There are a number of prestigious marksmanship awards and classifications, albeit those given to military personnel and/or civilians. They include:

  • NRA Marksmanship – The National Rifle Association (NRA) holds NRA Tournaments. The competition is based on an initial classification of the competitor’s first 120 shots. Afterwards, a reclassification takes effect after every 240 shots. NRA matches are scored with each shot being worth 10 points. The following classifications are awarded:
    • High Master – 97% and higher degree of accuracy
    • Master – 94%-96.99%
    • Expert – 89%-93.99%
    • Sharpshooter – 84%-88.99%
    • Marksman – under 84%
  • Distinguished Marksman – These Excellence-In-Competition (EIC) matches are open to civilians and military personnel. These matches award participants Gold, Silver and Bronze badges. In general, 30 points are required to become an honored “Distinguished Marksman. Gold badges are worth 10 points, silver worth eight and bronze worth six. In order to receive the coveted honor, participants must participate in a maximum of four EIC matches within one calendar year. These include the Civilian Marksmanship Program, National Matches, History of the Distinguished Marksman Badge Culver and the History of the Distinguished Marksman Badge Rocketto.
  • Navy Marksman Medals – This award is based on Navy regulations. The rifle award has precedence over the pistol award. Qualifications are categorized as follows:
    • Expert – “E”
    • Sharpshooter – “S”
    • Marksman – Plain Ribbon
  • President’s 100 – This award is presented to the top 10% of competitors (not to exceed 100 awardees). The award is a brassard that military personnel can wear on their military uniforms.

Jumping Targets supports U.S. military troops and civilians shooting efforts. To help improve participants’ shooting scores, practice is a requirement. Consistent practice with steel targets is an excellent method to ensure that one’s practice sessions reach their maximum peek potential. Instead of constantly collecting, gathering and setting up targets, metal spinning targets immediately bounce back into form, ready to take on the next shot. This ensures that a shooter is able to increase practice time, improve form and increase his/her accuracy. These efficient, high-quality targets are designed to take a beating and last a lifetime.

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