2013 Optical Tactical Products

As high-tech products become less expensive, the world of firearm tactics is gradually crossing over from strictly military affordable grades to military-style optics that are inexpensive for collectors and sport shooters alike. As hunters embrace this new-style technology, many firearm manufacturers are complying with consumers’ enthusiasm, producing weapons with the reticles and camouflage that are in demand with hunters.

Holographic Weapons Sights are a popular trend. EOTech began producing versions for RealTree APG and Mossy Oak. This technology is proven to be highly effective in combat zones, as holographic weapon sights allow both eyes to remain open during shooting, which allows for quick reactions, increased awareness and fast successive follow-up shots. While EOTech saw the unprecedented advantage that soldiers harnessed in the field, they soon realized that this same technology could be applied to hunters, yielding never before seen returns.

Nowadays, there are three grades of optics available: beginner, mid-grade and military grade. While most hunters do not require military-grade optics, many shooting enthusiasts are starting with the basic optic models, learning more about the accuracy and increased range that optical products offer. As shooters advance and become more comfortable with optics, they typically progress to the mid-grade level, which boasts accurate, reliable and tough gear that is extremely affordable. As more shooters purchase optics in this mid-range, there will be an influx of manufacturers striving to meet consumer demands.

For example, Tru Shot from Sightmark offers an ideal mid-range optic. This midsized, lightweight sight is available with a quick-detaching mount, which offers five brightness settings. Perfect for use on both rifles and shotguns, this optic maintains advanced accuracy with locking screws that prevent wind from altering sites and keeping elevation zeroed in. This sight is often considered a “gateway” into advanced optic shooting, providing consumers with a glimpse into the ease of two-eyes-open optics. Some hunters will be satisfied with the level of technology this scope provides, while others may master this range and wish to take their optic tactics to the next advanced level.

Another technology that is becoming more affordable for consumers is thermal vision. Many gun enthusiasts believe it is only a matter of time before this technology can be easily incorporated into most hunters’ regular gear.

Jumping Targets offers a wide array of AR500 steel targets, allowing consumers to accurately learn to shoot with advanced optics. These steel shooting targets are designed to withstand years of abuse and are the ideal gift for any sportsman or hunter.

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