Rifles: Tactical Products for 2013

The ultimate hail-all king of the tactical movement within the firearms industry is the ever-popular AR-15. This useful weapon has revolutionized the firearm industry, fueling a new generation’s interest in hunting and firearm sports.

While the AR-15 was originally introduced with 5.56/.223 cartridges, today’s hunters have found that more advanced ammunition is required for larger game. While this automated weapon still has a steep hill to climb in becoming a regularly accepted member of the hunting community, its roots have become established and acceptance is slowly expanding. This type of weapon is extremely popular with the younger generation, making it a growing market, which firearm manufacturers are prepared to accommodate.

Tactical rifles for hunting are already gaining in popularity. For example, the Fred Eichler Predator LAR-15 is a .223 model that features a 16-inch stainless steel barrel, full-length top rail and two-stage trigger. It comes in either fixed or adjustable stocks and highlights a free floating hand guard with forward rails located at both three, six and nine o’clock. This weapon is perfect for hunters shooting coyotes.

For hunters that require additional firepower for larger game, the Ambush 6.8 Daniel Defense weapon is ideal. Offering the Realtree AP camouflage or the Mossy Oak Break Up Infinity patterns, this rifle was inspired by the shotgun, highlighting a horizontal grip on the fore-end. This advanced weapon will easily help take rifle hunting to the next level.

When hunters require a full size round, the .308 Oracle by DPMS offers big game powder in an affordable, compact 16-inch rifle that features ATACS camouflage. Ideal for hunting large game and hogs, this weapon comes in standard black, is optics-ready and offers a variety of AR accessories.

2013 will also hail the growing trend of .22LR guns, which are excellent platforms for helping children and adults learn to shoot with skilled accuracy. These types of weapons are perfect for novice shooters and hunters. When combined with Jumping Targets AR 500 steel metal spinning targets, this weapon makes an excellent Christmas or birthday gift for the avid outdoor adventurer.

Additionally, an exciting gun toting revolutionary weapon is the UZI line made by Umarex U.S.A. This well-known submachine gun has been recreated in a rim fire form to accommodate both rifle and machine pistol configurations. Sure to be the jealous envy of any gun collector’s friends, the MP5 submachine gun offers fixed faux suppression, an advanced retractable stock, safety switch, HK-style sights and sling attachments.

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I saw your video on M&P 40c conversion to a 9mm Storm Lake. I was woendring if you know if you can convert a 9 to a 40. I am fairly green when it comes to details of hand guns so I would think the answer would be yes but, haven’t seen any information about it. I have an opportunity to buy a 9c but would like the option to have a 40c as well.Thank you for your input.

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