Elk Hunting Tips

With autumn’s vibrant leaves falling wistfully upon ripened blackberry vines, hunters are reminded that the long-awaited elk season is rapidly approaching.

Jumping Target recommends that elk hunters begin practicing their form and aim, just in time for this short season. With a number of study AR500 steel targets, they guarantee that hunters will benefit from this highly accurate, extra-durable target.

Some popular elk hunting tips include:

·         Calling – While a hunter need not be a superb elk caller to shoot his/her prey, a productive hunter is advised to practice. As practice makes perfect, a simple elk call is a hunter’s best friend. Efficiency is especially important when elk hunting and all hunters should have three simple calls in their repertoire: a cow call, a challenge bugle and a location bugle.

·         Setups – This step is crucial and can easily affect the outcome of any hunt. An experienced hunter knows that setups are vital. A seasoned veteran unconsciously asks him/herself:

o   Is there too much brush to effectively shoot?

o   Is there enough cover to hide?

o   Are there inconsistent wind currents?

o   Am I too exposed in the open?

Elk possess excellent senses of sight, smell and sound. A hunter must effectively conceal him/herself, while providing a clear shot path. It is advisable that hunters consider collaborating with another hunter, as this greatly increases the chances of shooting an elk. Many experienced shooters also use rangefinders to help determine distances.

·         Wind – Experienced hunters know the vital importance of always checking the wind on a hunt. If an elk gets the slightest inkling a scent is off – even if a hunter douses him/himself in elk spray – the elk will become skittish and scamper off. Hunters know they cannot change nature, so the ultimate law is to obey the wind. It cannot only be a hunter’s enemy, but his/her best friend.

·         Conditioning – Contrary to popular belief, experienced hunters know that physical conditioning is of the utmost importance on a long hike. Hunters need to be in tip-top shape, which allows them to effectively cover more ground, jump across ridges, climb through thick brush and bury themselves into the mountains, becoming one with nature while they await their ultimate grand champion buck.

·         Attitude – As with any sport, attitude is key. It is rare that a hunter walks out into a field and bags an elk with a single shot. Hunting requires great skill and patience. Hunters should always be pleasantly surprised when they get an elk, because many hunters go years between obtaining bragging rights on their trophies.

Following these simple, yet effective tips and tactics, can dramatically help improve a hunter’s chance of scoring a leviathan elk this upcoming hunting season.

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