Deer Hunting Tips: Deer Calls, Trail Cameras and Tree Stands

As fall soon approaches, deer hunters throughout the nation are gearing up for their annual autumn season. Practice makes perfect and Jumping Targets helps hunters learn to fine-tune their shooting abilities with their high power rifle targets, metal rifle targets and moving targets.

For novices and advanced hunters alike, each year brings about new and advanced knowledge, combined with valuable hunting techniques. As hunters sit around the campfire, sharing legendary hunting stories, albeit it about the mounted rack in their man caves or “the ones that got away,” all hunters can afford a refresher hunting course and the latest deer hunting advice. Below are some valuable deer hunting tips:

·         Deer Calls – The latest deer calls, if used correctly, can greatly improve a hunter’s chances of snagging a trophy Cervidae mammal. Research has proven that deer react inquisitively to deer calls.

o   The Grunt Tube – This tube reproduces the grunting noise made by bucks.

o   Doe Bleat – Does coming into heat often make loud and long bleats; therefore, a doe bleat is an effective deer call when attracting bucks.

o   Rattling – This is the noise made when bucks are fighting. Rattle bags or old horns can easily reproduce this sound. Some dominant bucks respond simply out of curiosity.

o   Decoys – These life-size plastic deer can also be animated and remote controlled. This allows deer to focus on the decoy while hunters slip into position for the “kill shot.”

o   Electronic Calls – The most modern deer call device, these hand held devices can transmit a variety of deer calls through an effective, loud speaker.

·         Trail Cameras – This modern form of technology is extremely effective and allows hunters to accurately monitor hunting lands without disturbing wildlife. Some of the most popular trail camera brands include Moultrie, Smart Scouter, Stealth Cam, Bushnell, Wildview, Reconyx and Leaf River.

·         Tree Stands – These provide hunters with an accurate aerial view of their surroundings, while giving hunters a direct site for kill shots. There are a number of different types of stands, including:

o   Climbing Stands – These are extremely easy to use, perfect for the beginning hunter. They only weigh between 20 to 25 pounds and are easy to carry. They are extremely comfortable and secure to the tree with minimal effort.

o   Hang-On Stands – These are semi-permanent hunting fixtures. While they are light and only weigh between 12 to 18 pounds, they are excellent for wider trees and help the stand hold permanently in place.

o   Ladder Stands – These are designed for the hardcore hunter who uses a single location several times during the year, if not for years. The ladder is approximately 12 to 16 off the ground and can easily accommodate two hunters.

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