Advanced Bullets Outdoor Range

Advanced Bullets Outdoor Range has three types of outdoor shooting ranges. There is an outdoor range for rifles, pistols and shotgun with 10, 25, 50 and 100-yard distances. It also has a 14-stations range for rifles and which has a covered firing line. For clay bird shooters, there is a 3-station wobble trap. The range is open to the public.

Adventure Outdoors

Adventure Outdoors boasts of a Remington Range. The indoor range has 17 lanes at 25-yard distances, with paper targets (sight-in, silhouette and novelty targets). For the shooter’s comfort and safety, the range is also equipped with air conditioning and a HEPA air filtration system. The range offers a wide selection of handguns and rifles for rent.

American Heritage Gun Range & Training Center

This gun range boasts of a cutting-edge indoor shooting range that is considered one of the finest in the state of Georgia. The gun range has automated targeting equipment in its 20 lanes. 6 stalls are wheelchair-accessible. It is also equipped with a state-of-the-art ventilation system for more comfortable shooting sessions. The gun range also has a training center and sales showroom.

Atlanta Range and Ordnance, Inc

The Atlanta Range and Ordnance is an indoor shooting facility. It has 4 40-yard lanes and 10 25-yard lanes that can accommodate shotguns, handguns and rifles. Each stall is separated by concrete padded with acoustical foam and a 25-inch granite counter space. The range is well ventilated and meets EPA and OSHA standards.

Autrey's Armory, Inc.

Autry’s Armory boasts of a 12-lane, 25-yard indoor shooting range that is fitted by Caswell Detroit Armor range equipment. The range is divided into two bays, each with 6 lanes. The rifle bay can accommodate all rifle calibers up to .300 Win Mag. The range is well lighted and ventilated and makes use of recycled rubber to prevent ricochet and gets rid of lead dust. Firearms training is also available. Autrey’s Armory is also a Class 3 firearms dealer.

Big Woods Goods

Big Woods Goods’ firing range is a 10-lane indoor shooting range. The range is equipped with ballistic-protected shooting partitions, roomy bays (4-feet wide) and a cable-less monorail target carrier system. Shooters can design shooting programs using the PC-controlled individual target system. The range can accommodate up to 50 cal rifle caliber with its M-18 bullet trap. However, caliber restrictions may be applied some days of the week.

Bulls Eye Marksman and Gun Club, LLC

The Bulls Eye Marksman and Gun Club has a total of 12 25-yard shooting lanes – 2 rifle lanes and 10 pistol lanes. Prospective gun buyers are encouraged to try a certain firearm before purchasing. There are over 80 firearms available for rent. The range can accommodate pistol or rifle configurations up to 44 mag and all rifle calibres up to 460 Nitro Express.

Coastal Georgia Gun Club
The Coastal Georgia Gun Club features an outdoor shooting range that is for members only. The shooting range accommodates center-fire rifles (up to 500 yards), handguns or smallbore rifles (up to 500 yards) and an informal practice area, as well as facilities for muzzle loader shooting. The club hosts a number of competitions such as rifle silhouette, action pistol and cowboy action shooting competitions


Eagle Gun Range, Inc.

Eagle Gun Range in Macon, Georgia is an indoor shooting range that is open to the public. It is equipped with lighting and climate control equipment, ballistically secure booths, ceilings and walls, as well as a full-line gun store. The range provides shooting facilities for pistols and rifles, but disallows black powder guns. The range provides gun sales and gunsmithing services.

GA Firing Line

GA Firing Line has a pistol range and rifle range. The 2-lane rifle range accommodates rifles of up to .300 Win Mag. The pistol range has 11 lanes and can accommodate firearms of up to .500 S&W Magnum. This is a climate-controlled, spacious and well-lighted facility, with automated target controls and distance readout displays. The individual booths are wide and bullet proof.

Georgia Gun Club, LLC

Georgia Gun Club’s 32,000 square foot property has Georgia’s only indoor range with 28 positions for pistols and rifles. Lengths are up to 100 yards. The range is equipped with environmental controls to mimic real-world scenarios (such as low lighting controls). It also boasts of air conditioning and climate control.

Governors Gun Club

The Governor’s Gun Club’s firing range is a 16-lane, 25-yard indoor shooting range. This is equipped with the newest interactive technology, the better to challenge shooters to improve their marksmanship skills. The shooting booths are spacious, with digitally adjustable targets and superior sound reduction technology. The range can accommodate pistols and rifles up to 308/7.62. There is also a 35-yard 3D archery range.

John's Creek Indoor Gun Range

John’s Creek Indoor Gun Range in Suwanee, Georgia, features 16 25-yard lanes that allows for rifle and handgun shooting. The range has a number of safety and security features, such as surveillance cameras, a top-notch air ventilation equipment and climate control. The range also has a gun retail facility, a lounge area and a large viewing area.

MA Customs LLC

MA Customs Firearms has an indoor shooting range located in Jesup, Georgia. This is a 6-lane shooting facility that has a 25-yard length. Each lane is provided with individual lighting control and an automated target positioning system. The range is also climate-controlled and well-ventilated. The range offers monthly NRA Basic Handgun classes.

Norcross Gun Club and Range

Norcross Gun Club and Range, formerly known as American Classic Marksman, provides a modern environment for shooting practice. It has a total of 12 25-yard shooting lanes. Each lane has adjustable lighting and automatic target controls. It is also individually protected. The range is also equipped with heating and air conditioning, ventilation system and down range ceiling baffle system.

Ole Mill Range Complex

The Ole Mill Range Complex is an airgun range that primarily caters to shooting athletes, even those preparing for national and international (Olympics) levels. The 52-position range is 10 meters long. It also features 10 50-meter shooting lanes, 14 positions designed for dual use (50-foot smallbore and air rifle) and 6 air pistol firing points. The lanes have individual target lighting controls.

Patrick's Indoor Range & Pro Shop

Patrick’s Indoor Range & Pro Shop’s Savannah, Georgia’s location features a 10-lane 25-yard indoor shooting range. The range is fully air-conditioned, well-lighted and equipped with an air filtration system. Each lane is fitted with rubber back stops and programmable targets. The range accommodates all pistol calibres. There is also a viewing area.

Pinetucky Gun Club

Pinetucky Gun Club offers a complete shooting experience with their numerous shooting ranges and facilities. Aside from shotgun facilities such as trap, skeet, 5-stand and sporting clays, the club also has outdoor facilities such as a 24-point 100-yard rifle range and a 24-point, 50-yard pistol range. Indoor activities include an 11 point airgun range.

Quickshot Shooting Range

Quickshot Shooting Range offers an excellent shooting opportunities for beginners and expert marksmen. It has 3 locations, in Atlanta and Charleston, Georgia, and in Charleston, South Carolina. Quickshot boasts of top-of-the-line shooting range facilities, which are fully heated and air conditioned, well-ventilated and safe. The Atlanta facility has 2 separate indoor ranges. Each range has 7 lanes – one lane is 50 feet long while the other lane is 75 feet long. It accommodates pistols and rifles with caliber up to and including .308.

Range, Guns & Safes LLC

Range, Guns & Safes is a full service shooting establishment with a store, training center and shooting range. It has two locations – in Atlanta and Forest Park, Georgia. The Atlanta facility has 10 pistol lanes and 3 rifle lanes, all fully air-conditioned. The Forest Park facility has 13 pistol lanes and 2 rifle lanes.

River Bend Gun Club

River Bend Gun Club is a shooting complex with members-only access. It has plenty of facilities for cowboy pistol and rifle (to to 11 bays), plinking ranges, a rimfire plinking range, center-fire plinking range, bullseye pistol range (with 30 positions), action pistol range, 3 multi-purpose ranges, a muzzle-loading range, high-powered rifle range, rifle silhouette range ad shotgun ranges. Each shooting range or bay has specified guidelines as to what type of gun and caliber is to be used.

Sandy Springs Gun Club and Range

Sandy Springs Gun Club and Range features a total of 16 shooting lanes – two 25-yard ranges with 11 lanes and a 35-yard range with 5 lanes. These lanes are equipped with the latest technologies in shooting ranges – automatic target retrievers, a down range ceiling baffle system, climate control, air filtration and ventilation systems. Each shooting booth is individually-protected. The facility is a members-only establishment.

SharpShooters USA

Shooters Indoor Range and Gun Shop in Augusta, Georgia, provides a modern and safe environment for shooting practice. It has 11 25-yard lanes that are fully climate-controlled and ventilated. Handguns and long guns are available for rent. They also sell ammunition, which shooters must buy if they are to use the rental guns. The range accommodates calibers up to 7mm Magnum.

Shooters of Columbus

Shooters of Columbus has an indoor range (up to 25 yards) and gun shop. The range is only for pistol calibres and shotguns and not for rifles. Weapons (new and used) are available for purchase or rent. Shooters also provides a variety of firearms training on the use of handguns and rifles, as well as for NRA certification.

Stoddard's Range and Guns

Stoddard’s has an indoor shooting range that boasts of 12 lanes that have 75-foot distances and are fully rifle-rated. The shooting range is equipped with a programmable touch screen target system, as well as climate control, ventilation and filtration systems. Firearms are available for rent. Stoddard’s is open to the public but offers members privileges and benefits.

Tactical Guns & Gear

Tactical Guns & Gear in Lavonia, Georgia, offers a safe and controlled shooting environment for pistols and rifles. The range has a depth of 75 feet and is equipped with climate control and air-filtration systems. The range accommodates non-magnum rifle calibers under .50 caliber. Armor piercing, tracer, steel core or incendiary rounds are prohibited. The range provides various types of memberships.

Trigger Time Indoor Gun Range

Trigger Time Indoor Gun Range features 14 shooting lanes. There are 7 35-yard lanes and 7 30-yard lanes. The range is fitted with a lighting and air filtration system. This range is open to the public but members get special privileges. The range also has guns available for rent. There are a number of handgun safety and marksmanship courses as well.

Wild West Traders

Wild West Traders is an indoor shooting range and gun shop. Their shooting facility features 12 individual lanes at 25 yards maximum shooting distance. These are all equipped with a full target retrieval system, air filtration and climate control. Wild West Traders also has a training facility and gun shop.

Koko Head Shooting Range

Koko Head Shooting Complex is a shooting complex that houses a number of shooting facilities. Some of these facilities such as trap, skeet, a 200-meter metallic silhouette range, action pistol and cowboy action shooting ranges are operated by independent clubs. The complex also has a 100-yard rifle range and a 50-yard handgun range.

Big Springs Shooting Complex

This 360-acre property boasts of a 50-yard, 100-yard and 500-yard ranges for shotgun, rifle and handgun shooting. Big Springs Shooting Complex is open to the public during specified seasons. The rifle range is equipped with a variety of targets and range props and covered by a roof. Beginners can also avail of lessons by appointment. Big Springs also specializes in upland hunting.

Daryl's Gun Shop Inc.& The Shootin Range, Inc.

Daryl’s Gun Shop Inc. & The Shooting Range Inc. features a combination of indoor and outdoor shooting ranges. The ranges accommodate airguns, center-fire rifles, rifles, smallbore rifles and muzzle loaders. There are also trap shooting facilities. The range is open to the public and has handicap access.

Midwest Shooting Supply, LLC

Midwest Shooting Supply has an indoor shooting range that is equipped with climate control, quality ventilation and air conditioning/heating. Shooters can enjoy the atmosphere at MSS, as well as the automated target retrieval systems in its 19 and 25-yard lanes. It also has a full service gun shop, as well as a use of force simulator, which provides a variety of shooting scenarios.

West Liberty Gun Club

The West Liberty Gun Club provides a wide variety of shooting activities in its 40-acre property. The club has several outdoor shooting ranges: a 100-yard range, a 50-yard pistol range (with turning targets), 6 practical pistol bays, a range with metallic silhouette targets for 22 caliber rimfire pistols, a trap range and a practical pistol shooting range with reactive steel targets. It also has an archery range.

Center Target Sports Inc.

Center Target Sports’ indoor shooting range has 10 lanes that are 4 feet wide. Each lane has a maximum shooting distance of 25 yards. The range is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities – a granulated rubber bullet trap system and a computerized lightning control system. The range has a collection of shooting props, movable overhead lights and computerized target system that allows shooters to create various shooting and training scenarios.

Diamondback Shooters

Diamondback Shooters has an indoor shooting range that is open to the public for shooters as young as 8 years old (as long as the child is accompanied by an adult who is sharing the lane). The range is divided into individual lanes and equipped with an automated retrieval system and climate control system.

Fernan Rod and Gun Club

The Fernan Rod & Gun Club is a non-profit organization which provides a wide range of shooting activities. It has a 400-yard rifle line and a 50-yard line, both covered and artificially lighted. There are also 5 covered multi-use ranges, as well as 3 multi-use ranges without covers. These facilities are all wheelchair-accessible.

Gate City Sport Shooting Association

The Gate City Sport Shooting Association’s Oregon Trail Range provides outdoor shooting facilities including a covered shooting range with multi-distanced target areas, a trap shooting area for shotguns and a field exercise area. There are four shooting bays with covered shooting areas – one 25-yard, one 50-yard and tow 100-yard bays.

Nampa Rod and Gun Club

Nampa Rod and Gun Club is home to an indoor and outdoor shooting range. The club has an over 70 year-legacy. It was awarded the property it now has by President Roosevelt’s Executive Order. The club is a members-only facility but the indoor range is made open to the public during the regular events it hosts. Members are allowed to bring in paying guests to use the outdoor range.

Parma Rod and Gun Club

Parma Rod and Gun Club provides a mix of outdoor shooting areas that include a trap area, rifle range and smallbore rifle pit. These mostly feature covered shooting stations and are mostly member-access only. Parma’s shooting disciplines include Practical Precision Rifle, Long Range Tactical Rifle, IDPA (that provides practical defensive strategies for various scenarios) and sporting clay shooting.

Unified Sportsmans Club

The Unified Sportsmen's Club in Rexburg, Idaho, is an organization that is open to the public. The club’s outdoor shooting facilities provide members and visitors with plenty of shooting opportunities at highly affordable rates. The club has rifle ranges that start from a shooting distance of 100 and increase up to 1,000 yards in increments of 100.