Boston Firearms Training Center

The Boston Firearms Training Center has a private indoor shooting range that accommodates rifles and handguns. The shooting range is primarily for students in the training center, where guns and ammunition are provided during the live-fire sessions of the training. The instructors are certified by the Massachusetts State Police and give training to all levels.

Franklin County Sportsmen's Club

The Franklin County Sportsmen’s Club is a non-profit organization that boasts of a gorgeous 65-acre facility where it houses various facilities. It has an indoor pistol range with 9 lanes. It caters to handguns and .22 rifles and is equipped with movable target hangers and an inclined shredded rubber backstop. It also has several outdoor shooting ranges: 3 pistol ranges, a 100-yard rifle range, a 200-yard rifle range, 4 trap fields, 2 skeet fields and an archery range.

Hamilton Rod & Gun Club, Inc.

The Hamilton Rod & Gun Club at Sturgbridge, Massachusetts, has a 250-meter rifle range with plans to construct a 500-yard range and improve the current pistol range by adding protected shooting stations in the near future. The club also has trap shooting facilities equipped with electrically operated or voice activated traps. These facilities are housed in the club’s almost 150-acre property.

Holyoke Revolver Club

The Holyoke Revolver Club is a members-only facility that includes both an indoor and outdoor range that have 25, 50 and 100-yard lengths. HRC has been providing an enjoyable environment for shooting sports for over 100 years. Shooting facilities can accommodate handguns, rifles and night shooting. Members can also enjoy the club’s hiking trails.

Lowell Sportsmen's Club, Inc.

Lowell Sportsmen’s Club boasts of a 70-acre facility that includes a 50-foot outdoor range for smallbore rifles, a 25-yard outdoor range and a 100-yard outdoor range, all equipped with ambidextrous benches. There is also a 50-foot indoor range with 6 stations, a skeet field, 4 trap fields, an archery range and a fishing pond. The main clubhouse serves as a location for training, as well as social events.

Mass Firearms School

The Mass Firearms School is a shooting sports center that provides training, as well as a safe and enjoyable place for avid marksmen to hone their skills. The school boasts of a state-of-the-art shooting range, complete with target positioning, ventilation and climate control systems. The range can accommodate pistols and 12ga shotguns. The school’s instructors are certified by the National Rifle Association and the Mass State Police.

Mystic Valley Gun Club

Mystic Valley Gun Club has two indoor shooting ranges – a ten port main range and a six port range, both with 50-foot distances. The main range features a Caswell carrier and port system with rubber tire-based backstop. The auxiliary range has a sand-based backstop and electric target carriers. The club continues to upgrade its shooting ranges with the Caswell Target system (which the main range currently has) and an efficient exhaust and air ventilation system.

New England Airgun Inc

New England Airgun Inc. has a lead-free shooting facility that is a family friendly facility, with shooting lessons and instruction provided to adults and children (as young as 3 or 4). The range has 6 lanes of 10 meter length for rifle and pistol shooting. The stalls allow for a variety of shooting positions – standing, prone, kneeling or sitting. There are future plans to install additional shooting lanes.

Nipmuc Rod and Gun Club

The Nipmuc Rod and Gun Club is a non-profit organization that is primarily run and operated by members. The club’s 138-acre property is home not just to shooting facilities but a variety of outdoor activities – fishing, archery and hunting. The club has a 100-yard rifle range (3 covered shooting stations), a pistol range, a skeet range and an archery range. There is also a 10-acre fish pond and hunting grounds for hunting deer, birds, rabbit and squirrel.

Berwyn Rod & Gun Club, Inc.

The Berwyn Rod & Gun Club is a members-only club, except for specific advertised activities. The club has a no-blue-sky outdoor facility with a number of different shooting ranges. It has 4 positions at the 50-foot range, 4 positions at the 50-yard range and a 100-yard range with 9 positions. The firing ranges have concrete floors and covered roofs at the shooting points. There is also a 40-yard archery range.

Fred's Sports

Fred’s Sports’ indoor shooting range features 8 spacious shooting booths with ample countertop space. There is also a viewing area for the non-shooters. The range is climate-controlled and has an efficient ventilation system for good air quality. The range caters to small arms ammunition - handguns and rifles up to .223/.556. Gun rentals are available.

FreeState Gun Range

The FreeState Gun Range is an indoor shooting range that has 12 lanes. The lanes are equipped with electronic controls – which enable shooters to select distances as well as to turn targets. The range also has a wide selection of guns for rent. The range is open to the general public, where shooters have the option to pay by the hour or get an annual membership.

Maryland Small Arms Range, Inc.

Maryland Small Arms Range is an indoor shooting range that accommodates pistols and rifles but not firearms with higher calibers. The store also sells firearms in-store and online. Non-members can rent a shooting lane on a per-day basis. Shooters can bring their own firearms and ammunitions but can rent a firearm. Gun rentals are required to use the store ammunitions.

Sanner's Lake Sportsman's Club

Sanner’s Lake Sportsman’s Club is a private, members-only outdoor range with 50 and 100-yard distances that accommodate handguns and rifles. There are also facilities for sporting clays, skeet shooting, 5-stand and archery. Aside from shooting, members can also enjoy outdoor activities such as swimming, hunting and fishing. The club also hosts bench rest, action pistol and rifle silhouette competitions and muzzle loader events.

Stoney Creek Fishing and Hunting Club, Inc.

Stoney Creek Fishin and Hunting Club in Pasadena, Maryland, provides facilities for a variety of outdoor activities – target shooting, hunting and fishing. For shooting, members can use a pistol range, a 300-yard long-range rifle range and trap and sporting clay shooting facilities. Members can also practice their marksmanship at the archery range.

Thurmont Conservation & Sportsmans Club

The Thurmont Conservation and Sportsman's Club is home to several outdoor activities: shooting, archery, hunting, camping, swimming and fishing. Its shooting facilities include 18 trap fields, a pistol range, 3 rifle ranges (covered firing points with target distances of 100, 200 and 300 yards, respectively). The club also has an archery range, a boat ramp and a creek supplied with various types of fish.

Arnold Trail Gun Club

The Arnold Trail Gun Club has as its namesake the nearby Revolutionary War route where Benedict Arnold passed through in a bid to capture Quebec. The club is open to the public and provides shooting facilities for trap, skeet and 5-stand sporting clays. They run four fields that provide the venues for shooting activities.

Lincoln County Rifle Club

The members-only club has both an indoor and outdoor firing range. The indoor shooting range features 50-foot distance for pistol practice. The outdoor range has 50, 100, 200 and 300-yard distances, with 11 offhand ports and 12 benches. There is an additional covered firing line as well as the personal protection range and the trap range.

Action Impact

Action Impact is equipped with state-of-the-art computerized indoor range that accommodates handguns and long guns. The 14 lanes are equipped with the Carey Ventilation system that completely replaces the air inside the range every minute. Ammunition must be bought at the range. Gun rentals are also available. Action Impact also provides firearms training.

Advanced Ranges, Inc.

Advanced Ranges has an indoor gun and archery range. One range provides a nature-like setting, complete with vegetation and deer and bears as moving targets. Another gun range has 10 lanes with 25-yard distances, as well as an air rifle range. The shooting range is open to the public, with memberships offered.

Barracks 616, LLC

Barracks 616 has an indoor shooting range with 12 lanes 25 yards long. 4 lanes are members-only lanes while 8 lines are open to the public. The range is well-lit and well-ventilated. Firearm rentals and sale are also provided. The facility also has a training/education center that gives classes to all levels of marksmanship – the beginner to the expert.

Brown Bear Shooting Range LLC

Brown Bear Shooting Range is an indoor handgun range with 6 shooting positions/lanes. Aside from handguns, one of the lanes can accommodate rifles and shotguns (slugs only). The range is fitted with an automatic target retrieval system and an air filtration system. The range is open to the public. Gun rentals and ammunition sales are available.

Caledonia Sportsman's Club

The outdoor shooting ranges of Caledonia Sportsman’s Club are situated in a wooded 80-acre property. The club has 3 pistol ranges, which mainly have a maximum shooting distance of 75 feet. These can be fitted with different target types – paper targets, steel targets, gong, or duelling tree. The rifle range has 10 firing positions that are covered and can go up to 150 yards.

Centershot Gun Range

Centershot Gun Range is located in Dorr, Michigan and boasts of a cutting-edge 12-lane shooting range. The range is equipped with moving and interactive targets. 8 of the lanes are fully tactical. There is also a newly-opened archery range, as well as a gun store and rentals for those who do not have a gun or bow.

Detroit Sportsmen's Congress

The Detroit Sportsmen’s Congress, founded in 1936, has been promoting hunting and fishing activities in the state of Michigan. The rifle, shotgun, pistol and archery ranges are located in its 106-property on Dequindre road. The club also has facilities for skeet shooting and sporting clays. It has a separate property for camping, fishing and swimming.

Duncan's Outdoor Shop, Inc.

Duncan’s Outdoor Shot is a full service gun shop that comes equipped with several indoor shooting ranges. These include a pistol range (10 positions at 50-feet), 50-yard (2 positions), 100-yard range (1 position) and 200-yard (1 position) rifle range. The 50-yard ranges have retractable target systems while some are equipped with handicapped-accessibility. The 100 and 200-yard ranges have a monitor at the station. There is also an archery/adaptive use air rifle range.

Edwardsburg Conservation Club

The Edwardsburg Conservation Club has 4 outdoor shooting ranges that is designed to provide shooting experiences for rifles and pistols. The shooting ranges can be as long as 150 yards. Aside from shooting facilities, the club also has facilities for hunting, fishing and trapping. It also has a clubhouse for the club’s social activities.

Island Lake Shooting Range

Island Lake Shooting Range in Brighton Michigan is one of the two shooting ranges run by Michigan Shooting Centers (owned by shooting pro Pat Lieske). Island Lake’s outdoor shooting range boasts of a maximum shooting capacity of 100 yards, with portable and permanent targets at points within that distance. Island Lake also offers sporting clay shooting, trap and skeet shooting and 5-stand shooting facilities.

Target Sports

Target Sports in Royal Oak, Michigan, is an indoor shooting facility. It offers a safe and secure shooting environment with its bullet trap backstops, climate control and HEPA air filtration system. The range allows for the shooting of rifles and shotguns, as well as centerfire rifles (including .223 Rem, 7.62x39 and .308 Win). The range requires the use of range-bought ammunitions only.

Bill's Gun Shop & Range North

Bill’s Gun Shop and Range – Circle Pines is one of Bill’s three locations, all of which were awarded a 5-star range rating by the National Shooting Sports Foundation. The shooting range at Circle Pines features pistol and rifle lanes that are equipped with low light and a retrievable target system. Bill’s also provides firearms training given by certified instructors.

Firing Line Indoor Range Training Sporting Gear

Firing Line’s indoor shooting range features a modern facility with up to 25 yards of maximum shooting distance. The range has 6 private, well-lighted shooting stalls (wide enough for 2 shooters a stall) and that are fitted with AR500 ballistic steel. It also has digital programmable targets. The range is also equipped with climate control and air-filtration systems.

Itasca Gun Club

The Itasca Gun Club is an outdoor shooting range that is run by volunteer members. The club has a airgun center fire rifle range with maximum shooting distance of 300 yards, as well as outdoor facilities for shooting handguns, smallbore rifles and muzzle loaders. It also has an indoor shooting range for handguns and smallbore rifles with a maximum shooting distance of 50 yards.

Target Sports Minnesota

Target Sports Minnesota has 10 shooting stalls, each with a maximum shooting distance of 25 yards. The range features spacious stalls that can comfortable hold 2 shooters, with privacy dividers, climate control and ventilation system. Shooters can easily control and retrieve targets with the user-friendly target retrieval system. The range also holds regular shooting events, as well as firearms training.

Waite Park Rifle Club

Waite Park Rifle Club in St. Cloud, MN, is home to a number of shooting league activities that make use of their facilities. These leagues include smallbore rifle silhouette shooting, big bore action shooting, pistol bullseye shooting, trap league and military/vintage military rifle shooting. The club has an outdoor handgun/smalbore rifle range, an informal practice range and outdoor trap fields.

Ammo Alley, LLC

Ammo Alley has an indoor shooting range that is open to the public. Ammo Alley also provides basic and advanced weapons courses. The range is equipped with an electronic target-retrieval system. For maximum shooting comfort, the range is also fitted with climate control and Savage Range System’s Snail System bullet trap.

Arnold Rifle and Pistol Club

Arnold Rifle and Pistol Club is a members-only, not-for-profit club that has around 1,200 members and a 25-acre property. Its facilities provide for different kinds of firearms and shooting disciplines. There is a 100-yard rifle range, a 100-yard utility range and a 50-yard bullseye range equipped with pneumatic targets. Other shooting facilities include a skeet range, a combat range, combat pits and trap ranges.

Bench Rest Rifle Club of St. Louis

Bench Rest Rifle Club of St. Louis is a private shooting club with several shooting ranges available for use. The club has a 60-bench rifle range with fixed target frames up to 300 yards and movable targets up to 600 yards, a 20-bench rifle range (100 yards long) and a 50-yard pistol range with 30 covered firing points. The club also has a shotgun range and a loading pavilion.

Gateway Gun Club

The Gateway Gun Club is primarily a sporting clay shooting facility. However, it has an indoor pistol/rifle range with 10 bays. This range is equipped with Savage Range Systems technology. The club also has eleven full trap fields, with PAT voice-activated traps, as well as eight competition skeet fields and a practice field.

On Target STL offers a one stop-shooting establishment with a gun store and indoor shooting range. Its 75-foot lanes are well-lighted and ventilated, with clean and cool air circulated every 3 minutes. 7 of the shooting lanes can accommodate up to 3600’ per second. All lanes have acoustic sound proofing, LED loading lights, target retrieval controls and bench rest.

Ozark Thunder Indoor Gun Range LLC

Ozark Thunder Indoor Gun Range in Park Hill, Missouri features 12 shooting lanes. The range also provides classes for concealed carry weapons, the use and reloading of basic handguns. Shooters may bring their own gun but gun rentals are also available. This is open to the public but members enjoy discounts and special privileges

STL Sharpshooter

STL SharpShooter in St. Louis, Missouri, offers a state of the art indoor shooting range. Its 20 lanes are 25 yards long and 4 feet wide, with an all steel bullet trap. The range caters to pistols, rifles and firearms of up to 50 BMG. The booths are also equipped with ballistic protective stalls and a modern system for positioning and retrieving targets.

Target Masters

Target Masters in Columbia, Missouri, is a state-of-the-art indoor shooting range. The range allows for shooting of up to 25 yards for all of its 10 lanes. This accommodates all pistol calibers up to .44 mag. Each lane has an electric retrieval system, air conditioning and air filtration. The range also has a large observation area for spectators.

The Sound of Freedom USA, LLC

The Sound of Freedom USA is an indoor shooting range with 16 lanes. These accommodate handguns, sniper rifles and shotguns that can be shot from different shooting positions – prone, seated or standing. This range is rated with National Shooting Sports Foundation’s 5-Star Gun Range. It provides handicap access, gun rentals and firearms training.

Desoto Rifle and Pistol Club

The Desoto Rifle and Pistol Club has a 200-yard general purpose range with up to 25 firing points. Over half of the firing line is covered. There is also a 600-yard long distance rifle range, with 8 positions. This range can accommodate NRA-sanctioned rifle matches. There are also 3 pistol bays which can be used to shoot rimfire rifles and smaller center-fire rifles.

Top Gun Shooting Sports

Top Gun Shooting Sports in Arnold, Missouri, is an indoor shooting facility with a total of 18 shooting lanes. It features wide, spacious and wheelchair accessible shooting booths (40” wide and 84” high) and can comfortably fit 2 shooters in a booth. The range is well-ventilated, climate-controlled and with a HEPA filtration system. Guns are also available for rent. Spectators can watch the action in the viewing area through hi-definition monitors.

Modern Outfitters

Modern Outfitters is a firearms retailer with an indoor shooting range. The 10-lane range has distance starting from 3 yards to 25 yards. It accommodates pistols and rifles (of up to 308 caliber). It is equipped with an efficient temperature control and ventilation system for safe and comfortable shooting. This is open to the public but members get unlimited range access. Guns are available for rent

Range 53

Range 53 has indoor and outdoor shooting ranges that offer state-of-the-art equipment. The indoor range allows for pistol shooting. There is also a virtual and archery range. It has target retrievers, steel bullet traps and an HVAC ventilation system. The outdoor facilities comprise of an archery range, a pistol, trap, rifle and five-stand shooting field.

Blue Creek Sport Shooting Complex

The shooting range at Blue Creek Sport Shooting Complex is set at the backdrop of rolling hills and majestic views at its 275-acre property. Aside from archery and sporting clay shooting, the complex has an outdoor rifle range with 27 bench rests that feature up to 300-yard distances. There are two open bays specifically for airguns and small bore firearms. Another range has 12 bench rests and a maximum 100-yard distance.

Hellgate Civilian Shooters Association

The Hellgate Civilian Shooters Association provides a number of shooting activities and facilities to the general public. The use of these facilities by non-members is limited to days of the week. The association has an indoor pistol range, a 100-yard outdoor range, a 100-yard prone shooter range and a 100-yard full line (shooting prone) range.

Three Sights Indoor Shooting Range

Three Sights Indoor Shooting Range features modern amenities at its 10-lane, 25-yard range. It boasts of a clean, cool and comfortable shooting environment through its HVAC, sound dampening and specialized lighting system. The range also boasts of an electronic movement system for easier control of the targets. Some lanes are retrofitted to provide wheelchair access.

Whittecar Rifle & Pistol Range

The Whittecar Rifle and Pistol Range in Hamilton, MT, features 6 shooting ranges. This includes an outdoor pistol range (50 yards), as well as outdoor rifle ranges that come in different shooting distances (100, 200 and 300 yards). The range is open to the public. The range also hosts several events covering different shooting events – Schuetzen, Cowboy Action, Bench Rest and Cooper Match.

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