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The perfect addition to any firearm is an amazing sight or laser sight. Recent technology has improved gun sights to where they are now pretty high tech. Fiber optic sights give you dependable light in all types of places and situations. Those in law enforcement will testify about the importance of a bright pistol sight that works well in a dark alley. Whatever type of shooting you do, you can count on better accuracy and stronger performance when you choose the right sight for your weapon.

TruGlo® Tritium Fiber-Optic Sights

This is an award winning pistol sight that uses fiber optics and tritium to produce a dependable sight under any lighting conditions. There are a range of models available that will fit just about all autoloaders. This fiber optic sight is not only reliable but also offers accuracy and durability for years of use. For those who don’t know, tritium is actually very rare and an isotope of hydrogen. When small amounts of tritium decay, they emit electrons that cause phosphors to glow, providing self-powered lights known as beta-lights. Tritium is being used to replace radium which has been banned in many countries.

Crimson Trace Sights

Crimson Trace was built for the Super Redhawk  and the Ruger GP100. It is well-equipped with a 5mw peak, 633nm, Class IIIA Laser. The Crimson Trace Lasergrip offers you a bright and very effective sight for all lighting conditions. Even in daylight, you’ll get the accuracy you need.  A polymer grip frame and rubber over-mold construction make the Crimson Trace Lasergrip a comfortable sight to use.

Williams Gun Sights

These have long been a favorite for small game hunters who love the Ruger 10/22 Rifle. Williams FireSights work great in no-light and low-light situations. Hunters use them for hunting small game in evenings and night time hours. Williams FireSights have a strong reputation for accuracy and durability. They come equipped with a rear green and front red fiber optic. They are precision machined from durable metal and won’t let you down.

Ameriglo Night Sights

You can get the Ameriglo tritium night sight in several styles: Factory, smooth slope, or ghost ring. These will fit many guns and come ready to install. The AmeriGlo Split Thread Night sights are designed to fit tight as you thread the sight, allowing you to adjust for elevation while keeping the sight straight with the rear sight. Machined from U.S. Bar Stock Steel, AmeriGlo sights are assembled using Swiss-made tritium light. AmeriGlo sights have been used the world over by military, law enforcement, and recreational shooters. One of the most popular is the Green Tritium Front Night Sight designed and used with an AK47.

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1) What kind of sight picture is on your other guns? You don’t want an XS big dot on one gun, Heinie Straight Eights on anoethr, and standard three dots on a third. Pick a style, and stick with it on all the guns.2) The big difference between Trij’s and Meps is that the latter have cast sight bodies instead of machined. This doesn’t make a big difference except on guns that have tight sight channels from the factory (SA XD and SIGs) which can mangle a set of cast Meps during installation (this is why I didn’t stock Meps for SIGs while I was at CCA).3) Over the years I have come to the conclusion that multicolored dots are a gimmick. Tritium glows green, and the red or amber is achieved with a filter. If you’re going to go multicolored, keep the front dot green so it will be the brightest.4) Various fiber sights have impressed me with their bright sight pictures, but I’m not 100% sold on their durability. Is this going to be a CCW gun?(FWIW, were it my G19, I’d just buy the Meps and call it a day. It’s what Glock uses for their OEM sights anyway.)

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