Caliber Ratings

As You flip through the catalog please look out for the bullet icons. These icons will help you understand which caliber of bullet is ideal for the target you are examining. At Jumping Targets we have created 3 categories of for ammo: Rimfire, Hand Gun, and High Power. These icons will appear next to the target to let you kno w which caliber rounds are ideal on that particular target. A word of warning before you shoot. All of our products are constructed out of AR-500 steel. We use both 1/4”, 3/8” and up to 1/2” depending on the target. This material is extremely hard and will stand up to bullets that are traveling less than 3000 fps at point of impact. NEVER shoot your steel target with bullets traveling above this speed as it can result in damage to the target, never use BB’s, steel core or armor piercing rounds when shooting any of our targets. When shooting rifles with a muzzle velocity above 3000 fps make sure you place the target at a distance which provides enough time for your bullet to slow down before impact, this distance will vary based on: Ammo, barrel length, and other factors. Remember “SPEED KILLS STEEL TARGETS”

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