Choosing the Right Holster

Every gun owner has their favorite gun. Yours might be a Glock, a Berretta, or a Smith & Wesson but what about a holster for your weapon? Choosing the right holster for your gun can be challenging. These days you’ll find so many great choices. Leather holsters have always been a favorite but new substances are invented all the time that make for a more concealable and more comfortable holster. Check out a few of the favs of many gun owners.

Double Time OWB/IWB Holster

This attractive holster is well-constructed of Kydex®. Kydex has been used the world over for industrial manufacturing in industries like aviation, medical, and transportation. Kydex is a high density thermo-plastic that’s extremely moldable and durable. It’s actually a perfect choice for gun holsters because this material is lightweight and can be fabricated into any shape.

Because of this, the Double Time Holster is highly concealable and maintenance free. It also has an open top for a fast draw experience. The best feature though is that it can quickly be converted from a belt holster to an inside the waistband design. Serious gun owners rave about this holster and you’ll actually get two holsters for the price of one.

Leather Holsters

All gun owners will say that they really love leather holsters. Harley owners are crazy about those leather saddlebags for their bikes. Though leather is beautiful and durable, it can be hot and uncomfortable. Imagine having to wear a thick leather shoulder holster all day when the temps are up in the 90’s.

Nevertheless, most gun owners have at least one leather holster in their arsenal along with leather cartridge belts and rifle slings. These can usually be purchased at gun shows and nowadays there’s quite a selection to be found online. You can even purchase leather kits and make your own holster. Hip holsters and shoulder holsters are the most common among gun owners and there are a number of well-known holster manufacturer’s like Bianchi and Safariland who have developed this into an art form.

Nylon Holsters

If you must wear a holster all day long in warm temperatures, then a nylon holster could be a great fit. Though it’s not stylish and doesn’t really make a statement, these are very durable and comfortable to wear for long periods. You can find them in pocket holster and belt holster variations to fit just about any handgun.

Jumping Targets is an innovative new way to get in all the target practice you need without all the normal hassles associated with shooting. They offer a wide range of jumping targets such as the AR 500 targets. These are solidly constructed metal shooting targets that allow you to shoot over and over without having to reset your targets.

Easily improve your target acquisition skills and have fun at the same time. The AR 500 Steel targets jump each time you hit them. You can quickly tell whether you’ve hit the metal shooting targets or not because you’ll hear that familiar clanging sound and the jumping target with fly up and land in a new location. Fire at them over and over and they just keep popping up into the air to a different spot giving you a new target to shoot at. Jumping Targets is quickly becoming an essential for serious gun owners.

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