Ten Valuable Duck Hunting Tips, Part 2 of 2

In the second part of this two-part duck hunting guideline, Jumping Targets discusses the subsequent half of the top ten valuable duck hunting tips. With duck hunting season right around the corner, Jumping Target offers a number of high-quality metal spinning targets and steel shooting targets so hunters are in tip-top shape come opening day.

Onward ho! Here are the remaining valuable duck hunting tips:

6.       Elmer Fudd’s Wover Boy – As people should be in good physical condition for hunting, so should man’s best friend. Considering how much fetching a retriever does while hunting for waterfowl, he/she should be in peak physical condition. This includes long walks throughout the summer, regular fetching routines and even swimming in nearby bodies of water. It is also advisable to keep dogs up-to-date on simple hand signals, lining and steadying.  And don’t forget their vaccines!

7.      A Boating We Shall Go – If a hunter’s blind is only accessible by boat, it is important that it receive a detailed pre-season inspection. The welds and rivets should be in good shape and not show dangerous signs of excessive wear. If the boat has an outboard motor, it is important it is in good running condition, gas lines should be checked for leaks and fresh fuel should be added to the engine. Remember to test trailer lights and the truck’s winch line.

8.      Hunting Territory – Many farmers lease their lands to hunters. If a hunter desires to lease the land the following year, he/she should show his/her appreciation. Hunters should always be respectful of the lands they hunt on, cleaning up after themselves and returning the property to the same natural state it was in prior to hunting season. Maintaining a positive relationship with the landowner is also helpful and beneficial. Some states require that permanent hunting blinds be licensed prior to hunting season. If this is a law in a particular state a hunter should mark his/her calendars and never miss this important filing deadline.

9.      Sprucing Up – As Snow White sang “Bluddle-Uddle-Um-Dum,” hunters should make sure their duck blind receives a healthy annual sprucing up. Ducks are an exceptionally smart avian species so changing a few key outside features, may be helpful so returning ducks do not recognize the blind as a threat. Some hunters prefer to lower the height and profile of the blind, relocate it or simply modify the shooting box. If any changes should be made, they should be done before hunting season. Additionally, all camouflage panels should be inspected regularly for damage.

10.      The Hunting State of Mind – Hunters need to be in the “zone” – the duck-hunting zone. There are several ways for hunters to refocus on the upcoming waterfowl season, including:

a.      Getting Geared Up! Reading inspiring hunting stories always jump-starts a hunter’s adrenaline and gets him/her ready for the big hunt.

b.      Ducks Unlimited – This local hunter’s organization offers volunteer projects and teams hunters up with others that enjoy the great outdoors.

c.       Hunting Shows – With television channels dedicated to hunting and sports 24/7, hunters can watch live action play out, preparing them for fall and winter hunter seasons.

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