Gun Rumors: Looking Ahead to 2013

As 2012 ended, gun manufacturers were busily putting finishing touches on the latest technology and gun developments that will hit the market this year. As the annual SHOT Show is held every January, gun manufacturers are busily hurrying to push products into production.

While the following guns have not received official announcements, rumor has it they will be available in 2013.

·      SIG P227 – This double-stack, .45 ACP will simply astound gun enthusiasts, creating lines of marksmen outside sporting good stores and gun shows. While the newly introduced P227 will be similar in size to the P226 and P220, this new weapon will be delivered with a burst of 10 rounds, with extended 14-round magazines available for additional purchase. This striking pistol will feature a Picatinny-style rail, a perfect addition for a laser or white light. This weapon is full-sized and likely intended for law enforcement and/or home defense. It is not exceptionally light, making it possible for concealment, but not ideal.

·      SIG SMG – This submachine gun will be legal for civilian use, unless prohibited by certain county and/or state regulations. This weapon will be easy to maintain and operate, with controls similar to an AR-15. In fact, anyone who has experience using an AR or M4 will feel the similarities when using this new weapon, as the selector switch, bolt release and pistol grip are comparable. Additionally, SIG is planning on introducing their very own line of sound suppressors, so this weapon could be a gun collector or hobbyist’s dream. While U.S. civilians are not permitted to own newly manufactured fully automatic firearms, SIG will release two versions that are legally acceptable in the U.S., including one with a 16-inch barrel and a short barrel rifle version.

·      Diamondback Pistol – An ever-elusive rumor, Diamondback is expected to introduce a full-size pistol this year. Experts are suggesting it may make its debut at the SHOT Show this month. Shrouded in mystery, it is unknown if this weapon will be full-size, polymer framed, striker fired, 9MM, .40 S&W or .45 ACP. Due to Diamondback’s introduction of DB15 rifle, experts are extremely excited about the prospect of a new pistol.

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