A Place To Shoot

A Place To Shoot literally provides you with a wide variety or places to shoot with its 7 shooting ranges. These ranges can accommodate handguns, shotguns and high power rifles. There are also lanes specially earmarked for law enforcement officers and for members. There is also a 5-stand for sporting clay shooting. Targets are a mixture of paper targets and steel plates, depending on the type of range and the distance of the target.

American Shooting Center, Inc.

The American Shooting Center in San Diego, California, is a pro-shop, indoor shooting range and training facility rolled in one. The environmentally-controlled range features 14 lanes with a maximum shooting distance of 25 yards and can accommodate shotguns, pistols and rifles. A wide variety of firearms are available for rent. .

American Shooting Center, Inc.

Angeles Shooting Ranges provides outdoor shooting practice and experience to the public. It has a rifle range with berms at 100, 200, 300, 400, 500 and 600 yards. The range is equipped with a mixture of paper and steel targets. The pistol range provides shooting practice with metallic silhouettes and cardboard hanging targets placed at distances between 35 to 100 yards. There is also a shooting range for shotguns, with 5 Clay Throwers and 100-yard targets at the rifle benches.

Apple Valley Gun Club

The Apple Valley Gun Club is a private, members-only club that is open to the public for scheduled events. The club has a number of shooting ranges. The pistol range has four separate bays with a mixture of covered and open shoting positions. The rifle range feature covered firing positions with distances from 100 to 300 yards. The indoor range features modern equipment for safe and comfortable shooting practice.

Border Tactical Indoor Range & Gun Store

Border Tactical Indoor Range & Gun Shop offers an indoor shooting range that is open to the public, but provides special discounts to members, such as no per-session charges. The indoor range accommodates handguns, rifles and semi-automatic firearms. It is equipped with an efficient ventilation system and has since gone “green” – recycling the brass and lead expended in the range.

Burro Canyon Shooting Park

The Burro Canyon Shooting Park has 15 private outdoor shooting ranges, with varying distances from 45 yards to under 200 yards. These are tactical/combat ranges that can be fitted with life-sized paper silhouettes, as well as a mover with variable direction and sped, duelling trees and falling plate racks. There is also a 75-yard public pistol range and a 210-yard public rifle range. This is a members-only shooting park but members may bring 1 non-member companion.

Chabot Gun Club

The Chabot Gun Club is located inside the Anthony Chabot Regional Park, in the East Bay hills of Castro Valley. It is equipped with rifle, shotgun and pistol shooting ranges. The 65-acre facility is open to the public for training rental s and match activities. Shooters need to bring their own firearms as there are guns available for rent at the gun club.

Cordova Shooting Center

This gun store and outdoor shooting range offers 30 lanes for rifles (at 100-yard lengths) and 25 lanes for pistol (at 15-yard lengths). The shotgun range provides users with voice or button target release for five skeet an eight trap fields. The shooting center also provides training classes for pistols, shotguns and rifles.

Coyote Point Rifle & Pistol Club Inc.

The Coyote Point Rifle & pistol Club is a non-profit, public benefit corporation. It has a shooting range, but shooting is limited to only .22 caliber rimfire pistols and any caliber rifles. The range, which is located in San Mateo, California, is open to the public. The club also provides training for firearms use and hunting.

Discount Gun Mart & Indoor Range

Discount Gun Mart & Indoor Range is fitted with a total of 18 25-yard lanes at its two shooting ranges. The 8-lane pistol range and the 10-lane rifle range are equipped with the latest automatic target positioning and retrieval system, as well as an excellent ventilation and lighting system. The range can accommodate pistols and high powered rifles up to 30-06 caliber.

Down Range Indoor Training Center

Down Range Indoor Training Center is a premier arms shooting training facility and has an indoor shooting range for 25-yard pistols, rifles and shotguns. It also boasts of a 50-yard indoor archery range. Down Range’s training program is provided for all, with specialized training programs for women and the youth. Shooters can also avail of the services of an on-site gunsmith and archery pro shot.

Field Time Target and Training LLC

Field Time Target and Training has a huge 28-lane indoor shooting range, all with a maximum shooting distance of 25 yards. The shooting lanes are divided into the “rifle” side and the “tactical” side. The range accommodates handguns, rifles and shotguns and is equipped with an efficient ventilation system. Shooters can control targets and lighting using a computerized target retrieval system.

Firearms Training Associates

Firearms Training Associates has three locations – 2 in California and 1 in Las Vegas, Nevada. These are the locations where they hold firearms training and shooting practice. The California facilities feature 12 large shooting bays, as well as a live-fire shoot house with seven rooms and a number of shooting stations for moving targets.

Firing Line Indoor Shooting Range

Firing Line Indoor Shooting Range operates three indoor ranges in different locations. The shooting ranges are open to the public and are equipped with top-of-the-line range equipment including: steel-lined safety booths, a computerize target retrieval system that can be controlled individually, fully automated target shooting positions and a climate control/ventilation system.

Fresno Rifle and Pistol Club

Fresno Rifle and Pistol Club provides recreational shooting opportunities at its 360+-acre property including a 200-yard range and a 500-yard range. The outdoor range accommodates handguns, rifles, smallbore rifle and muzzle loaders. However, steel jacketed, steel core or bi-metal ammunition is prohibited. Competitions are regularly held at club rounds, including rifle silhouette and cowboy action competitions.

Gun Room, CA

The Gun Room at Elk Grove, California features 20 lanes that are 25 yards long. The range is well-lit, well ventilated and climate controlled. The range accommodates pistol caliber firearms, rimfire firearms, air rifles, shotguns (lead or copper-based only) and black powder firearms. Centerfire rilfe ammunition is not allowed. The Gun Room also provides a wide choice of new and used firearms.

Hat Creek Rifle & Pistol Club

Hat Creek Rifle & Pistol Club has a shooting range situated in a 200+-acre property, set in a backdrop of gorgeous ridges. It has an 8-station range for pistols or small bore ammunition, with up to a 200-meter distance. It also has a high power rifle range, with also 8 stations and distances ranging from 40 to 500 meters. There is also a six-shooter police range with movable targets and a maximum range of 100 yards. Lastly, it also has a cowboy action shooting range for simulating various “western shooting” scenarios.

Hi Desert Rod and Gun Club

The Hi-Desert Road and Gun Club provides outdoor shooting facilities set in the backdrop of the Morongo Valley hills. The range has 10 covered shooting lanes with benches and seats as well as fixed stands at 25, 50, 100 yards and portable target stands. The rifle range has steel “clinkers” at 200 and 300 yards. The club also has a shotgun and trap range. It is a strictly “bring your own” firearm and ammunition range.

Iron Sights Shooting Range, Inc.

Iron Sights Shooting Range offers indoor shooting practice at its 24-laned range. This is divided into a 15-yard pistol range and a 25-yard rifle range. Gun rentals are available and offer over 150 gun choices. To rent a firearm, one must have a “shooting buddy” with him. Otherwise, he is required to bring a personal firearm.

Island View Enterprises

Island View Enterprises has an indoor shooting range with 12 lanes and a shooting length of 55 feet. The range accommodates calibers all the way up to .50 BMG. Shooters can enjoy the comfort and safety afforded by the range’s sound dampening equipment, as well as a high-quality air filtration system.

Jackson Arms Indoor Shooting Range & Gunshop

Jackson Arms Indoor Shooting Range & Gunshop features a 12-lane facility. The maximum target distance for shooting is 25 yards. This facility in South San Francisco, California, accommodates handguns, rifles and semi-automatics. The range is open to the public and is fully ventilated and well lighted. The range also provides firearms, hunting and self-defense training. Gun rentals are also available.

LAX Firing Range, Inc.

The indoor shooting range accommodated handguns, as well as rifles and shotguns (within limits). The LAX Firing Range has 14 shooting lanes 25-yard long, with 3 lanes specifically for high-powered rifles. The lanes are well-lighted and well-ventilated. Night shooting is available. Shotguns and rifles may be used with range-provided ammunition only.

Lincoln Shooting Sports Center

Lincoln Shooting Center has outdoor and indoor shooting ranges that provide plenty of shooting activities. Its indoor range is only open for scheduled events. It caters to smallbore rifle, air rifle and .22 pistol practice shooting. The outdoor range is open to the public and has a 32-point rifle and handgun range, a f-station sporting field, a pistol range and rifle range.

Livermore Pleasanton Rod & Gun Club

Livermore Pleasanton Rod & Gun Club is a modern rifle and pistol range that features 29 shooting stations that are marked by targets at 10, 25, 50 and 100 yards. Aside from shotguns, rifles and pistols, the range also accommodates archery target practice. The club also has NRA-certified instructors to provide training for shooters of all levels.

Los Altos Rod & Gun Club

Los Altos Rod & Gun Club has a vast shooting and training facility. This includes 120 shooting positions distributed among a 40-yard tin can range and covered pistol firing points (at 7, 15 and 25 yard distances) as well as a covered pistol and rifle firing points (at 50 and 100 yard distances). The club also has manual and automated trap machines.

Los Angeles Gun Club

The Los Angeles Gun Club features an indoor shooting range with 15 booths at 50-feet maximum shooting distance. The range also has spacious spectator shooting booths and viewing areas. There are firearms for rent and ammunitions and targets for sale. The range does not allow the shooting of steel or brass jackets, semi-jacketed, soft, exposed lead or hollow point bullets.

Lucerne Valley Lions Club Shooting Range

The Lucerne Valley Lions Club is the local chapter of Lions Club International. It focuses on charity programs and outreach for various causes. To fund its charities, it operates a shooting range. The outdoor shooting facilities allow for rifle and pistol target practice. The range is open only on Tuesdays and Saturdays.

Magnum Range

Magnum Range in San Bernardino, California, has a newly-remodelled indoor shooting range with 7 lanes. It is newly painted and laminated and fitted with a new target rail system. The shooting range can accommodate handguns, rifles and semi-automatic firearms. There is also an indoor archery range. The establishment also sells used and new guns.

Markley's Indoor Range & Gun Shop

Markley’s Indoor Range & Gun Shop has 21 lanes in its indoor shooting range. The range is considered as Watsonville, California’s largest range. It is well-lighted and ventilated. Markley’s also provide a wide selection of guns for rent, which provides prospective buyers to try out a gun they are thinking of buying. The range also provides monthly Introduction to Firearms Classes.

Mike Raahauge Shooting Enterprises

Mike Raahauge Shooting Enterprise provides outdoor shooting opportunities. There is a 100-yard outdoor rifle range and 35-yard outdoor handgun bays. There is a 30-station sporting clays course. The shooters can start at the ten stations to train or warm-up, and get on to the 20 stations for more shooting challenge. Shotguns are available for rent in 12 and 20-gauge. You will need to buy range ammunition to use the rented shotguns.

Motherlode Gun Club

This gun club is set at the majestic eastern Sierra Nevada mountain range and has both an indoor and outdoor shouting range. These ranges enable shooters to enjoy the following shooting disciplines: archery, action pistol, big bore, black powder, cowboy action, high-powered rifles, junior rifles and trap shooting. Visitors are allowed to bring their own ammunitions.

Nice Shot - Redding Indoor Range

Nice Shot Redding Indoor Shooting Range features 2 shooting bays, with a total of 12 firing points. Six of the firing points are air-conditioned. The facilities can accommodate pistols and rifles and are excellent for practicing pistol and rifle silhouette. There are also guns available for rent.

Oak Tree Gun Club

Oak Tree Gun Club in Newhall, California has a sprawling 100-acre property that houses its various shooting facilities. Shooters can enjoy sporting clays, trap, skeet, pistol and rifle shooting. The pistol range has four bays with a maximum shooting of 25 yards. It accommodates 22-caliber long rifles up to 500 Smith and Wesson’s. The rife range is a 100-yard 21-position range.

Ole Boy Outdoors

Ole Boy Outdoors is actually an indoor shooting range that is fully-modernized. It has 9 25-yard shooting range that accommodates pistol, rifles and shotguns at 3600fps. It boasts of climate control, sound suppression and air quality tracking system. The stalls are ballistically protected and graded for .44 mag point-blank. Ole Boy also has a wide selection of long guns and handguns for rent.

On Target Indoor Shooting Range

This shooting range is open to the public but provide special privileges to members. Non-gun owners are required to have a “buddy” as firearm rentals to single shooters are not allowed. The range can accommodate rimfire rifles and pistol caliber rifles in its 20 lanes. However, shooting of high-powered rifles are limited to 4 lanes and needs an On Target Rifle Card, which is only given when a shooter completes a safety lesson and qualify shoot.

Orange County Indoor Shooting Range

Orange County Indoor Shooting Range boasts of modern shooting equipment, fully automated shooting stations divided into two bays. Each bays has 6 separate shooting lanes, with electronic target placement controls that allows shooters to set the exact shooting length, from 12 to 50 feet. The range also offers a full line of firearms, ammunition and shooting accessories.

P2K Range

P2K Range in El Cajon, California boasts of high-tech shooting facilities that cater to practice shooting using rifles, pistols and shotguns. P2K has a 100-yard shooting range, making it the longest climate controlled shooting range in the west coast. There are also trap and 5-stand sporting clay fields. The ranges are available only to members and their guests.

Range Master Tactical Gear

Rankin Field Weapons Range has newly reopened with an outdoor 100-yard rifle range and a 7 to 30-yard pistol range. The range can accommodate .22 rifles, muzzle loaders, shotguns and black powders. It is open to the public and hosts a number of regular pistol competitions. Rankin Field also provides firearms training.

Reed's Indoor Range, Inc.

Reed’s Indoor Range has the largest indoor shooting range in the bay area. It features 20 shooting positions divided into two bays. These have 25-yard distances, equipped with industrial strength back stops and target hangers. It provides target practice for a variety of situations and applications – tactical, defense, hunting or recreation. Firearms rentals are also available.

Richmond Rod and Gun Club, Inc

Richmond Rod and Gun Club has a 200-yard shooting range reserved for members’ use only. Aside from this, there is a 25-yard range for handguns and rimfire shooting, a 100-yard rifle range, a trap and skeet range and an action pistol range. The club also holds a smallbore junior rifle training program. The ranges are open only at specified days.

Ridgecrest Gun Range Association

Ridgecrest Gun Range Association has 3 separate ranges: a 100-yard range, a 300-yard rifle range and a 600-yard range for shotguns and rifles. The ranges features a variety of distances, with steel targets starting from 25, 50, 100, 200, 300, 400, 500 and 600 yards. The range also feature shooting benches and covered shooting positions. The range is home to a number of groups, including The Robbers Roost Vigilantes, the Sierra Desert Gun Club and The Coso Archery Club.

Sacramento Valley Shooting Center

Folsom Shooting Club’s Sacramento Valley Shooting Center is considered one of the outdoor shooting ranges in the West Coast. The range has consistently held the NRA Gold Medal Range status with its 860+ facility. The range has a total of over 400 firing positions that cater to a wide variety of shooting activities and disciplines. Some ranges are limited to members only while some ranges are public. There are shooting ranges for rifles, rimfire rifles, shotguns and pistols.

Santa Clara Valley Rifle Club

Santa Clara Valley Rifle Club in San Jose, California is a non-profit organization that opens its shooting facilities to the public during specified days of the week. The no-frills range with 50-foot shooting distances and hand-crank target carriers. Gun rentals or ammunition sales are not available so shooters must bring their own. The range caters to smallbore rifles, .22 mag rimfire, handguns and shotguns.

Santa Lucia Sportsmans Assoc.

Santa Lucia Sportsmen’s Association in Atascadero, California, aims to promote conservation as well as safe and responsible use of firearms. It offers outdoor shooting activities for members 18 years old and above through its 5 shooting ranges. There are facilities for skeet shooting, as well as target shooting using handguns, rifles and semi-automatic.

Shooters Paradise of Oxnard, Inc.

Shooters Paradise of Oxnard’s B&G Guns LLC is the largest indoor shooting range in Ventura County. The range accommodates handguns, shotguns (lead-free primers only) and rifles. Shooters can avail of services such as private party transfers, HSC examinations and gunsmithing. The establishment also provides firearms, ammunition, cases and gun accessories for sale.

SLO Sportsmen's Association, Inc.

The SLO Sportsmen’s Association is a non-profit that offers shooting facilities for the public. This includes 2 trap fields (one with Skeet overlay and 5-stand), an 14-target walking archery course and a rifle and pistol range. The Hogue Action Pistol range features 10 bays that allow shooting from 20 to 50 yards. The association has a variety of shooting events every month, such as the Cowboy Action Shooting, the Blackpowder Muzzleloaders competition and the High Power Rifle Program.

The Range Pistol Club

The Range Pistol Club boasts of a modern indoor shooting range that is counted as one of the west coast’s largest and one of the country’s best. It is equipped with top-of-the-line shooting range equipment, climate control facility and a full-service retail showroom. This is open to the public but visitors are required to present a valid ID.

The Target Range

Wes Thompson’s Piru Gun Range is an outdoor rifle and pistol range. Wes Thompson has been in the business of teaching and training in the use of firearms for over 40 years. His Piru location is equipped with a 1,000-yard rifle range that uses paper and steel targets. The range has shooting benches and spotting scopes.

West End Gun Club

West End Gun Club is a members-only club. The club’s facilities include the main range (which has a 50-yard pistol and 100-yard rifle range, with shaded benches), as well as a trap & skeet shotgun range. The club is owned and run by members and is affiliated with the National Rifle Association. The club regularly sponsors shooting events (which are opened to non-members).

Bears Ears Sportsman Club

Bear Ears Sportsman Club is Craig, Colorado, has an outdoor shooting facility that is open to the public. The 25 and 50-yard range can accommodate handguns, rifles and airguns. The club hosts competitions in various shooting disciplines including NRA Bullseye competition, Bowling Pin shooting, Cowboy Action Shooting, Fast Draw competition and more.

Blucore Shooting Center

The Centennial Gun Club boasts of newly renovated facilities such as 28 75-foot shooting lines that can accommodate rifles and pistols of up to 50 BMG. The range is equipped with programmable moving and stationary targets as well as running and disappearing targets and 360-degree turning targets. The indoor range is climate controlled. The Club also has a training center for gun and self-defense training.

Colorado Clays Shooting Park

The Colorado Clays Shooting Park is a public facility that shooters can use with no membership required. It boasts of modern shooting facilities. Its pistol and rifle range comes equipped with a shooting canopy and heated lanes. These lanes are from 10 – 100 yard and 10 – 25 yard lengths for rifles and hand guns, respectively. The semi-enclosed and fully baffled range provides natural ventilation and lighting. It also has facilities for clay pigeon shooting.

DCF Guns & Range

DCF Guns & Range has a 10-lane indoor shooting range designed for both novices and experts alike. The range comes with a reinforced structure an upgraded air filtration system. DCF is also a gun store that supplies a wide range of rifles, handguns, tactical shotguns and ammunitions. It also offers defense and shooting classes given by high-trained and experienced staff.

Estes Park Gun & Archery Club

The Family Shooting Center at Cherry Creek State Park is a outdoor shooting range that is open to the public. It has 50 and 100-yard rifle range, a pistol range, ATA automated trap, hand throw (pedestal) trap, 5-stand sporting clays and an archery range. The center also provides firearms rental and training to certify for concealed carry permits and gun proficiency.

Lead Valley Range

Lead Valley Range is a 15-acre outdoor shooting range in Deer Trail, Colorado. It is undergoing extensive construction and when it is completed, the range will have an 11-station 50-yard range, a 20-station 100-yard range, a 5-station 500 yard range and 12 private berms. Aside from this, the range also has sporting clays fields, trap fields and 5-stand sporting fields.

Northern Colorado Rod & Gun Club

The Northern Colorado Rod & Gun Club has several outdoor shooting ranges: the 500-yard rifle range with 14 firing stations, a 30-yard pistol range with 10 firing stations, a defensive pistol range with six bays and is reserved for sanctioned events, a shotgun range for skeet and trap shooting and a 50-yard archery range. These facilities allow the shooting of rifles, pistols, shotguns and revolvers.

Pikes Peak Gun Club

This gun club is the Pikes Peak chapter of the Izaak Walton League and is considered one of its largest chapters. The club offers a wide variety of shooting activities with its facilities such as a 10 to 12 station sporting clays range, 5-stand, trap fields and skeet fields. Pikes Peak also has a members-only outdoor rifle and pistol range

Rocky Mountain Shooters Supply

Rocky Mountain Shooters Supply has an indoor shooting range with 8 lanes that are equipped with automatic target retrievers and efficient fresh-air exchange ventilation system. Each shooting system is also fitted with ballistic, protective technology. Gun rentals and shooting instructions are available. The range is open to the public with no membership required.

Routt County Rifle Club

Routt County Rifle Club has an over 70-year legacy that marks the club’s love for the shooting sports. It has four shooting facilities – a shotgun range which caters to skeet & trap shooting as well as 5-stand sporting clays, an outdoor pistol range for 25 and 50-yard shooting and a 200-yard rifle range with five covered benches. In addition, there is a 5-lane indoor range in a heated all-season building.

Shoot Indoors

Shoot Indoors is a 10-lane, 25 yard shooting range that caters to pistol, rifle and shotgun shooting practice, with some restrictions on the type of shotgun. Rental of the lanes com with free gun safety classes. The range also holds regular activities such as low-light-night shooting sessions and ladies’ nights. The range is wheelchair accessible.

Shooter Ready, LLC

Shooter Ready in Denver, Colorado, provides a safe and clean environment for practice shooting. Its indoor shooting range provides 19 different skill drills to perfect one’s marksmanship skills. There is also a number of steel courses that help train for agency qualification or USPSA classification. It makes use of lasers and CO2 for a lead-free and absolutely safe shooting environment, without the need to expend expensive ammunition.

Silver Bullet Shooting Range

The Silver Bullet Shooting Range has 5 firing lanes that have marked targets starting from 4 yards up to 25 yards. It is equipped with electric target carriers, a ventilation and smoke eater filtration system and a choice of various targets, including silhouette and bull’s eye targets. The range can accommodate rifle cartridges up to 30-06. Guns are available for rent.

Summit Shooting Center

The Summit Shooting Center at Cortez, Colorado offers a 10-lane indoor range. The shooting environment is comfortable and safe, with an OSHA-approved air filtrations , as well as the air conditioned and heated (depending on the weather). The center is also a supplied of firearms ammunition and hunting gear and accessories.

Whistling Pines Gun Club

The Whistling Pines Gun Club boasts of two indoor shooting locations. The Westside Location features a total of 19 lanes (14 pistol lands and 5 rifle lanes). Meanwhile, the Eastside location has 18 indoor lanes, with 2 lanes rifle rated. All the lanes are equipped with programmable touch screen target systems, as well as climate-control, ventilation and filtration systems.

Bell City Rifle Club, Inc.

Bell City Rifle Club in Southington, Connecticut, has a total of 5 shooting ranges (indoor and outdoor). The private, members-only club is committed in helping members develop their marksmanship through regular shooting activities and firearms training. The outdoor ranges are covered and have 25, 50, 100 and 200-yard distances. These accommodate handguns, rifles, high power rifles, fully automatic and semi-automatic firearms. There is also a 50-feet indoor small bore range.

Blue Trail Range & Gun Store

Blue Trail Range & Gun Store is equipped with indoor and outdoor shooting ranges. The outdoor range has two covered firing points, equipped with heavy-duty benches for sighting and loading. The range accommodates shotgun, rifle, pistol and black powder shooting. Target placements are at 25, 50 and 100 yards, as well as 50 meters. The Indoor range provide 10 firing points at 50 feet.

Bristol Fish and Game Association

The Bristol Fish and Game Association has a long and storied tradition when it comes to sport shooting, having been founded in 1923. It has a rifle and pistol range, a skeet field and a 30-target 3D archery course. It also boasts of a sporting clay course equipped with automatic throwers. Aside from sport shooting facilities, it also has 4 trap fields and a large fishing pond.

Cos Cob Revolver and Rifle Club Inc.

Cos Cob Revolver and Rifle Club features a 50-foot range with 12 shooting positions. Each of the shooting positions are fitted with individual lighting, insulation and bullet proofing, as well as an electronic target carrier system that the shooter can control. Members can rest and relax in the lounge area equipped with flat screen cable TV and WiFi Internet.

Delta Arsenal LLC

Delta Arsenal at Wallingford, Connecticut, has an indoor pistol and archery range. The 5-lane pistol range has up to a maximum shooting distance of 65 feet and can accommodate pistols of up to .45 caliber and is equipped with a high speed target positioning and retrieval system. The range is also designed for optimum lighting and climate controlled conditions. Deerfield also provides a wide variety of hunting scenarios, complete with environmental sounds.

Fairfield County Fish & Game

Fairfield County Fish & Game is a members-only club, where members can bring guests. The club mainly has trap shooting facilities – with an 18-station course including 14 stations in the woods that are fully automatic and 4 stations on the open skeet fields. There are also locations that use manual traps. The club hosts regular public shoots annually.

Groton Sportsmen's Club

The Groton Sportsmen’s Club offers a combination of indoor and outdoor shooting experiences. Its indoor shooting range is a 10-station, 50-foot range for pistols. The cub also has a 100-yard rifle range and a smallbore range as well as a 200 & 300-yard range for high-powered rifles, black powders pistols, and centerfire shotguns. In addition, shooters can use the Everett Speer Combat pistol range or the skeet and trap field.

Hartford Gun Club

The Hartford Gun Club is primarily a trap shooting facility, but it has an indoor and outdoor covered pistol range. There is also an outdoor covered range for rifles with maximum shooting distance of up to 200 yards. The club also has 6 skeet fields and 12 trap fields, as well as a 5-stand field. The clubhouse serves as a venue for the pro-shop and for firearms training.

Harwinton Rod & Gun Club, Inc

Harwinton Rod & Gun Club provides facilities for hunting, fishing, archery and trap shooting. The clubhouse houses a 30-yard archery range. The other shooting facilities are outdoors, such as the 100-yard rifle range with backstops at 25, 50, 75 and 100 yards, as well as the six station-pistol range which has covered shooting benches. The club also has facilities for an outdoor archery course, trap field, fishing pond and several picnic areas.

Hiller Sports

Hiller Sports caters to fishing and hunting enthusiasts with its wide selection of gear and accessories, such as archery equipment, handguns and rifles, fishing gear, tackles, lures and baits. It also has a 6-lane indoor pistol range, as well as an indoor archery range. The range allows centerfire rifle and pistols.

Ledyard Sportsman Club Inc.

Ledyard Sportsman Club provides numerous shooting activities. Club members can enjoy pistol shooting (using small and large caliber pistols), cowboy action shooting and skeet and trap shooting. The club also has a 400-yard shooting range with targets set from 50 yards to 400 yards. The 400-yard target is a scaled metal buffalo. Skeet and trap shooting is available at its 2 ranges.

Madison Rod & Gun Club

Established in 1938, The Madison Rod & Gun Club offers plenty of shooting and outdoor activities. The members-only club has a rifle range, a pistol range, skeet & trap field, sporting clays, an archery range and a trout pond. Avid hunters can also enjoy bird hunting and deer hunting activities.

Manchester Sportsmans Association

Manchester Sportsmans Association in Manchester, Connecticut, provides a variety of hunting and fishing activities. It has a 75-yard rifle and pistol range, a 50-yard archery range and skeet and trap fields. A pond is regularly stocked with fish. The club grounds also make for excellent turkey, deer and pheasant hunting, depending on the season.

Mattabassett Rifle & Pistol Club

The Mattabassett Rifle and Pistol Club, founded n 1959, is a members-only club that has a number of ranges. The range accommodates centerfire rifles, rimfire rifles, pistols, muzzle loaders and shotguns. Targets include paper targets, bowling pins and steel plates. There are numerous shooting events and competitions that the club hosts every year.

Metacon Gun Club, Inc.

Metacon Gun Club provides the locals of Simsbury, Connecticut and nearby cities with shooting opportunities. The outdoor range features a distance of up to 100 yards with targets starting from the 10th yard. The club also has a 5-lane archery range. The indoor range is climate-controlled and has 9 shooting stations that accommodate any pistol calibre handgun or .22 rifle.

New Haven Sportsman's Club, Inc

The facilities of New Haven Sportsman’s Club sit in 30 acres of woodlands and is composted of an 8-position indoor shooting range and a number of outdoor shooting facilities. The outdoor shooting facilities include a 50-yard pistol range, a 200-yard high powered rifle outdoor range (with targets at the 100-yard distance). The club’s facilities are for members’ use only.

Northwestern Connecticut Sportsmans Association

Northwestern Connecticut Sportmen’s Association is the one of the state’s oldest sportsmen’s association. Its shooting facilities are set in beautiful Colebrook. These include a 50-yard pistol range (14 covered shooting positions), a 200-yard rifle range (20 covered shooting stations) and lighted archery practice range with targets up to 60 yards in maximum distance. There are also facilities for trap shooting and hunting.

Pachaug Outdoor Club

The Pachaug Outdoor Club is a volunteer led club that offers a wide variety of outdoor shooting activities for airguns, centerfire rifles, handguns and smallbore rifles. There are also facilities for trap shooting and archery (including a standard and 3D range). There are also practical experience courses offered in the club. The outdoor club also has fishing facilities.

Putnam Fish and Game

Putnam Fish and Game has an indoor and outdoor shooting facility. The indoor pistol and rifle range is heated and climate controlled and can also be used for archery practice. There is also a 100-yard outdoor rifle range. The club offers firearms training and hosts marksmanship competitions regularly.

Ramapoo Rifle and Revolver Club, Inc.

Ramapoo Rifle and Revolver Club has a 50-foot indoor shooting range. It has 9 individual shooting booths. Ramapoo is well ventilated, equipped with backstops and sound abatement. The range also offers firearms training and pistol permit courses given by NRA-certified instructors. The club is a members-only facility except for Monday nights, where the club opens the range to the public

Rockville Fish & Game Club

Rockville Fish & Game Club is a club where outdoor enthusiasts can pursue their activities. Its pistol range has 24 covered firing positions. There is also a 50-yard pistol range and is for members’ use. Aside from that, members can pursue archery (there is a 50-yard archery range), hunting, fishing (at its 2 well-stocked fishponds) and trap & skeet shooting.

Wolf's Indoor Range

Wolf’s Indoor Range provides shooting practice opportunities for shooters from all levels. It has 15 individual ports, each with a maximum shooting distance of 75-feet. These are equipped with an electrical target retrieval system, video monitors and firing line alarm. The range can accommodate most calibers up to .44 Special, .22 and pistol caliber. The range is climate-controlled and wheelchair-accessible.

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