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Bears Ears Sportsman Club
786 Ashley Rd,
Craig, CO, 81625

Bear Ears Sportsman Club is Craig, Colorado, has an outdoor shooting facility that is open to the public. The 25 and 50-yard range can accommodate handguns, rifles and airguns. The club hosts competitions in various shooting disciplines including NRA Bullseye competition, Bowling Pin shooting, Cowboy Action Shooting, Fast Draw competition and more.

Blucore Shooting Center
7860 W Jewell Ave,
Lakewood, CO, 80232

BluCore Shooting Center provides a great shooting experience at any of its 3 indoor shooting ranges. The rifle range is a 100-yard range with 5 lanes. The Pistol Range has a total of 12 lanes with different distances. Rifle training is also allowed at the pistol range. All the lanes are equipped with electronic target retrieval systems and target controller.

Centennial Gun Club
11800 E Peakview Ave,
Centennial, CO, 80111

The Centennial Gun Club boasts of newly renovated facilities such as 28 75-foot shooting lines that can accommodate rifles and pistols of up to 50 BMG. The range is equipped with programmable moving and stationary targets as well as running and disappearing targets and 360-degree turning targets. The indoor range is climate controlled. The Club also has a training center for gun and self-defense training.

Colorado Clays Shooting Park
13600 Lanewood St,
Brighton, CO, 80603

The Colorado Clays Shooting Park is a public facility that shooters can use with no membership required. It boasts of modern shooting facilities. Its pistol and rifle range comes equipped with a shooting canopy and heated lanes. These lanes are from 10 – 100 yard and 10 – 25 yard lengths for rifles and hand guns, respectively. The semi-enclosed and fully baffled range provides natural ventilation and lighting. It also has facilities for clay pigeon shooting.

Colorado Rifle Club
76099 E 96th Ave,
Byers, CO, 80103

Colorado Rifle Club is a non-profit corporation. Its 2,080-acre property is equipped with 7 outdoor firing ranges. It has a pistol range (25 and 50-yard lengths, 30 targets), a smallbore range (50 and 100-yards, 30 firing points), a Schuetzen range (100 and 200 yards, 30 firing points), a silhouette range, a high power range (21 firing points on 7 firing lines), action pistol shooting range and an archery range (3 stations).

DCF Guns & Range
1155 Park St,
Castle Rock, CO, 80109

DCF Guns & Range has a 10-lane indoor shooting range designed for both novices and experts alike. The range comes with a reinforced structure an upgraded air filtration system. DCF is also a gun store that supplies a wide range of rifles, handguns, tactical shotguns and ammunitions. It also offers defense and shooting classes given by high-trained and experienced staff.

Estes Park Gun & Archery Club
970 Noels Draw / 250 Community Dr,
Estes Park, CO, 80517

Estes Park Gun & Archery Club has both an indoor and outdoor range. The indoor range is a 7-lane, 50-foot long range for centerfire pistols, as well as rimfire pistols and rifles. The lanes can also be used for archery practice. The outdoor range is for pistols, rifles and archery shooting practice. The indoor range is open to the public while the outdoor range is only for members and their guests. These ranges are in separate locations.

Family Shooting Center at Cherry Creek State Park
4201 S Parker Rd,
Aurora, CO, 80014

The Family Shooting Center at Cherry Creek State Park is a outdoor shooting range that is open to the public. It has 50 and 100-yard rifle range, a pistol range, ATA automated trap, hand throw (pedestal) trap, 5-stand sporting clays and an archery range. The center also provides firearms rental and training to certify for concealed carry permits and gun proficiency.

Lead Valley Range
92098 E. Hwy 36,
Deer Trail, CO, 80105

Lead Valley Range is a 15-acre outdoor shooting range in Deer Trail, Colorado. It is undergoing extensive construction and when it is completed, the range will have an 11-station 50-yard range, a 20-station 100-yard range, a 5-station 500 yard range and 12 private berms. Aside from this, the range also has sporting clays fields, trap fields and 5-stand sporting fields.

Northern Colorado Rod & Gun Club
4809 W County Road 72,
Laporte, CO, 80535

The Northern Colorado Rod & Gun Club has several outdoor shooting ranges: the 500-yard rifle range with 14 firing stations, a 30-yard pistol range with 10 firing stations, a defensive pistol range with six bays and is reserved for sanctioned events, a shotgun range for skeet and trap shooting and a 50-yard archery range. These facilities allow the shooting of rifles, pistols, shotguns and revolvers.

Pikes Peak Gun Club
450 Franceville Coalmine Road,
Colorado Springs, CO, 80929

This gun club is the Pikes Peak chapter of the Izaak Walton League and is considered one of its largest chapters. The club offers a wide variety of shooting activities with its facilities such as a 10 to 12 station sporting clays range, 5-stand, trap fields and skeet fields. Pikes Peak also has a members-only outdoor rifle and pistol range.

Rocky Mountain Shooters Supply
3507 E. Mulberry St. Suite A,
Fort Collins, CO, 80524

Rocky Mountain Shooters Supply has an indoor shooting range with 8 lanes that are equipped with automatic target retrievers and efficient fresh-air exchange ventilation system. Each shooting system is also fitted with ballistic, protective technology. Gun rentals and shooting instructions are available. The range is open to the public with no membership required.

Routt County Rifle Club
P.O. Box 773116,
Steamboat Springs, CO, 80477

Routt County Rifle Club has an over 70-year legacy that marks the club’s love for the shooting sports. It has four shooting facilities – a shotgun range which caters to skeet & trap shooting as well as 5-stand sporting clays, an outdoor pistol range for 25 and 50-yard shooting and a 200-yard rifle range with five covered benches. In addition, there is a 5-lane indoor range in a heated all-season building.

Shoot Indoors
1 Park St,
Broomfield, CO, 80020

Shoot Indoors is a 10-lane, 25 yard shooting range that caters to pistol, rifle and shotgun shooting practice, with some restrictions on the type of shotgun. Rental of the lanes com with free gun safety classes. The range also holds regular activities such as low-light-night shooting sessions and ladies’ nights. The range is wheelchair accessible.

Shooter Ready, LLC
625 E 70th Ave 2W,
Denver, CO, 80229

Shooter Ready in Denver, Colorado, provides a safe and clean environment for practice shooting. Its indoor shooting range provides 19 different skill drills to perfect one’s marksmanship skills. There is also a number of steel courses that help train for agency qualification or USPSA classification. It makes use of lasers and CO2 for a lead-free and absolutely safe shooting environment, without the need to expend expensive ammunition.

Silver Bullet Shooting Range
5901 W. 38th Aveue,
Wheat Ridge, CO, 80212

The Silver Bullet Shooting Range has 5 firing lanes that have marked targets starting from 4 yards up to 25 yards. It is equipped with electric target carriers, a ventilation and smoke eater filtration system and a choice of various targets, including silhouette and bull’s eye targets. The range can accommodate rifle cartridges up to 30-06. Guns are available for rent.

Skyline Hunting and Fishing Club
Wadsworth Ave.,
Littleton, CO, 80162

The club’s outdoor shooting ranges are situated in the Lockheed Martin Astronautics Waterton Plant and is composed of a 100, 200, 300-yard rifle ranges, a trap & skeet range and a 28 target archery range. The club also has an enclosed 25 and 50-yard pistol range. There is also a 28 target field archery course. Aside from its shooting ranges, it also has facilities for hunting, conservation and fishing.

Summit Shooting Center
23858 County Rd G,
Cortez, CO, 81321

The Summit Shooting Center at Cortez, Colorado offers a 10-lane indoor range. The shooting environment is comfortable and safe, with an OSHA-approved air filtrations , as well as the air conditioned and heated (depending on the weather). The center is also a supplied of firearms ammunition and hunting gear and accessories.

Whistling Pines Gun Club
1412 Woolsey Heights,
Colorado Springs, CO, 80915

The Whistling Pines Gun Club boasts of two indoor shooting locations. The Westside Location features a total of 19 lanes (14 pistol lands and 5 rifle lanes). Meanwhile, the Eastside location has 18 indoor lanes, with 2 lanes rifle rated. All the lanes are equipped with programmable touch screen target systems, as well as climate-control, ventilation and filtration systems.

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