Purchasing New Vs. Used Guns

If someone is interested in purchasing a gun, is it better to buy a new weapon directly from the manufacturer or scour pawnshops for a used weapon? What are the advantages and disadvantages of buying a new versus used gun?

The following are the advantages of purchasing a new weapon:

First, new weapons typically incorporate the latest technology. Just as with any type of technology on the market, subsequent versions are designed to be better than their predecessors are.

Second, new guns highlight the latest safety features – extremely important in gun safety, especially for those that have young children and/or families.

Third, new guns boast a manufacturer’s warranty, ensuring that misfires, problems with the weapon, are covered and the weapon is replaced and/or repaired.

Fourth, most new guns come with advanced technical documentation.

Fifth, new guns are just that – brand new – and have zero wear.

Sixth, some people feel uncomfortable purchasing a weapon that was previously used due to unknown circumstances under which the weapon may have been used.

The following are the advantages of purchasing a used weapon:

First, used weapons are already broken in and are typically defined by grades, which denotes how many times the weapon has been shot.

Second, used guns are less expensive than new weapons.

Third, if a gun collector is looking for an antique weapon or one that is no longer produced, he/she will be forced to look for used weapons.

Fourth, when purchasing a collector gun, the history that follows the weapon is often of special historic interest. For example, pirate/buccaneer guns, Civil War era weapons, weapons involved in Prohibition, etc. Having documentation that corresponds to a weapon’s history often makes it increasingly valuable.

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