Gun Safety Storage

In a world where headlines are littered with unfortunate, tragic massacres involving angst-filled teenagers or those people suffering from severe mental illness, it is important to practice gun safety at home, which includes regularly locking up firearms.

Not only does locking up firearms greatly reduce the risk that a child will accidentally take a weapon, hurt him/herself, injure someone else or bring this deadly weapon to school for a “show and tell” amongst friends, but also it prevents weapons from falling into the wrong hands.

In these slow economic times, many police departments are reporting burglaries are not simply increasing, but drug related thefts have skyrocketed. In the course of drug addicts looking for money, they see guns and weapons as easily resalable black market cash. No gun owner ever wants to receive the ominous news that his or her weapon was found at the scene of a crime.

There are a number helpful products on the market to increase the safe storage of firearms in the home, including:

·      Trigger Locks – These devices are permanently installed, offering either a combination lock or a built-in key. Other types may offer an electronic lock or a magnetic lock that is only activated if the gun owner is wearing a special bracelet or ring.

·      Lock Box – These devices are small and designed to safely store handguns. Typically, they offer digital keypads, key lock styles or push-button combinations.

·      Gun Safes and Vaults – These are heavy duty, often nearly permanent storage structures within a home. Many of these will hold a few guns upwards to dozens. They usually offer combination, push-button and digital keypad locks. These are extremely difficult to steal, due to exceptional weight, allow easy storage of long guns and handguns simultaneously and are fire resistant.

·      Cable Locks – These are devices that are installed in the chamber of the weapon to prevent cartridges from being fired. Some locks are universal, while others are model specific. Some models also feature anti-tamper alarms.

The aforementioned items are readily available at sporting good stores, discount stores, gun stores, locksmiths and firing ranges. Many counties and states also offer Lock-It-Up Programs, designed to educate the public about effective methods for safely storing guns.

Jumping Targets offers metal shooting targets, specifically designed to help increase aim and accuracy among gun owners. They are staunch supporters of gun safety and strongly urge consumers to practice gun safety at all times, including using gun safety storage products that are on the market. Their steel targets are among in the best in the industry, made from high quality AR 500 steel.

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