Deer Hunting Tips: Deer Attractants, Scent Elimination and Gun Safety

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This article addresses several valuable tips for deer hunters, including:

·         Deer Attractants – There are a variety of different tactics that hunters can employ to attract deer to a specific hunting area.

o   Natural Food Plots – This is essentially a garden area that is planted with clover, corn, brassicas, alfalfa, wheat and/or soybeans, which are all healthy attractants for deer.

o   Salt Licks/Mineral Blocks – Helping to promote muscle and bone growth, salt and mineral blocks are attractive to deer and wildlife.

o   Feeders – Some states allow hunters to set up automatic feeders, providing nutrients to deer herds.

o   Food Flavored Blocks and Liquid Gel Formulas – Similar to salt licks and mineral blocks, these have the added attraction of food aromas to help attract more deer.

·         Scent Elimination – Deer can smell human scent, as their noses are so powerful they become extremely wary of any foreign or dangerous smells. Hunters must take great care to eliminate their scent when hunting. This includes:

o   Clothing – Scent free containers are the most effective way for hunters to eliminate clothing smell. Hunters need to eliminate smell on their jackets, pants, gloves, shirts, hats and socks.

o   Boots – If not using rubber boots, hunters need to make sure they use a scent free soap to wash their boots, helping remove any foreign scents on the boots and the soles. Storing boots in a scent-free container is also an excellent way to transport them once they are washed.

o   Body Odor – Dedicated hunters know the importance of showering with scent free shampoo and soap. It is also important to wear scent free deodorant and not wear any cologne, scented hair products or aftershave.

o   Equipment – Tree stands and all hunting equipment need to be scent free. Neutralizer sprays or cover scent sprays can easily be sprayed on guns, bags and other equipment.

·         Gun Safety – Gun safety is a vital part of being a productive, successful and safe hunter. Below are three important gun safety tips for hunters to remember:

o   Point in a Safe Direction – Weapons should always be pointed in a safe direction, never at someone.

o   Off the Trigger! – Fingers should remain off the trigger until the hunter is ready to shoot the weapon.

o   Unload, Unload, Unload – Weapons should always remain unloaded until they are ready to use. Transporting a loaded weapon is never advisable.

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