Shotguns: Upcoming 2013 Tactical Products

While predicting with unbridled certainty what the 2013, firearm market holds is impossible, there are some glimpses into the market’s future. While experts do not agree about the impact the financial market will have on the gun industry, some observers are leery of President Obama’s anti-gun legislation that could potentially undermine the Second Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. Sources close to President Obama claim he is pro-assault gun bans and those regulations that were similar to Former President Bill Clinton’s that were in effect between 1994 and 2004. With these unpredictable political forces at work, 2013 could be a hidden gem for firearm developments or a year buried in government legislation.

Ultimately, the shotgun expects to have several tactical adjustments in this niche market. The annual January SHOT Show will highlight many of these tactical announcements, setting the pace for the upcoming year.

While most gun enthusiasts associate “tactical” with the ever-popular AR-15, the shotgun has become a vital player in this market, too. Since shotguns added AR-style adjustable stocks and grips, rails have altered the shotgun, making it one of the most premiere tactical guns on the market. Commonplace in competitions and one of the most efficient and widely used home-defense weapons across the U.S., adding tactics to this simple 12-gauge has forever solidified its usefulness in the firearm world.

Modular shotguns also offer add-on accessories, taking personalized customization to the next level. The Mossberg FLEX series allows tool-less changes that are fast and easy. A camouflaged hunting firearm can easily become a sleek black gun or stockless home defense weapon within mere moments. As more gun owners become accustom to these modular options, shotguns are going to begin offering the same types of flexibility.

No one fully expects gun owners to purchase new weapons, so gun manufacturers are sensitive to economic times and are creating retro-fix kits that will make classic weapons into modern tactical guns.

The ATI Talon Tactical Shotgun Stock System is designed for the Mossberg, Remington, Saiga and Maverick shotguns. This advanced system attaches to the shotgun’s receiver and offers a mounting face for pistol grips and stocks. This allows for quick switching from one stock or pistol grip to another with a simple Allen wrench or Torx driver. Additional accessories and parts help turns existing weapons into tactical platforms, further extending their modular benefits and maintaining the shotgun’s ever-popular status.

Jumping Targets offers a wide variety of shooting targets, made from high grade AR500 steel. Designed to withstand the test of time, these metal spinning targets are ideal for high powder rifle targets and offer unparalleled shooting practice precision.

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BBs, when you spin them in rifling, they are more sbltae (again.. do some research on early rifle technology) The early muskets that had rifling still used round ball ammo. The steel bbs are slightly smaller than lead pellets and will tear up your barrel (i.e. phantom rifle) The 760 is a dual use barrel meant to accept bbs or pellets, it is a trade off for accuracy. Eventually shooting steel bbs will ruin the gun. As for thickness, it is cost cutting.CheersRick

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