Big Game Hunting: Latest News

Hunters, wrought with anticipation, wait all year for big game hunting season to arrive. Big game includes whitetail deer, mule deer, elk, black bear, bighorn sheep, moose, pronghorn antelope, mountain goat, caribou, brown bear, turkey, mountain lion, wild hog, javelina, wolf and coyote.

The following provides information for hunters about big game species.

·         Whitetail Deer – As management changes in Utah and buck populations drop, the state is considering issuing fewer bucks to does ratio permits.

·         Mule Deer – Many hunters are getting a start on the early mule deer season, as several states are opening this season to both archers and rifle hunters. Ambush hunting is a very effective technique during this time.

·         Elk – Faced with a drought-filled summer, experts anticipate that elks will be down at low elevations this hunting season, likely having exhausted their foliage supplies at higher levels.

·         Black BearsMontana has warned black bear hunters that grizzlies may be close by and to proceed with caution when hunting.

·         Bighorn Sheep – Found at higher elevations, these hunts could prove very taxing on hunters that are not in excellent shape. Experts recommend that hunters looking for bighorn sheep be in good physical condition and their lungs be in peak performance.

·         Moose – Archers, rifle hunters and muzzleloader hunters should practice at a variety of distances, as moose are dangerous animals and hunters may be forced to take a shot at longer-than-average big game distances.

·         Pronghorn Antelope – Typically sought by non-resident and resident hunters alike, this animal is predominant in Arizona, California, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Utah, Washington and Wyoming. As local farmers consider this big game species to be a nuisance to crops, many private areas may be available for lease.

·         Mountain Goat – As mountain goats are generally in higher elevations, a hunter should consider a game cart to help haul his/her trophy safely out of the wilderness.

·         CaribouAlaska’s caribou bow hunting season offers hunters a special time to delve into nature and Alaska’s breathtaking wildlife species. Hunters should remember that packing a caribou can take three to four trips and should consider this when hunting far from camp.

·         Brown Bear – As many caribou herds are changing their migration routes, so are grizzlies and polar bears. Many Northwest Territories are seeing an increase in bear sightings.

·         Turkey – As this sport gains popularity, many turkey hunters are finding that they need to scout early to ensure a successful year.

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If you ask any truly avid, safe hunter they will tell you that there is nonhitg better, in terms of rates of success or experience, than opening morning of any hunting season. The primary reason is that each day of a gun season the animals become steadily more reserved.Deer are more intelligent than people give them credit for, they will lay low and move less until the shooting stops and the human scent begins to dissipate. That is one of the other major points, as human scent fills the woods deer also become more shy. To all the contributors who site the number of hunters as a bad thing I take some issue. Yes saftey should always be a major concern, however, if you are wearing blaze orange, (at least your upper body and a hat), you know the land you will be hunting, and you know that if you are on public land you need to be aware of other hunters, you should be absolutely fine. Saftey is about experience, knowledge, and common sense.I must also point out that the more other hunters move around the woods the more they will force the deer to move. Without something to make a deer move they will lay down until after dark during the gun season.The number of deer in my home state of Wisconsin (one of the top perenial buck producing states in the US) decreases drastically each day after opening morning. If you hunt with someone experienced I would say there is nonhitg more exciting than hearing the first shot just as the sun begins to crack the horizon. Opening morning is a tradition and a thrill for virtually every hunter.References : Avid outdoorsman and dedicated hunter, I’ll sit for twelve hours without seeing a deer and not give it a second thought.

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