Practical Elk Hunting Tips and Supplies

Elk hunting is not only an enjoyable adventure-fueled activity for experienced hunters, but also requires dedication and perseverance. Additionally, experienced hunters recommend several vital pieces of hunting gear, including:

  • Rifle Slings – Allowing hunters to comfortably carry their weapons, especially during lengthy elk hunts, this necessary accessory is a must-have hunting companion.
  • Bow Slings – Allowing instant access to a number of vital shooting positions, this type of sling reduces arm fatigue and keeps a bow readily available at a hunter’s side.
  • Elk Calls – There are a number of elk calls on the market, including effective teaching DVDs, CDs and books. · Binoculars – This must have hunting accessory helps hunters zero in on elk herds from afar, while effectively stalking their prey. There are a number of binocular styles, including compact and full sizes, which are categorized by power. Typically, 7, 8 or 10 are recommended for game hunting, while a 7X is effective for browsing terrain. A binocular harness is also recommended, ensuring that binoculars are readily available at all moments.
  • Laser Range Finders – These high-tech devices measure the target’s distance.
  • Hunting Knives – A four-inch blade is standard; however, some hunters prefer carrying knives specifically for skinning and hunting (a clip or drop point). Serrated edge knives are highly recommended for working on partially frozen carcasses, though they do need regular sharpening.
  • Flashlights – Hunters should consider investing in a high-quality flashlight or a headlamp. This helps hunters track deer in dusky hours.
  • Hunting Packs – A comfortable pack distributes weight evenly throughout the back, helping reduce muscle stress and tension. A backpack should properly fit a hunter based on body size, ensuring maximum comfort.
  • Hydration Systems – Staying hydrated is key to a hunter’s health, giving him/her the valuable nutrition necessary to keep pressing forward. · Digital Cameras – A hunter wants to remember his trophy-defining moment so having a small digital camera is highly recommended.
  • GPS Units – Handheld units are excellent, provide topographical mapping software and help ensure a hunter does not become lost. · Game Cart and Bone Saw – Helping make field dressing easier, these items are strongly recommended. · Predator Camouflage – When hunting for elk, it is important that hunters have the proper camouflage that compliments the terrain – albeit it forest, desert or winter prints.
  • Hunting Boots – Staying warm and comfortable is a topmost priority when participating in an outdoor elk hunting adventure. Good support, warmth, comfort and waterproof barriers are highly advised.
  • Rifles – The most versatile rifle is the 30.06, which offers a powerful shot when hunting elk. The 338, 308 and 300 Win-Mag are recommended for elk hunting.

Helping provide hunters with more accurate aim and advanced shooting techniques, Jumping Targets offers a number of metal shooting targets, including metal spinning targets, specifically designed to help hunters improve their accurate precision.

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The full blame for the overall rtceduion of game, especially elk and deer in not only Yellowstone Park, where thee is no hunting, and much of the Mountain West rests squarely on the shoulders of the bunny highers and he Federal Fish and Game Department.The bunny huggers and the Federal Possum Cops collaborate to reintroduce and protect wolves into areas where they had previously been eradicate at great cost and effort by early settlers.Apparently the bunny huggers and Possum Cops consider an major rtceduion in game population, stock depredation and the occasional attacks on humans is an acceptable cost for the reintroduction of wolves.I don’t agree. I don’t say kill em all, but I’m quite satisfied to see them rare in the wild.

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