Most Collectible Weapons

With the advent of reality pawn shows on television, the buzz and hype surrounding which firearms are of higher value is like that of a bee hive humming with activity. Many people find themselves combing through their collections and looking at weapons they inherited from a generation’s past, wondering if their retirement lay tucked away safely in the floor boards, under the bed or in a sturdy gun safe.

Consider the following incredible stories:

  • The ultra-rare “Million Dollar Luger” reads serial number 2. This .45 Semi-Automatic pistol is considered one of the most expensive and coveted firearms of all time, with an estimated worth of over one million dollars.
  • Recently, John Dillinger’s pistol was sold for a staggering $95,600 at auction. This robbing gangster, who was gunned down in Chicago in 1934, would have been thrilled knowing his devoted weapon was worth such a grand sum.
  • Additionally, confederate revolvers in great condition have been known to sell for between $20,000 to upwards of $30,000! Imagine if a gun collector had a piece of Civil War era gun history tucked away in a cedar lined closet, as not only do these types of weapons appeal to gun collectors, but also to historians.
  • The Dance Brothers Revolver had a limited production, with only 550 being produced. This revolver holds an estimated value of between $40,000 to $60,000.
  • The United States military developed an inexpensive .45 handgun in the 1940s. Prized amongst collectors for its single-shot style, it now sells for between $2,000 to $3,000 – a far cry from the original production cost of $2.40.
  • The Cosmi Autoloader – This meticulously crafted weapon is easily the most expensive repeating shotgun. This 20-gauge sells for $8,250.
  • Connecticut Shotgun Model 21 – Built in the U.S. this classic 15-gauge weapon sells for a staggering $19,500.
  • Boss O/U – This English made shotgun is lightweight, easy to carry and is adorned with a scrolled rose pattern. This 12-gauge sells for approximately $48,000.
  • Fabbri Over-Under – Often considered the Lamborghini of the Italian shotgun world, this weapon boasts a unique brown and blue pattern, which is the result of metal being heated in charcoal, bone and leather. This 12-gauge is valued at $82,500.
  • Beretta SO-4 – This weapon is designed for high volume skeet shooting. This 12-gauge is priced at $8,125.
  • Browning Superposed – The last gun invented by famous John Browning debuted during the Great Depression and rose to its height of popularity in the 1960s. Inlaid with gold pheasants and ducks, this model represents a true work of Browning art. This .410-gauge is valued at $21,500.
  • Krieghoff K-80 – A popular weapon amongst skeet shooters, this highly accurate weapon comes with four different barrel sizes: 12-gauge, 20-gauge, 28 gauge and .410 barrels. Valued at $13,500, this weapon is inlaid with gold pheasants and ducks.
  • Perazzi SCO Sporting – This 12-gauge Italian model is a popular choice for quail hunters and holds a value of $25,000.
  • L.C. Smith Monogram – This heavyweight weapon is perfect for hunting ducks and geese. This 12-gauge is valued at approximately $12,000.
  • Purdey Best (Pair) – These weapons were produced in 1814 and come in a matching pair. Ideal for shooting birds, these .12 gauge weapons sell for $120,000 as a set.

If gun collectors are lucky enough to have one of these exceptional weapons in their collections, it is advisable they take the weapon to a gunsmith before firing it. If a weapon has not been fired in a long period, it is important the utmost gun safety techniques be strictly followed. If the gunsmith determines the weapon is safely fireable, Jumping Targets offers a number of sturdy steel targets, intended to help improve one’s aim and accuracy. They also offer high power rifle targets, perfect for shotguns, pistols, handguns and sniper-style rifles. 

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