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Florida Shooting Ranges

Action Gun Outfitters
2787 Aurora Rd,
Melbourne, FL, 32935

Based in Melbourne, Florida, Action Gun Outfitters provides full service shooting ranges for guns and bows. It has an indoor 50-foot pistol range with eight lanes. The range provides motorized targets and is available for all pistol caliber handguns and carbines. The shooting range is available to the public, but on a first-come, first-served basis. Pistols and ammunition are available but shooters can also bring their own.

American Police Hall of Fame Shooting Center
6350 Horizon Dr,
Titusville, FL, 32780

The American Police Hall of Fame Shooting Center offers top-of-the-line shooting opportunities at its 24 firing positions. There are 12 50-foot firing positions in each of its 2 bays. These are equipped with a computerized targeting system, air conditioning and HEPA air filtration, granular rubber bullet trap and gun rentals. There are certified range masters onsite to give guidance to shooters.

Ancient City Shooting Range
3201 Agricultural Center Dr,
St. Augustine, FL, 32092

Ancient City Shooting Range is a 40-acre outdoor range with various firing ranges. It boasts of 3 25-yeard pistol and archery ranges, 2 50-yard pistol range, a 75-yard pistol/rifle range, an 80-yard pistol/rifle training bay and rifle ranges with various lengths. There are also areas specifically earmarked for competitions and military-style obstacle course. Some ranges are equipped with computerized pneumatic targets.

Bullseye Indoor Pistol Range & Gunshop
1012 10th Street East,
Palmetto, FL, 34221

The Bullseye Indoor Pistol Range and Gunshop has 9 lanes, equipped with an automatic target retrieval system and an air-conditioning and ventilation system. All lanes are monitored by video for added security. The range is open to the public and also provides NRA training, as well as classes to qualify for a concealed weapons permit.

Delray Shooting Center
1505 Poinsettia Dr # H-6,
Delray Beach, FL, 33444

Delray Shooting Center is an indoor shooting lane that is fully air-conditioned. There are 15 pistol lanes and 2 rifle lanes. The pistol ranges feature 8 50-foot lanes and 7 75-foot lanes. The rifle lanes are 100 feet long and have 2 positions. Gun rentals are available, including fully automatic machine guns. Delray is a class 3 firearms dealer and provides firearms, SBR’s and even grenade launchers and silencers.

East Orange Shooting Sports, Inc.
7210 Gardner St,
Winter Park, FL, 32792

East Orange Shooting Sports has 3 separate ranges. It has 2 pistol ranges with a total of 11 lanes and an additional of 6 lanes for high-powered rifles. The pistol ranges are 50-feet in distance while the rifle range has a 20-yard distance. The range is also fitted with electric target carrier system and a negative pressure ventilation system.

Escambia River Gun Club
4020 Rocky Branch Rd,
Cantonment, FL, 32533

The Escambia River Gun Club is a private club that is open to general membership. It has 4 shooting ranges with a total of 20 shooting positions. These include pistol range with 50-point turning targets, a 200-meter rifle range for high powered and small bore rifles and a 25-meter shooting range. Some ranges allow controlled rapid fire and multiple targets.

Eustis Gun Club
12950 Frankies Road,
Eustis, FL, 32727

Eustis Gun Club has a total of 12 shooting ranges. It has 6 25-yard multi-use ranges, a 50-yard multiuse range, a 100-yard rifle range, a 200-yard rifle range and 3 shotgun ranges. Some ranges are open to the public while some are limited to members only. The ranges may use a variety of targets – paper, steel swinger and more.

Florida Firearms Academy
13317 W Hillsborough Ave,
Tampa, FL, 33635

The Florida Firearms Academy has a 12-lane indoor shooting range, with maximum shooting distance of up to 25 yards. It is fully air-conditioned and can accommodate rifles, handguns and shotguns. Gun rentals are available. Shooters may bring their own ammunitions, as long as they are not all lead, steel core or reloads.

Fowler Firearms & Gun Range LLC
3685 Fowler Street,
Fort Meyers, FL, 33901

Fowler Firearms & Gun Range is an indoor shooting range equipped with 6 extra-wide booths that can fit up to 2 shooters. The booths are individually monitored by a CCTV system. The range is air conditioned and has a double filter ventilation system. The range caters to rifles (up to 30-06) and shotguns (000 buck or slugs). Gun rental and “Try before you buy” programs are available.

Gainesville Target Range, Inc.
1610 NW 65 Place,
Gainesville, FL, 32653

The Gainesville Target Range has a shooting range, training facility and pro-shop. Its range facilities include a 100-yard rifle range (that accommodates up to but not including .50 cal centerfire), a 25-yard steel target pistol range, and another 25-yard non-steel target pistol range. There is also a 100-yard tactical firearms range to train military and law enforcement personnel.

Gateway Rifle and Pistol Club
9301 Zambito Ave,
Jacksonville, FL, 32210

Gateway Rifle and Pistol Club has an indoor and outdoor shooting range. The indoor range caters mostly for airguns while the outdoor ranges feature a covered firing line. These outdoor ranges include the 7, 15, 25/50-yard pistol range and the 200-yard/meter rifle range. Firearms training is conducted at the club house.

Gun Gallery, Inc.
10268 Beach Blvd,
Jacksonville, FL, 32246

The Gun Gallery is an 8-lane, 15-yard indoor shooting range that caters to pistol shooting (up to .44 magnum caliber). The range is fully air-conditioned and equipped with electronic target returns. The range is open to the public but members receive special prices. The range fee is on a per person, per visit basis, with no time limits.

Gun Site Range Inc.
125 S Banana River Dr,
Merritt Island, FL, 32952

The gun site range features a full-service indoor shooting range that caters to handguns and rifles within limits (handguns up to 44 Magnum and rifles up to 30 Caliber Carbine). Gun rental are available, especially for those who are considering the purchase of a specific firearm and want to try it before deciding. Targets and ammunition are also for sale at the range.

Harry Beckwith Gun Dealer & Indoor Range
12130 S Hwy 441,

Harry Beckwith Gun Dealer and Indoor Range has 10 25-yard pistol lanes. The range can accommodate pistol calibers up to .44 mag. The range is well-lighted, ventilated and climate-controlled and fitted with electronic target returns. Spectators can watch the action at a public viewing area. Gun rentals are also available.

Hollywood Rifle & Pistol Club, Inc.
2989 Stirling Rd,
Dania Beach, FL, 33312

The Hollywood Rifle & Pistol Club at Dania Beach, Florida, is an outdoor, members-only shooting range that caters to airguns, handguns, smallbore rifles and muzzle loaders. Maximum shooting distance is at 100 yards. The club also has an archery range. The club also hosts regular shooting competitions such as handgun silhouette, action pistol, precision pistol and bench rest competition.

Hotshots Indoor Shooting Range
1873 N Nova Road,
Holly Hill, FL, 32117

Hotshots Indoor Shooting Range is a 7-lane 22-yard indoor shooting range catering to pistols and pistol caliber rifles. It is well-lighted and well-ventilated, with an automated target retrieval system. The lights in each lane are adjustable. Gun rentals are available through the “Try Before You Buy Program”. All rented guns must use the ammunition from the range. Hotshots also provide basic and advanced firearms training.

Hurlburt Field Rifle & Pistol Club
Red Horse Road,
Hurlburt Field, FL, 32544

The Hurlburt Field Rifle and Pistol Club provides recreational shooting opportunities for its members. Its outdoor facilities include a 10-lane, 20-yard range and a 20 lane rifle range with maximum shooting distance of 200 yards. Targets are also placed at the 100-yard length. The facilities are for members’ use only but members can share a lane with a guest.

Indian River County Public Shooting Range
10455 102Nd Terrace,
Sebastian, FL, 32958

The Indian River County Public Shooting Range provides a wide array of shooting stations. It has a 35-station pistol range, a 29-station rifle range with two 200-yard target firing stations, an airgun range and facilities for sporting clays. There is also a 65-yard archery range and walk-through archery course. The range is also a hunter’s education training facility.

Jay's Guns & Accessories III
1872 Four Wheel Dr,
Baker, FL, 32531

Jay’s Gun & Accessories’ Baker, Florida location has a pistol, rifle and steel plate range. The pistol range has 8 lanes with shooting distances ranging from 7 feet to 25 yards. The 9-lane rifle range has shooting distances of 25, 50, 100 and 150 yards. The facility also has a 25-yard shotgun pattern board and a 3-lane steel plate range at 10 yards. The range allows rapid fire/class III shooting.

K&M Shooting Center
8300 Mashourn Folks Rd,
Baker, FL, 32531

K&M Shooting Center is a members-only outdoor shooting facility that houses more than a dozen different ranges that provide a variety of shooting environments – wooded areas, open field, urban areas and sessions with varying winds. It has a 1,000-yard range with steel targets at various points and can accommodate up to 20 shooters at its covered tower. Other ranges provide automated steel or paper targets.

Lakeland Rifle & Pistol Club, Inc.
2000 Lasso ane,
Lakeland, FL, 33801

This private, members-only club boasts of a variety of shooting ranges – handgun and rifle ranges with 25, 50 and 100-yard distances, a training range, skeet, trap, 5 stand and sporting clay fields. These are also placed inside its 28-acre property. Targets and shooting-related equipment are available for purchase or rental at the clubhouse.

Lock & Load Miami
2545 N. Miami Ave.,
Miami, FL, 33127

Lock & Load is Miami’s go-to destination for shooting practice. It is housed in a 14,000 square-foot climate-controlled, well-ventilated safe and secure facility. It boasts of 24 lanes that are equipped with modern target control systems. It provides rifle shooting packages specially designed with unique scenarios. Its state-of-the-art high-end venue allows the shooting of fully automatic firearms.

Long Shot Range LLC
11700 SW 304th St,
Miami, FL, 33033

Long Shot Range in Miami, Florida, is an outdoor shooting range that is exclusively for members. It provides long distance shooting with its 500-yard range. There are also a number of shooting ranges – two 100-yard ranges, several 25-yard ranges – that cater to pistols, shotguns and rifles. The facility sits on 23 acres of property.

Martin County Sportsmen's Association
8416 SW Busch Street,
Stuart, FL, 34995

Martin County Sportsmen’s Association has six individual shooting ranges that allow for different shooting disciplines. The club has a 5-shooting position rifle and handgun range, an 8-shooting position handgun range with targets up to 20 yards, a steel target range, a 9-position rifle range for targets up to 100 yards and a 6-position handgun range. The sixth range is still under development.

National Armory LLC
1315 SW 1 Court,
Pompano Beach, FL, 33069

National Armory LLC is proud to be one of the largest gun stores and shooting range in South Florida. The 2-level establishment boasts of 15 lanes with 75 feet shooting distance. The range is equipped with rubber back stop that can take up to 50 caliber rifle ammo, an efficient air filtration system and a computer-controlled rotating programmable target retrieval system. Other features include a laser shot target system, as well as various shooting scenarios.

Nexus Shooting
2600 Davie Road,
Davie, FL, 33314

Nexus Shooting has 20 lanes at its indoor shooting range. 18 lanes can accommodate a maximum caliber of 30-06 and uses an automated targeting system with turning targets, tactical shooting drills, simulated response drills and reactive steel targets. 2 of the lanes can accommodate a maximum caliber of up to 44 magnum while the rest are VIP lanes. Nexus also boasts of a state of the art air filtration and ventilation system.

Oak Ridge Gun Range
6160 S Orange Ave,
Orlando, FL, 32809

Oak Ridge Gun Range in Orlando, Florida is a gun shop and indoor shooting range. The range boasts of a 7-stall 50-foot indoor range that is fully air-conditioned and equipped with modern shooting range facilities. The range accommodates pistol-calibered handguns, rifles and shotguns. Oak Ridge also provides gunsmithing and concealed weapon classes.

OK Corral Gun Club
6341 NE 96th Ave,
Okeechobee, FL, 34972

OK Corral Gun Club takes on a muti-weapons approach with its 29 shooting stations situated on 280 acres of property. This include a rifle and pistol range (both with covered bays), a 10-stage cowboy action shooting facility, a competition shooting park, a covered 5-stand, 2 sporting clay courses and wobble trap practice deck.

Okeechobee Shooting Sports, LLC
7055 NE 48th St,
Okeechobee, FL, 34972

Okeechobee Shooting Sports provides a wide variety of shooting activities including trap and skeet, 5-stand and a 200-yard shooting range for pistols and rifles. These are all primarily outdoors. The shooting range is open to the public and visitors are allowed to bring their own ammunition but these are also available for sale at the range. Guns may also be rented out but may require the supervision of a range instructor.

On Target Sports
2000 Wells Pond Court,
Orange Park, FL, 32073

On Target Sports offers state-of-the-art equipment with its 25-yard shooting range. It features 12 lanes that has excellent air ventilation and lead filtration (for clean air) and a patented steel TCT bullet trap that allows shooting of any handgun and rifles of up to (but not including) a .50 BMG. Other features include the Meggitt XWT target retrieval system that is touch screen controlled and flexible targets capable of full 360 turning.

Pembroke Gun & Range
3130 SW 19th St,
Hallandale, FL, 33009

Pembroke Gun & Range boasts of a huge indoor shooting facility, with 18 shooting positions at lanes 25 yards long. The climate-controlled, air-conditioned range is also equipped with an electric target retrieval system, a CCTV monitoring system and a ventilation system. There are also a wide variety of targets, including targets used by law enforcement personnel.

Pine Creek Sporting Traditions LLC
23721 Ne 48Th Ave,
Okeechobee, FL, 34972

Pine Creek Sporting Traditions is a members-only organization that provides a variety of shooting activities, including 5-Stand, rifle and pistol shooting and trap shooting. Other shooting-related facilities include a pistol and rifle range, a trap field, a championship sporting clay course and facilities for Annie Oakley and simulated grouse shooting. Aside from this, the club has hunting facilities, a fitness center, putting green, swimming pool, nature center and playground. Kayking, fishing, archery and other outdoor activities are also available.

Port Malabar Rifle & Pistol Club
610 Hurley Boulevard,
Palm Bay, FL, 32906

Port Malabar Rifle and Pistol Club boasts of a 122-acre facility located in Palm Bay, Florida. The members-only club features the following 2 50-foot practice ranges for pistols and rifles, a benchrest range with 100 and 200-yard targets, a smallbore range with 50 and 100-yard targets, as well as a 600-yard rifle range. It also has a sporting clay field, trap field and skeet field. There is also a seven-bay action area, a blackpowder range, a conventional pistol range, a silhouette range and an archery range.

Santa Rosa Shooting Center
6950 Quintette Rd,
Pace, FL, 32571

Santa Rosa Shooting Center provides plenty of opportunities for marksmen to develop their skills through the center’s shooting range. The center features two combination skeet and trap fields. These fields are equipped with Promatic’s the latest signature series traps. The center also has 22 pistol and 15 rifle covered shooting positions that allows a maximum shooting range of 25 yards for pistols and 100 yards for rifles.

Seminole County Gun & Archery Association
2390 Gun Range Rd,
Geneva, FL, 32732

Seminole County Gun & Archery Association has the following shooting facilities: a competition range, a pistol range with targets at 7, 15, 25 and 50 yards, a plinking range (with 15 and 35-yard backstops), a 300-yard rifle range, a special use range and an archery range with target backstops and 3-D targets.

Shoot Straight, Inc.
4700 South U.S. Hwy 17-92,
Casselberry, FL, 32707

Shoot Straight is a firearms retailer with 8 locations in various cities. Its Casselberry location features a handgun and rifle range. The range is climate-controlled and air-conditioned. Its lands are designed to accommodate calibers up to and including .375 H&H Magnum (for the rifle range) and any caliber including .44 Magnum (for the pistol range).

Shooters World, LLC
116 E. Fletcher Ave,
Tampa, FL, 33612

Shooters World is Tampa’s largest and most modern indoor shooting range. Shooters World has three pistol ranges as well as a rifle range. The reactive steel pistol ranges are 25 yards in length and holds nine shooting lanes. The rifle range is 100 yards long and holds seven lanes. The ranges are equipped with dynamic steel targets, as well as air-conditioning and filtration systems.

Shooting Sports, Inc.
7811 North Dale Mabry Highway,
Tampa, FL, 33614

Shooting Sports in Tampa, Florida is an indoor shooting facility with three ranges. These ranges are 25 to 50 yards in length and hold 17 stations. These accommodate shooting with handguns, rifles and shotguns. The range is open to the public with no membership required. The range hosts weekly social activities such as seniors’ nights, bowling pin shoots and ladies’ nights.

Stuart Shooting Center, Inc
3091 SE Jay St,
Stuart, FL, 34994

Stuart Shooting Center has a 10-lane indoor shooting range with 25-yard distances. This is equipped with electric target retrievers and ballistically secure walls and ceilings. The range can accommodate small rifles and pistols up to .50 caliber. Full automatics and high power rifles are not allowed. There is also a separate spectator seating area.

Tallahassee Indoor Shooting Range, LLC
499 Capitol Circle SW,
Tallahassee, FL, 32304

The Tallahassee Indoor Shooting Range has a total of 22 firearm shooting lanes – 7 50-yard lanes for high-powered rifles and 15 25-yard lanes for shotguns and pistols. Firearms allowed should have a maximum caliber of up to .50 BMG> There is also 4 30-yard archery lanes for target practice and 4 30-yard archery lanes for 3D pop-up targets. 8 of the lanes are designated as the “tachial” pod for more target shooting practice from various firing positions.

Tallahassee Rifle & Pistol Club, Inc.
146 Pistol Range Rd,
Tallahassee, FL, 32305

The Tallahassee Rifle & Pistol Club is a 40-acre private facility that boasts of a number of outdoor shooting ranges. This includes 3 pistol range, a high-powered rifle range (with target stands at 100, 200 and 300-yard distances), a rimfire range and a trap range. The club regularly holds events and competitions covering a variety of shooting disciplines, including black powder muzzleloader shooting, high powered rifle prone, sporting rifle and muzzleloading territorial.

Talon Training Group, LLC
550 Commerce Blvd,
Midway, FL, 32343

Talon Training Group’s Talon Range provides quality outdoor shooting to locals in Midway, Florida. It has a 10 pistol bays, 5 competition/multi-purpose bays (with 3 side berms) and a 100 and 200-yard rifle range. A 400+-yard rifle range is currently in the works. The facility also has a static Archery Range, trap/skeet shooting and sporting clays.

Titusville Rifle & Pistol Club
2299 Hatbill Road,
Mims, FL, 32754

The Titusville Rifle & Pistol Club has a number of outdoor shooting range for pistol and rifles. These have varied distances, including 50, 100, 200 and 300-yard lengths. These are all housed in the club’s 25-acre property. This club is open to the public but also accepts applications for membership. The club also has an archery range and trap shooting facilities.

Twin Rivers Gunworks
634 Barnes Blvd,
Rockledge, FL, 32955

The Twin Rivers Gunworks in Rockledge, Florida, offers a state of the art Virtual Firearms Training Simulator. This provides shooters with an absolutely safe shooting environment, plenty of available scenarios (some that can be custom-tailored to the shooters’ needs) while enjoying the savings in ammunitions costs. Twin Rivers also offers concealed carry weapons training.

Volusia County Gun & Hunt Club
4645 SR 4,
New Smyrna Beach, FL, 32168

The Volusia County Gun & Hunt Club has the following shooting facilities in its property: 300-yard rifle range, 15 action pistol bays and a 1,200-yard range. The club’s facilities is reserved for members’ use only, except for scheduled open events. Members are highly encouraged to maintain a National Rifle Association membership. The ranges allow all legal firearms, including Class 3 firearms.

Wyoming Antelope Club Florida Chapter, Inc.
3700 126th Avenue North,
Pinellas Park, FL, 33762

Wyoming Antelope Club Florida Club has the largest public shooting range facility in Pinellas country. The club has a pistol range (25 and 50-yard maximum shooting distance), a rifle range (50 and 100-yard shooting distance) and a handgun plinking pit. It offers facilities for the following shooting discipline or event: high-powered rifle competition, action cowboy, action pistol, action shotgun and archery.

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