American Firearms and Ammo Supply, Inc.

Located in Peoria, Illinois, this shooting range is veteran-owned and operated, with an indoor shooting range facility has 6 lanes. It provides basic training with a National Rifle Association instructor, as well as gun-cleaning services. It also sells ammunition and other shooting supplies and has rifles, shotguns and pistols available for rent.

Article II Gun Shop and Range

Article II Gun Shop and Range has both handgun and rifle ranges. These are all 25-yard firing lines with 8 positions each for rifles, shotguns, handguns and black powder firearms. These ranges are able to accommodate any type of caliber firearm except 50BMG. It also provides basic pistol training and Illinois Conceal Carry Certification.

Aurora Sportsmens Club

The Aurora Sportsmen’s Club is a members-only, not-for-profit club. Non-members may visit as invited guests of members or during public club-sponsored events. The club has rifle and pistol ranges with 50 to 600-yard distances, as well as facilities for sporting clays, trap shooting, skeet shooting and 5-stand. There is also field and 3D ranges for archery. The club also provides fishing and hunting opportunities at its 280-acre property.

Bullet Trap, Inc

The Bullet Trap provides a modern and top-quality shooting experience in Macon, Illinois. The range is equipped with an HVAC air handling system, a rubber berm back stop (that prevents the discharge of lead dust), a steel-plated ceiling baffle system that minimizes noise. The shooting booths are also covered with steel plates. Shooters can conveniently control and position targets with the range’s target retrieval system.

Edwardsville Gun Club

Edwardsville Gun Club is a members-only club that has a 20-lane outdoor pistol range with 50 and 100-meter shooting distances. These have covered shooting positions, built and designed based on NRA “No Blue Sky” specifications. The club also has six trap fields, some with automated voice calls. Members may bring guests to the shooting range. The club also has a clubhouse with a 150-seating capacity, as well as fishing lakes, picnic areas and club-sponsored trap practice and fun shoots.

G.A.T. Guns

G.A.T. Guns at Dundee, Illinois has the following shooting facilities: 3 eight position pistol ranges, an indoor archery range. Recent additions include 2 50-yard indoor pistol ranges and 2 75-yard high-powered rifle ranges. Each of the ranges has 7 shooting points. There is also an 11-position training range. In all, there are 63 shooting points. GAT also provides firearms training for beginners and expert marksmen.

HP Shooting Center, Inc.

HP Shooting Center, at McHenry, Illinois, is a gun shop and pistol range. The indoor range has 7 50-foot lanes. The range is open to the general public but it requires individuals who want to use the range to present a current FOID (IL Residence only). Gun rentals are also available. Firearms instruction is also available and given by NRA and Illinois CCW instructors. The range also holds regular .22 LR matches.

J.R. Shooting Sports Inc.

J.R. Shooting Sports is an indoor shooting range that is climate controlled (heated or air-conditioned) and well ventilated (with a HEPA Filter Air filtration system). The 9-lane, 75-yard range provides shooting practice for airguns, centerfire rifles, handguns and smallbore rifles. Shooters can control shooting distances with a computerized target positioning and retrieval system.

Maxon Shooters Supplies, Inc.

Maxon Shooter’s Supplies in Des Plaines, Illinois, has a 16,000 square foot indoor shooting facility. It features a 10-position, 75-foot rifle range. Spectators can watch the shooting through the ballistically-protected viewing window. The store also has 2 classrooms for firearms training purposes and special events. Maxon’s also provide gunsmithing and gun storage services.

Mega Sports, Inc.

Mega Sports, Inc. in Plainfield, Illinois, has a 14-lane, 25-yard indoor shooting range that serves to complement their firearms store. The range requires a valid FOID of an individual over 21 years of age. The shooting range accommodates handguns, rimfire rifles and handgun caliber rifles. Shotguns and centerfire rifles are not permitted.

Metro Shooting Supplies Indoor Range & Training Academy

Metro Shooting Supplies has an indoor shooting range and training academy. The 25-yard range caters to the academy students as well as customers who desire to “buy, learn, and shoot”. Aside from firearms training classes and private lessons, Metro Shooting Supplies boasts of a full-line gun shop and also offers gunsmithing services.

Applied Ballistics Systems

Applied Ballistics Systems has an indoor shooting range that accommodates handguns and rifles. It is fitted with 5 shooting lanes in each of its 3 bays. One bay is for rifles and fully automatic firearms and is 75 feet in length, rated at 3,000 FPS. Two of the bays are for pistol shooting. These bays are also 75 feet in length, rated at 2,000 FPS. The range is equipped with automated target carriers, bullet traps and a two-stage HEPA air filtration system.

Fall Creek Valley Conservation Club

Located in Markleville, Indiana, this club has outdoor shooting range facilities that accommodate airguns, rifles, handguns, shotguns and smallbore rifles. It also has informal practice facilities for muzzle loaders and trap shooting. Its NRA instructions provide training for various types of firearms, as well as firearms safety.

Fulton County Gun Club

The Fulton County Gun Club in Rochester, Indiana, provides outdoor shooting facilities for rifles, pistols and shotgun as well as for archery. This is a private, members-only club. It hosts regular Amateur Trapshooting Association Registered tournament events that it makes open to the public. Other activities in the club include camping and canoeing.

Hillside Shooting Sports

Hillside Shooting Sports features the full range of shooting sports at its 600-acre property in Roanoke, Indiana. Its facilities include a rifle range with paper and steel targets placed at 50, 100, 200, 300, 400, 600 and 1,000 yards. There is also 2 training pistol bays, as well as reactive steel pistol ranges. Sports clay shooting enthusiasts can head to the trap fields. A newly-constructed 12-lane indoor pistol range is the latest addition to its top-drawer quality amenities.

Indy Trading Post

Indy Trading Post has an indoor shooting range that is open to the public and that accommodates handguns and rifles. Night shooting is also available. It allows you to bring your own ammunitions but gun rentals and ammunition sales are also available. Children aged 8 and above are allowed but should be accompanied by a parent.

Izaak Walton League - Huntington County

The Izaak Walton League in Huntington County is the local chapter of the Izaak Walton League of America. It is a public sportsman’s club that has several outdoor shooting facilities such as an archery range (with 3D targets0, a handgun or smallbore rifle range (maximum of 50 yards), an airgun range, and sporting clays trap shooting.

Kodiak Firing Range & Training Facility, Inc.

Kodiak Firing Range & Training Facility in South Bend, Indiana is a self-defense training facility that not only provides shooting training and practice but also martial arts, as well as armed and unarmed self-defense fighting. The facility has 2 ranges, each with two lanes. One lane is for members while the other lane is for the general public.There is also a live-fire shoothouse for creating and practicing scenarios.

Michigan City Rifle Club

The Michigan City Rifle Club has a 75-year heritage with regards to shooting activities and events. This member-operated club boasts of both indoor and outdoor shooting facilities. The indoor range features 10 50-feet shooting booths and is climate controlled for whole year-round shooting practice. The outdoor range has target placements starting from 25 yards up to 200 yards and has covered firing lines.

Midwest Gun & Range, Inc

Midwest Gun & Range has something for the tenderfoot or the crack shot. Its shooting range features a 20 yard shooting distance with 5 lanes for VIPs/Members and 10 lanes accessible to the public. It offers safety and comfort with its modern ventilation and lighting systems. The range allows shooters to bring their own firearms (except for black powder) or choose from the wide array of guns available for rent.

Monroe Township Conservation Club

The Monroe Township Conservation Club is a member of the National Shooting Sports Federation. It has outdoor shooting facilities for its members, including a 100-yard centerfire rifle range and a 100-yard handgun range. There is also an informal practice area. The ranges may also accommodate airguns, handguns, muzzle loaders and shotguns.

S&S Sports Inc.

S&S Sports or Indian Creek Shooting offers a shooting range in Georgetown, Indiana. It provides plenty of shooting practice at its rifle and pistol range, trap fields and skeet field. The 5-stand on the trap field features high and low house skeet traps, as well as a variety of trap-shooting targets. It is considered as having one of the most difficult sporting clay courses in the state.

Terre Haute Sporting Clays

Terre Haute Sporting Clays primarily provides shooting opportunities at its sporting clay facilities but it also has a 100-yard rifle range and 150-yard shooting range with berms with standards, as well as a 25-yard pistol range. The sporting clays field features 2 courses. Terre Haute also sells ammunitions and has shotguns for rent.

Tim's Shooting Academy Of Westfield

Tim’s Shooting Academy of Westfield primarily provides firearms training and also a safe environment for shooting practice. It has a total of 15 lanes – 5 rifle lanes 75 feet in length and 10 pistol lanes 50 foot in length. The shooting lanes are divided into bays with 5 lanes each. The range is also equipped with steel bullet traps, noise suppression and HVAC ventilation system. Each stall is fitted with level 3 grade protection (pistol lanes) and level 4 grade protection (rifle lanes).

Young's Longshot, Inc.

Young’s Long Shot Range in Wolcottville, Indiana, is an outdoor shooting range with a maximum shooting distance of 1,000 yards. This gives shooters the ability to try shooting starting from 25 yards all the way to 1,000 yards, with steel target holders at specified points. The shooting points are equipped with shooting mats, spotting scopes, gun rest and sandbags. Shooters can shoot from cover or outside the deck.

Bone Creek Sport & Gun Club. Inc.

Bone Creek Sport & Gun Club features private indoor and outdoor shooting range for members. It has a 200-yard rifle range, a 25-yard pistol range and a shotgun range. The club is open every day of the year, except during the firearms deer season. It also provides practice areas for airgun and archery shooting as well as firearms training.