Who is the National Shooting Sports Foundation?

The National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) promotes, protects and preserves shooting sports and hunting. As a trade association within the firearms industry, their membership includes 7,000 firearm manufacturers, firearm retailers, distributors, sportsmen’s organizations, shooting ranges and publishers.

Their advanced website includes a wealth of information, including:

·      Latest News – Highlighting the latest news releases, they also provide information about each state’s changing rules and regulations. Their newsletter is available online for easy reference, as is their detailed photo library, which allows journalists to register and download complimentary images. They also offer fact sheets and background information, the latest articles highlighting lead ammunition and the economic impact on hunting. They also offer writing opportunities for hunters interested in contributing to their vast network of hunting articles.

·      Firearms Safety – As an advanced proponent of firearm safety, they highlight the 10 Rules of Safe Gun Handling, a must-read for both novice and advanced hunters alike.

·      Shooting Sports – Their website also highlights a number of shooting sports, including those involving handguns, rifles, shotguns and shooting organizations.

·      Learn to Shoot – This section highlights how shooters can locate local classes, find safety courses nearby, locate a shooting range in the area and also find a reputable firearm retailer.

·      College and Youth Programs – They offer information about the Boy Scouts of America Council Challenge Grant Program, AIM, Collegiate Shooting Sports Initiative, National 4-H Shooting Sports, Scholastic Clay Target Program and the Scholastic Steel Challenge.

·      Educational Materials – They provide NSSF’s Safety and Education Literature, Firearm Safety Education on DVD and NSSF’s Conservation Videos.

·      Research and Statistics – They provide a wide variety of information, including their Financial Benchmarking Report, Customized Market Reports(SM), Firearms Retailer Survey, Industry Reference Guide(SM), NSSF modern Hunter/Shooter, Industry Intelligence Reports(SM), Hunting’s Competition Report, Peer Influence on Youth, Current Attitudes, Modern Sporting Rifle Report, Monthly Survey Tracker, Hunter’s Pocket Fact Card(SM), Future of Hunting/Shooting, Hunting License Trends, Polls and Survey Results and an Industry Research Directory.

·      Hunting – Their hunting section highlights places to hunt within each state, information about locating an outfitter, finding a reputable taxidermist, game recipes and best practices for hunting.

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