, a 50-yard small caliber rifle range, a 50-yard center fire rifle range and 100-yard and 300-yard ranges for pistols, rifles, plinking and shotgun patterning. The ranges also come with covered benches. The club also has a field archery course.

The Citizens Rifle and Revolver Club

The Citizens Range and Revolver Club has a total of 6 shooting ranges – four outdoor range and two indoor ranges. These are open to members and their guests. The 25-yard indoor ranges are for pistols and smallbore rifle with 8 shooting points. The outdoor shooting ranges include a 50-yard pistol and smallbore rifle range, a 100-yard range for smallbore and high power rifles, a 5 station trap range and a 40-yard archery range.

New Mexico
BSR LLC, Complex of Shooting Ranges

BSR LLC has eight shooting ranges that provide training and practice to a variety of shooting disciplines. These ranges accommodate pistols, hand-carry machine guns, AR-15 and long-rifles. The complex has a 1,135-foot arial zip-line, a qualifying long-rifle range with distances of up to 500 yards and an expert long-rifle long range with distances of up to 2,500 yards. The range is equipped with paper, reactionary, gong and exploding targets.

Calibers National Shooters Sports Centers Llc

Calibers National Shooters Sports Center has a full-range firearms shop as well as an indoor shooting range. The range (with maximum shooting distance of up to 75 feet) is open to the public but members can enjoy discounts and free items. The range can accommodate center-fire rifles, handguns, rifles and smallbore rifles. It boasts of the latest technology in climate control and air filtration.

Del Norte Gun Club

The Del Norte Gun Club offers one of the largest shooting ranges in the state of New Mexico. The shooting ranges are house in its 750-acre property. These include the 1,000-yard rifle range and rifle ranges from 25 to 300 yard-lengths and the shotgun ranges that have automated equipment, as well as sporting clay courses that are outfitted with the Long Range Smart Key system. It also has pistol range (with various yard lengths) and archery ranges.

Mags Indoor Shooting Range

Mags Indoor Shooting Range is a public range that has indoor handgun and rifle shooting in its 8 shooting positions. These are well-lit, each stall is equipped with LED lights, a modern negative pressure air control system and an electronic target retrieval system. Ammunition has to be bought from the range and guns are available for rental.

NRA Whittington Center

NRA Whittington Center is literally a complex made up of a number of outdoor shooting ranges. Almost all of these ranges feature covered shooting positions. There are shooting ranges for informal target shooting, for shooting black powder rifles, smallbore rifles, high powered rifles, long range pistols, rimfire rifles and shotguns. The longest range has a maximum shooting length of 1,123 yards.

Patriot Outdoors

Patriot Outdoors has two outdoor shooting ranges. It features a 20-position 300-yard range for high powered rifles. This is equipped with a bench rest pavilion but also allows for prone or standing positions while shooting. The other range is the static pistol range with 20 covered shooting positions. Paper or sticker targets should be attached to the target stands provided.

Socorro Gun Club

The Socorro Gub Club in New Mexico is a shooting range that is run by its volunteer members. It is a members-only facility. However, members can bring their guests and non-members can use the range during open competitions. Interest shooters are also welcome to apply. The range accommodates shooting by handguns, airguns and rifles.

Strykers Shooting World

Strykers Shooting World in Las Cruces, New Mexico, is a firearms retail store and indoor shooting range. Its 6 lanes are well-ventilated and climate controlled. Strykers have instructors certified by the State of New Mexico and the National Rifle Association to provide classes for various levels of shooting expertise. It is also a Class III dealer, which enables them to sell rifles, AR-15s, revolvers and silencers.

Zia Rifle & Pistol Club Inc.

Zia Rifle & Pistol Club provides all day, all year-round shooting, except during maintenance periods. Zia has a 600-yard rifle range, a 100-yard underground test tunnel, a number of silhouette ranges, bermed ranges for different shooting disciplines and a benchrest facility. The club is home to a number of regular competitions and regular events such as cowboy action, action pistol, IPSC, bigbore and cast bullet silhouette.

American Shooters, Inc

American Shooters is both a full service firearms retail store and an indoor shooting range, considered one of the largest in Las Vegas. The range is fitted with 14 25-yard lanes for pistols and 7 50-yard lanes for rifles and high powered machine guns. There are also 9 20-yard lanes for pistols but these are available by appointment only. Gun rentals are available.

Boulder Rifle and Pistol Club

The Boulder Rifle and Pistol Club has two kinds of ranges – a courtesy range and a member range. The courtesy range is reserved for use by limited membership on specified days of the week and has 10 outdoor shooting bays and 2 shotgun stations. The member range has 9 shooting bays and a 200 to 800-meter silhouette range. There is also a distance rifle range (up to 1,000) yards but use is limited to club-sponsored events.

Carson Valley Clays

Same as Blue Trail Range.

Green Valley Range has both public and private indoor ranges, with 7 lanes each. The ranges are 46” wide, with 15-yard lengths and can accommodate handguns (caliber up to 500 Smith & Wesson) and rifles (caliber up to 308). No steel shot or steel core allowed. Firearms are available for rent. All day lane rental fees include eye and ear protection, as well as one handgun ultrasonic dip and snacks in the lounge. /p>

The Gun Store, Inc.

This gun store and shooting range has a unique feature – a wedding chapel for those who want a “shotgun wedding” with an ordained minister. It has a 50-foot indoor shooting range composed of 20 shooting platform stalls but it offers outdoor shooting packages in various locations and scenarios. The range is open to the public and no permits or shooting experience is required.

The Range 702

The Range 702 in Las Vegas feature 4 ranges – 3 6-lane ranges and a 7-lane VIP range. These are equipped with the latest innovations and technology in the shooting range industry. This includes the PRIsim sytem that provides video-based shooting environments and scenarios. The bays are divided so as to provide privacy to groups who want to shoot together. Range 702 is also unique in that it has an on-site restaurant.

Clinton Fish and Game Club

Clinton Fish and Game Club is located at the scenic foothills of the Adirondack Mountains. It has a total of 6 outdoor shooting ranges. The club has a 200-yard rifle range, 3 skeet fields, 1 5-stand field, a trap field and a sporting clays course that is fully automated. There is also an archery range. The club is a members-only facility but is open for corporate events.

Dunham's Bay Fish & Game Club

Dunhams Bay Fish and Game Club is a members-only club that has an outdoor shooting range for shotguns, handguns and rifles. The range has 50 shooting beches and a maximum shooting distance of 200 yards. The indoor shooting range is reserved for archery shooting and has a maximum shooting distance of 20 yards.


Hudson Falls Fish and Game Club

The Hudson Falls Fish and Game club provides scenic shooting spots in its 80-acre land located at the foothills of the Adirondack Mountains. The club has an outdoor rifle/pistol range that has 50 foot-, 25-, 50-, 100- and 300-yard stations. Its indoor pistol range has a maximum shooting distance of 50 feet while the indoor archery range is up to 20 yards.

Monroe Chester Sportsmen Club

The Monroe Chester Sportsmen’s Club has facilities for shooting enthusiasts. It has a 25-yard indoor shooting range with eight point turning targets. Its outdoor shooting ranges include a 50-yard pistol range with fifteen points, a 200-yard high-powered rifle range with fifteen points, a trap field, a five stand sporting clay and two skeet fields. There is also an 80-yard archery range as well as a walk-thru archery course. The grounds are also conducive for hunting pheasants.

Paris Gun Club, Inc.

Paris Gun Club is an indoor shooting center 50 feet in length. It features 12 shooting ports fitted with carpet-lined benches. The range has a target trolly system to position and retrieve targets. Access to this gun club is members-only. Non-members can participate in weekly activities but are not allowed to shoot. Members are required to undergo safety orientation class.

Putnam County Fish & Game Association

This is a private, non-profit sporting organization which provides a variety of fish and game activities. It has a 100-yard rifle range and a pistol range with 25 and 50-yard distances. Both ranges feature metallic targets. There are also 2 archery practice areas. Trap shooting is available at specified days of the week. In addition, the main clubhouse basement has an airgun range with 6 firing points.

SaraSpa Rod & Gun Club

SaraSpa Rod and Gun Club has a 10-lane indoor shooting lane that is used for club activities such as archery, IDPA and bullseye shooting. The outdoor shooting facilities include a lighted shotgun field with a trap stand (elevated and with 5 positions) and a wobble trap machine, a 50-yard range, a 200-yard range and an archery range.

Square Deal Sportsmen, Inc.

Square Deal Sportsmen in Maine, New York has a number of shooting facilities. This includes two covered 300-meter rifle ranges, a 50-yard pistol range, 5 pistol ranges that are reserved for USPSA/IPSC events and an archery range. The club is a regular venue for shooting sports events such as USPSA and IPSC practice shooting, prone rifle, smallbore silhouette and high-powered rifle shooting.

Veterans Gun Depot

Veterans Gun Depot and Indoor Range provides a 14-station 25-yard shooting range. This accommodates handguns (calibers up to 44 mag) and rifles (pistol calibers). The range is handicap accessible and allow for easy target positioning with an electronic target retrieval system. The range is also equipped with a top-quality air filtration system. Guns can be rented at the office.

Victor Rod & Gun Club

Victor Rod & Gun Club provides opportunities for shotgun, rifle and pistol shooting practice. The club’s main facilities are its trap & skeet fields. It has 4 regulation skeet fields and 2 regulation trap fields. The club has a 25-100 rifle range, as well as a rifle & pistol range with enclosed shooting area. Shooting events and competitions such as silhouette shoots.

Waterloo Rifle & Pistol Club

The Waterloo Rifle & Pistol Club comes from a rich and colorful 75-year history. The club has an indoor shooting range with 10 positions. The club holds regular activities and shooting events, some members-only and some open to the public. The activities include fun shoots (with a combination of different paper targets), indoor silhouette shooting, club rifle (.22 rimfire rifle shooting), NYS Sporterifle and IDPA

Whortlekill Rod & Gun

Whortlekill Rod & Gun Club has a number of shooting and hunting opportunities. Its indoor facilities include a 50-foot pistol range and a 50-foot indoor archery range. They also have outdoor rifle ranges (100 and 250-yard lengths), a four station automated trap field and a pheasant shooting preserve. There is also a trout lake that acts as a fishing preserve all year round.

Wolcott Guns Inc.

Wolcott Guns is housed in a 20,250 square-foot warehouse that currently holds a 16 firearms lanes (8 for pistols and 8 for rifles), as well as 12 archery lanes 9with bullseye and 3-D targets. The range is equipped with the Meggitt Training System, which offers top of the line indoor range equipment. The range is also fitted with rubber face AR 500 enclosure guard and acoustical foam safety ceiling.

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