Choosing the Right Fighting Pistol

The first question to discuss is exactly what is a fighting pistol? For those who must put themselves in harm’s way each day, no explanation is required. This is the weapon they carry each day in their capacity as law enforcement, security or other jobs of this nature. This is an important gun because it becomes like an old friend you can count on when things go south and people’s lives are in danger.


That brings us to the first and most important component of a great fighting pistol. It must be reliable. If you work with a partner, then you understand how critical it is to know that you can always count on your partner to have your back in every situation, no matter how tough. That’s the type of gun you need. Something that doesn’t let you down at that crucial moment of danger, when your life could be on the line.

There are too many great choices to list but consider the type of weapon you most commonly use. Do you need a pistol that’s really accurate? Or something that recoils quickly? Some people require a pistol that will do more damage, and these are usually larger caliber guns. If you are comfortable carrying a .44 Magnum, then go for it!


Every shooter knows the importance of accuracy. Whether you’re aiming at a big deer, a small bird, or an evil criminal, you want to know that the bullet is going to land where you are aiming.

A Sound Trigger

The latest research is showing that a professional pistol used daily by people in security and law enforcement is so important. A trigger pull no less than five pounds is ideal. A light trigger is usually associated with a good trigger but more stress should be placed on the trigger giving you a crisp-feeling response.


A great fighting pistol shouldn’t require kid glove handling. It should be strong and durable under even the most adverse circumstances. Usually, most of us find that our favorite fighting pistol doesn’t need a lot of coddling and fancy tools for maintenance. It’s easy to maintain and always ready for a fight when you are.

High Capacity Rounds

You can stay in the fight longer with a gun that offers a high-capacity magazine. You can find yourself in a dangerous situation unexpectedly, surrounded by angry gang members whose mission for the day is to kill a cop. You will want to go into a fight like this with a weapon that fires 10 or 15 rounds.

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