Birchwood Recreation & Shooting Park

The 72-acre property of Birchwood Recreation & Shooting Park boasts of eight rifle and pistol ranges, with lengths ranging from 7 yards to 300 meters. There are two ranges that are equipped with lighting and heating to allow for shooting at night. Its shotgun range has 3 Five-Stands, 4 skeet, 5 trap and 100-target sporting clay course. Considered one of the best shooting clubs in Alaska, the property also has an RV park..

Upper Susitna Shooters Association

The Upper Susitna Shooters Association offers shooting fun and practice for everyone. There is a 25 and 50-yard pistol range, a 100 and 200-yard handgun range for targeting silhouettes and a 100 and 200-yard rifle range. The shooting range feature target rails and berms. The shooting ranges accommodate lead bullets with moderate velocity.

A C Outdoor Park

AC Outdoor Park has an outdoor rifle range that features a 350-yard distance, swinging targets and target stands. There are also four pistol bays that are equipped with reactionary targets and target stands. It also has facilities for sporting clay shooting (a sporting clay course and Wobble Trap), as well as a 3-D Archery Course. Aside from shooting, visitors can enjoy camping, mudding and ATV driving.

Alabama Training Institute and Pistol Range

Alabama Training Institute and Pistol Range has the only indoor shooting range in Birmingham and can host night shooting and competition shooting. The range is open to the public and equipped with handicap access. It can accommodate handguns, smallbore rifles and muzzle loaders. The range is fitted with 6-foot fans working at high speeds to rapidly clear the air from fumes and smoke.

Arab Practical Shooting Club

The Arab Practical Shooting Club in Arab, Alabama, is a private, members-only club that is an NRA associate member and is also affiliated with the Civilian Marksmanship Program and It has an outdoor shooting range for handguns, rifles, muzzle loader and smallbore rifles. The range’s maximum distance is at 100 yards.

Blue & Gray Rifle & Pistol Club

The Blue & Gray Rifle and Pistol Club has three shooting ranges: a pistol and plinking range and two rifle ranges. The 50-yard pistol range has 14 firing points and accommodates pistols, muzzle loaders and rimfire rifles. The 100-yard rifle range has 14 firing points while the 200-yard rifle range has 12 firing points and two bench rests.

Brock's Gap Training Center, Inc.

Brock’s Gap Training Center has 7 outdoor ranges with a total of 17 shooting positions ranging from 50, 100, 200 and 500 yards. These accommodate rifles and handguns. Shooters as young as 9 years of age may use the range, which is open to the public but has memberships available. It also hosts a number of competitions such as Cowboy Action, Handgun Silhouette, Bench Rest Competition, Muzzle Loader events and Precision Pistol Competition.

C & W Shooting

C & W Shooting mainly provides 5-stand/sporting clay combination, skeet and trap shooting facilities but it also has an outdoor pistol/rifle range where the shooting areas are covered. The sporting clay facility has 8 machines and visitors can practice shooting from 5 stations. There is also a shooting platform at the range. The range does not provide gun rentals or sell ammunitions.

Cavern Cove Range

Cavern Cove Range, in Woodville, Alabama, is an outdoor shooting range that caters mainly to rimfire shooting, including cowboy rimfire, .22 guns or high-performance assault rifles. It has covered shooting areas and all-steel stationary and knock-down targets. The range hosts monthly shoots, as well as annual competitions. The range also has camping facilities with full RV hook ups.

Central Alabama Gun Club

Cavern Cove Range, in Woodville, Alabama, is an outdoor shooting range that caters mainly to rimfire shooting, including cowboy rimfire, .22 guns or high-performance assault rifles. It has covered shooting areas and all-steel stationary and knock-down targets. The range hosts monthly shoots, as well as annual competitions. The range also has camping facilities with full RV hook ups.

Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP) Anniston Marksmanship Center

The Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP) runs the Anniston Marksmanship Center. This air gun range features 10-meter lanes with 80 shooting points, with MEGALink electronic targets that the shooter can move to the desired distances. The range can accommodate air pistols, air rifles or any kind of firearms approved for National Match Air Rifle shooting. Spectators can follow the range activities using the 8 – 65” LCD TVs at the viewing area.

F.O.P. Range Inc.

The F.O.P. Range is a family-oriented outdoor shooting range that is open to the public. The facilities feature 8 shooting ranges. The shooter’s areas are covered to allow year-round use. The public range with 9 handgun shooting positions, non-members are limited to this range, the rest of the ranges are for members only. The other ranges cater to a variety of firearms, distances and targets.

First Class Arms Training

First Class Arms Training is primarily a provider of small arms training to government employees as well as civilians. Training and shooting practice is at their 160-acre facility which caters to a variety of shooting disciplines. It has a multi-purpose shooting range, ranges of shotguns, handguns, precision rifle and trap, as well as an archery range. There is also a dedicated tactical training range.

Headland Skeet & Gun Club

Headland Skeet & Gun Club is a members-only club. However, members can bring one guest every time he visits the club. The club boasts of a number of shooting facilities: outdoor pistol and rifle ranges, a shotgun pattern board, two NSSA skeet ranges and a ATA trap range with voice-activated mechanisms. The club also has RV and camper facilities.

Heritage Rifle & Pistol Club

The Heritage Rifle & Pistol Club in St. Clair county, Alabama, is a members-only club that offers a number of outdoor shooting practice facilities, including an informal practice area, a 100-yard centerfire rifle range and a 100-yard handgun/smallbore rifle range. The facilities sit on a ten-acre property in the Argo-Moody area.

Hoover Tactical Firearms, LLC

Hoover Tactical Firearms is home to one of the country’s best indoor shooting ranges and retain gun stores. Hoover Tactical’s 12-lane, 25-yard pistol range are equipped with the latest technologies in rifle ranges. Gun rentals are available. Only store-purchases ammunitions are allowed in the shooting range. The use of steel core penetrators or tracers is prohibited.

Larry's Pistol & Pawn

Larry’s Pistol and Pawn has a 12-lane indoor pistol shooting range that can be used for free with the purchase of ammunitions or with a $10 fee per person. Targets are also for sale. Eye and ear protection are available for free. The range is open to the public, including children and families with some supervision required.

Last Resort Guns Inc.

Last Resort Gun provides all shooting-related needs, including a facility where shooters can practice. Last Resort has an indoor shooting range with a total of 12 lanes divided into two bays. The rage is well-ventilated, well-lit and equipped with a modern target positioning and retrieval system. The range not only provides firearms training but also fun social activities (i.e. Zombie Hunts, Grinch Shoots and Men-in-Black Casual Competitions) during the week.

Lock N Load Tactical

Enterprise, Alabama’s Lock-N-Load Tactical has an indoor range features 8 50-feet lanes. This allows for shooting for long pistols (except 460), as well as shotguns (buck or slug shots only). Gun rentals and sales are also available. Lock-N-Load also sells firearms, ammunition and accessories. The range offers weekly social activities such as PMS Thursdays (for ladies) and Manopause Mondays (for men). Men or ladies who come at the designated days get free range time.

Montgomery Indoor Shooting Complex

The Montgomery Indoor Shooting Complex in Alabama is a 10-lane indoor shooting range. It is fully air-conditioned, ventilated and equipped with automatic target retrievers. There is also an archery range with 3D targets. Firearms rental is available at the complex’s retail area. The complex provides regular “shooting socials” such as bowling nights. There is also a formal classroom training facility for shooting classes.

Moss Branch Shooting Range

Moss Branch Shooting Range in Anniston, Alabama, is affiliated with the National Rifle Association. It has a number target ranges with 10, 25 and 200 yard shooting distances. The range allows for shooting steel plates and paper targets using rifles, pistols and smallbore rifles. The range is also home to the local chapter of the International Defensive Pistol Association, which holds monthly shooting matches.

Robert's Gun Rack & Indoor Pistol Range

Robert’s Gun Rack in Mobile, Alabama, is a full service 6-lane indoor shooting range. This range caters to small arms target shooting. Firearms rental is available. They also have ammunition and targets for sale. Robert’s also has a wide range of rifles, revolvers, semi-automatic pistols, shotguns and accessories for sale at its store.

Sand Mountain Shooters Club

Sand Mountain Shooters Club in Boaz, Alabama, is set in the backdrop of the Appalachian foothills. It boasts of diverse choices when it comes to shooting experiences. It has a 100-yard rifle range with covered shooting benches, spotting scopes and sandbag rests. The shotgun range no longer features a four-stand sporting clay but shooters can still shoot for patterning purposes. There is also a pistol range and a paintball range.

Styx River Shooting Center

The Styx River Shooting Center Facility in Robertsdale, Alabama, provides marksmen with the opportunity to practice the various shooting disciplines. Its facilities boast of a pistol range (30 yards long with 11 stations), a rifle range (50 and 100 yards long with 12 stations), the long range rifle (200 yards long with 5 stations). The rifle and pistol ranges have covered firing lines. Aside from these, there are trap fields, skeet fields and a 5-stand.

Tuscaloosa Gun Club

The Tuscaloosa Gun Club in Moundville, Alabama is home to the NRA Sanctioned Pistol Competitions it regularly hosts. It features a 50-yard pistol range with 18 covered shooting points, a 100-yard rifle range (3 covered bench rest and 20 uncovered firing points), a close quarters tactical range and a steel falling-plate range.

Arkansas Armory, Inc.

Arkansas Armory is a 6-lane, 25-yard indoor shooting range. It is equipped with electronic target retrievers and controls, as well as safety stalls and backstop that are rifle rated, up to 30-06. It maintains a safe and comfortable shooting environment with a H-VAC Ventilation System and Heating and Air-Conditioning system. It accommodates suppressed and pistol caliber rifles, as well as rifle fire – allowed usage will depend on a specified schedule.

Cabot Gun & Ammo

Cabot Gun & Ammo has a private indoor shooting range that can accommodate handguns, rifles and semi-automatic firearms. It also offers training for Concealed Hand Gun Carry License. Visitors can also make purchases of new and used guns, gun accessories and ammunition or have firearms guns secured in the establishment’s gun safe.

On Target Indoor Firing Range

On Target Indoor Firing Range offers Hot Springs, Arkansas with an enjoyable shooting experience with its 7-position 25-yard indoor shooting range. Shooters can relax, stay cool and breathe easy with the range’s climate control, ventilation and air filtration systems. The range is also fitted with the Caswell electric target retrieval system and the Super Trap Bullet Containment System.

Twin Lakes Gun Club

The Twin Lakes Gun Club is a private club sitting on a 300-acre property. This is home to a number of outdoor ranges, some that have their own club house. There are 6 pistol bays (two of them are reserved for match days). The shooting points are mainly covered. The bays feature double steel plate rack, stationary steel targets and bullseye style targets..

V.E.T.S. Shooting Center, LLC

Veterans Elite Tactical and Sport (V.E.T.S.) Shooting Center offers members and visitors a number of shooting activities. These include a 75-yard pistol range, a 100-300 yard rifle range, another 100-yard rifle range and an unknown distance range (with shooting distances of up to 850 yards). Aside from this, it also has 350-degree carbine pit live fire area, with 4 stage areas that allow for pistol, carbine and small bore shooting.

AZ Shooters World

AZ Shooters World has the valley’s largest indoor shooting range that accommodates handguns of all calibers, pistols and rifles of up to 300 Winchester Magnum. The range does not allow black powder firearms. The range also provides basic and advanced firearms training. It is open to the public but provides special privileges to members.

C2 Tactical

C2 Tactical is housed in a 17,000 square foot state of the art facility with a total of 23 shooting lanes. The air-conditioned indoor shooting range has shooting distances from 50 feet to 75 feet. The shooting ranges are brand new and feature the latest innovations in programmable action target carriers, quiet backstops and ventilation system.

Casa Grande Trap & Skeet AZ Inc.

Casa Grand Trap & Skeet is a shotgun only facility that is accessible to the public all year, no membership necessary. It is equipped for outdoor shooting activities such as skeet shooting, a Five-Stand and 13 fields with PAT traps/Canterbury Calls. Visitors may rent shotguns and park their RVs at the RV Park.

Casa Grande Trap & Skeet AZ Inc.

Casa Grand Trap & Skeet is a shotgun only facility that is accessible to the public all year, no membership necessary. It is equipped for outdoor shooting activities such as skeet shooting, a Five-Stand and 13 fields with PAT traps/Canterbury Calls. Visitors may rent shotguns and park their RVs at the RV Park.


Caswells is a public indoor shooting range with 11 shooting positions. These feature a maximum shooting distance of 75 feet. The range is climate-controlled and equipped with an automated target retrieval system. The shooting range caters to prospective purchasers of firearms through Caswell’s “Try Before You Buy” program. Firearms are also available for rent.

Marksman Pistol Institute

Marksman Pistol Institute I is located at 29th Street in Tucson, Arizona and is one of the two locations in the institute. It provides firearms training and shooting practice at their indoor shooting range. The well-lighted and well-ventilated facility makes for comfortable and enjoyable shooting. Markman I holds a retail store and viewing area/lounge, aside from the shooting range.

Marksman Pistol Institute II

Marksman Pistol institute’s Prince Road facility in Tucson, Arizona is one of locations of this firearms training establishment. Marksman Pistol Institute II is an indoor shooting facility that accommodates rifles, pistols and smallbore rifles. Gun rentals are also available but shooters can use their own firearm. The institute regularly hosts marksmanship competitions.

Mohave Sportsman Club

The Mohave Sportsman Club runs the Seven-Mile Hill Shooting Range in Golden Valley, Arizona. This outdoor shooting facility features an 18-position range for pistols, with shooting distance of up to 200 meters. It also has a 1,000-yard black powder rifle range, a 200-meter big bore rifle range and a trap range. Aside from target practice sessions, the club regularly hosts shooting matches and competitions.

Phoenix Rod and Gun Club

The Phoenix Rod and Gun Club is a facility located in Phoenix Arizona, near the city’s police academy. It is a members-only range that is made accessible to the public on weekends. The public range comprises of 27 positions of 10 to 100-yard shooting distances. The range is equipped with shooting tables. Firearms rental and ammunitions sale are not available.

Pima Pistol Club

Prescott Action Shooters is a private shooting club that offers 11 full pistol bays and 1 rifle bay. The bays are covered and provide sufficient space for shooting gear. It is a members-only facility but also provides access to the public during its regular shooting matches. Prescott features avshooting for centerfire rifles, handguns, smallbore rifles and muzzle loaders. There is also an informal practice area in the facility.

Prescott Sportsmens Club Inc.

Prescott Sportsmen’s Club Inc. is an National Rifle Association-affiliated club. The ranges include a 50-yard pistol range, a 200-yard high-powered rifle range and a 100-yard smallbore rifle range. All of the ranges have 15 shooting points that are covered and equipped with bench rests. The club also sponsors a number of formal competitive shooting matches annually.

Rio Salado Sportsman's Club

Rio Salado Sportsmen’s Club has a number of shooting facilities in a 140-acre lot. These include a 25 to 50-yard practical pistol range (with lighted bays), covered shooting benches for target shooting from 25 to 300 yards, a 100-meter smallbore range with 40 lighted and covered positions, a 500-meter long range rifle and pistol silhouette range, a sporting clays range, 5-stand, wobble trap and trap facility plus an indoor rifle range.

Scottsdale Gun Club

Scottsdale Gun Club offers a total of 32 shooting lanes that are divided equally into 4 bays. The modern technology used in the range makes shooting enjoyable and safe. These include a touch screen target control panel, a system that allows 360-degree target rotation and programmable target movement, sound abatement technology and an air filtration system.

Sprague's Sports, Inc.

Sprague’s Sports in Yuma, Arizona, is a shooting sports retailer that also has an indoor gun range. The range has 10 25-yard lanes that is equipped with a steel bullet trap and deflector plates, an HVAC system, climate control and electric target retrieval equipment. The range is rated for handguns and rifles.

Wickenburg Sportsmens Club

Wickenburg Sportsmen’s Club is a recreation shooting club that promotes shooting sports such as firearms shooting, trap shooting and archery. Its facilities enable members to try 5-stand, skeet, rifle, handgun and trap shooting. The club also offers firearms training. This is a members-only club but opens some facilities to non-members. Facilities are wheelchair accessible.

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