Barneys Firearms & Indoor Range
Barneys Firearms & Indoor Range

Barneys Firearms & Indoor Range in Lafayette, Louisiana, offers 8 pistol lands and 4 rifle lanes. The range primarily caters to law enforcement members but is also open to the general public. Aside from its Lafayette branch, it has other gun retail stores in 5 other locations. Shooter can bring their own firearms or rent from the range.

FITS Indoor Range

FITS Indoor Range’s modern facilities are to be found in Slidell, Louisiana. It has an 8-lane facility that can accommodate handguns (up to 44 mag), smallbore rifles and pistols (all at 75-feet maximum). The indoor shooting range is climate-controlled, equipped with sound-abatement, lead disposal and a HEPA filtering system. High-powered rifles are not allowed but shooters may rent firearms.

Fusilier Complex, Inc

Fusilier Complex is a club formed after the dissolution of the old Hub City Rifle and Pistol Club. The club provides shooting practice for handguns, rifles and shotguns. The handgun firing range and firing line has a maximum shooting distance of 75 yards. The rifle facility has 30 concrete benches and backstops at 100, 200 and 300 yards. The shotgun facility is equipped with a mechanical thrower and trap machine.

Honey Island Shooting Range

The Honey Island Shooting Range is a range that is open to the public and features several shooting facilities. It has a 100-yard rifle range with 15 shooting points. The range is equipped with metal gongs at specified firing positions. Other ranges are equipped with falling plate racks and rifle spinners and other reactionary targets such as pop-up targets and dueling trees.

James Howard Prince Memorial Gun Range

The James Howard Prince Memorial Gun Range provides a variety of shooting opportunities. It has a 750-yard rifle range (with 20 covered concrete shooting station), a 6-bay pistol range and a regulation skeet field. The gun range was established and developed in 2005 through the help of NRA and local residents. The range hosts several shooting competitions every year.

Jefferson Gun Outlet & Indoor Range

Jefferson Gun Outlet & Indoor Range has a full service indoor range with 75-feet shooting lanes. The range accommodates handguns of up to .44 magnum. The range is fitted with state-of-the-art lighting and ventilation. Gun sales and rentals are available. Ammunition, targets and other shooting accessories are also for sale. The range also provides firearms training classes.

Precision Firearms & Indoor Range

Precision Firearms & Indoor Range offers the largest range in South Louisiana with its 9 50-foot handgun lanes and 2 25-yard rifle lanes. The range also has a “falling plate” rack. The range also offers handgun and sub-machine gun rentals, ammunition sales, firearm cleaning and repairs as well as other gun related services.

Southwest Louisiana Rifle and Pistol Club

The Southwest Louisiana Rifle and Pistol Club is an National Rifle Association -affiliated club. They also require each member to hold current memberships with the NRA. The range has a number of shooting facilities such as a bullseye range, a moving target range, a general shooting range, a smallbore rifle range, pistol benchrest range and big bore rifle range. There is also a steel bay and barricade range.

The Shooters Club

The Shooters’ Club in Harahan, Louisiana, has 14 shooting lanes in its 25-long indoor range. This range is open to the public and provides a wide selection of handguns for rent. The Shooters’ Club also provides concealed carry weapons instruction as well as self-defense training. It is also a premier firearms outlet.