Happy Hunting Holidays!

Just in time for Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s and the borage of other winter holidays, Jumping Targets has an assortment of gifts for that special hunter in your life.

Come one, come all and join in on the holiday cheer! Introducing, the awesome, stellar and simply spectacular AR500 steel targets. The premise of these steel shooting targets is simple:

·      Shoot

·      Watch the target jump

·      A new target immediately pops up

·      Shoot

·      Repeat

Designed for devout gun enthusiasts, this innovative target allows shooters to spend more time shooting and less time setting up targets. Allowing shooters and hunters to hone in on their aim and target-practice skills, this high-quality target will stand the test of time, season after season.

So what exactly does Jumping Targets offer in their catalog of shooting targets?

·      .22 Paddle Steel Target – This small target has a unique, springy design that is great for racing and plinking. Perfect for young and old shooters alike, this simple steel target does not disappoint.

·      2.5-Inch AR500 Steel Targets – Designed for novices and advanced shooters, this ¼-inch AR steel will accommodate several different caliber weapons.

·      3.5-Inch AR500 Steel Targets – Made from 3/8-inch AR steel, this target will accommodate the basic .22 or more advanced .306 and .308.

·      4.75-Inch AR500 Steel Target – The Granddaddy of them all, this target is designed for big guns. An ideal target for up-close practice shooting or from hundreds of yards, this universal target is the perfect gift for any hunter.

What makes the AR500 steel so impressive? Simple, this ultra high-quality steel is expertly designed to avoid pits, craters or deformities, as these are extremely dangerous. Jumping Targets’ innovative design also reduces bullet fragmentation and ricochets, which can be deadly. With targets angled at a precise 90 degrees, bullets will ricochet at 20 degrees, ensuring years of safe target practice and shooting.

Additionally, Jumping Targets offers a wealth of information. This Utah-based, proudly made in the U.S.A. company highlights a number of blog posts, designed specifically for hunters, including valuable hunting tips and advice – ranging from using big game outfitters to properly cooking wild waterfowl.

Their easy to use website also presents video demonstrations of targets in action, including offering gun enthusiasts the ability to subscribe to a private newsletter (we don’t sell your information!) that highlights valuable tips and information.

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