Why use a big game outfitter?

Some hunters swear by the success of using a big game outfitter, while others prefer do-it-yourself outdoor adventures. Either way, experienced outfitters boast impressive statistics, coupled with high prices.

With Christmas just around the corner, many people are looking for the perfect gift for the special hunter in their lives. Popular gifts are gift certificates for big game outfitters, but why do so many people rely on these business’ expertise?

  • Experienced outfitters are extremely knowledgeable about nearby wilderness areas. They understand the topography of the land, including lakes, streams, plant life, weather conditions, marine life, local hazards, backcountry and wildlife scouting. Many outfitters have experience with gun safety courses, as well as horsemanship.
  • Outfitters specialize in scouting the same areas. If a hunter is a non-resident or someone from out of town, this gives him/her a huge advantage.
  • Most hunters have a niche specialty, albeit it waterfowl, big game or trophy hunting. Some outfitters own large parcels of acreage, giving hunters exclusive access to remote areas that are teaming with wildlife.
  • Outfitting guides also offer a wide array of high-quality equipment and supplies. For example, horse outfitters typically provide horses, saddles, bridles and feed. Hunting outfits generally offer hunting gear, walkie-talkies, safety equipment and transportation vehicles.  
  • Outfitter staff generally includes a number of experienced hunting guides, wilderness guides, horse handlers, porters and fishing guides.
  • Many states require outfitters to have specific licenses, which include being registered, bonded and properly insured. Many states offer searchable online databases so consumers can confirm outfitters are registered for public business operations. Additionally, several private websites can help identify legitimate outfitters and provide accurate reviews from hunters.
  • Some outfitters offer all-inclusive prices, which includes lodging and meals. Additionally, some outfitters’ prices are higher because they replant hunting terrain to reflect local habitats, helping ensure that wildlife returns year after year.
  • Outfitters also specialize in helping hunters butcher and break down big game. Some even have specialized areas where a hunter can butcher the animal.
  • Finally, a reputable outfitter helps hunters complete the necessary state-required and local paperwork for tags, including providing valuable knowledge about state regulations and deadlines.

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