The Importance of Practicing Gun Safety Storage

In today’s age of thefts and burglaries, it is not uncommon for many Americans to be gun owners. Additionally, many people own guns for hobbies – such as shooting, hunting and recreational purposes.

Statistics show that locking guns safely in a storage device, via trigger locks, lock boxes, cable locks or gun safes, helps dramatically reduce gun accidents. However, there are a number of additional reasons why guns should be safely stored in a secure location.

·      Reduces accidents and deaths – Not only does properly storing a weapon help reduce the risk of injury or death, but can also prevent the mental anguish that accompanies these tragic, preventable deaths.

·      Crimes – As the economy continues in a downward spiral, many local law enforcement agencies are finding funding cut. This leads to less deputies and police officers on the street. Additionally, in economies such as these, violence and drug use increases. Annually, thousands of handguns are stolen from homes. Many of these are resold on the black market for cash, ending up in the hands of violent criminals. In Washington State alone, more than $2.9 million in firearms was reported stolen in 2011.

·      Depression and Mental Illness – Whether someone suffers from a mental illness or depression, keeping guns in a secure location can greatly reduce the risk of suicide, especially among teenagers. In more than 75-percent of teen-suicide related deaths, the weapon was traced to the victim’s residence, a friend or a relative. Preventing a suicide and helping the person in need receive proper mental health treatment is essential.

·      Keeping Schools Safe – In the midst of the New Town massacre, the public is mourning these tragic losses and realizing, that while few and far between based on statistics, catastrophes do unfortunately happen. Keeping weapons safely secure is proven to decrease innocent deaths, as is the case for many unfortunate shootings.

Parents can also teach children to have an open communication policy, telling them about students at school that brag about having access to weapons, disclosing if they have friends’ parents who leave weapons unlocked and unattended, etc.

It is also important for children to understand the basics of gun safety, especially if they live in a home where weapons are present. Jumping Targets offers a wide selection of steel targets, specifically designed to help shooters feel more comfortable with a weapon, improve aim and increase accuracy. While there is no substitute for gun safety courses, Jumping Targets does offer high quality AR500 steel targets that are safe and provide optimal bullet deflection. For local gun safety courses, Jumping Targets recommends contacting local gun ranges and National Rifle Association chapters.

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