Gun Control Laws Examined by Congress

It seems that just about everyone has a strong opinion about gun control. On one side are those who feel like that in this modern day and age we live in, there’s no reason for that type of violence. They believe that allowing citizens to carry guns only promotes more violence. The trouble with that philosophy is that 100% of criminals do not subscribe to that viewpoint.

Violent Crimes on the Increase

With the increase of gang violence in America, as well as the overall increase in violent crimes, it’s almost a given that at some point during your lifetime, you’ll face a dangerous situation involving an armed assailant. You know the old saying about bringing a knife to a gun fight. The guy with the biggest weapon just about always wins. What if the victims are you and your family?

In a recent case in Texas, a young woman told her friends that she knew a way to make some easy money fast and the group decided to break into a home in a residential neighborhood and steal televisions, and other valuables for possible pawning at a local pawn shop. The group did not do their homework at all. They chose a home where there were six people including women and children at home. As the young woman broke through the back door, the homeowner went and got his pistol and shot her where she stood.

This type of violence highlights many of the reasons why people on both sides of the “Conceal and Carry” laws are upset. If the homeowner had not owned a weapon, then the group of robbers might have simply stolen some things and then left with no one getting hurt. But if it were your family, would you want to take that chance?

Our Constitutional Rights

The Second Amendment to the Constitution guarantees us the right to bear arms, but many opponents say that the law was written for a different time and place. The U.S. Constitution was adopted in 1787 during a time of major upheaval in America. The American Revolution had just ended and war hero, George Washington was being elected our first U.S. president. It was a radical and violent time in history, but was it any more dangerous then than today?

A widespread disregard for law and order has swept across America causing even those who live in the safest neighborhoods to arm themselves. It has become very evident that law enforcement cannot always be counted on to be there when an armed gunman or woman breaks into your home or business.  Though most American do abhor violence, we still believe that it’s necessary to protect yourself and your family from those who would not be deterred by laws and the threat of imprisonment.

Get Proper Gun Training

If you own a gun or if you are thinking about purchasing one, then it’s very important to learn to use the gun properly. There’s nothing worse than an armed citizen who actually doesn’t know anything about weapons or gun safety. He is a danger both to himself and others. Be sure to get proper training and lessons about gun safety for yourself and any interested family members. Get out often to practice so that you’re completely comfortable with your weapon.

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