Best Pistols for Self-Defense

Jumping Targets supports gun safety, as well as the right to bear arms. In doing so, they understand that not every customer purchases shooting targets for hunting practice. Some customers desire to be fluent shots in case they ever face a dire self-defense situation. While everyone hopes he/she never experiences a situation, where he/she is forced to pull the trigger, it is important to use steel targets if someone owns a handgun. The number one responsibility of a gun owner is proper gun handling techniques, practicing gun safety and being fluent and comfortable shooting the weapon.

The following list if by no means comprehensive, but it allows customers to further explore what pistols and/or revolvers may best meet their self-defense needs. In no particular order, these weapons include:

·         Smith & Wesson Model 60 – This .38 has a 3-inch barrel. It features stainless steel, a fluid trigger and adjustable sites. Prices range between $650 to $850.

·         Smith & Wesson Model M&P360 – This light-weight weapon features a scandium alloy frame, stainless steel cylinder, an exposed hammer, a 1.87-inch barrel and adjustable tritium sights. Prices range between $725 to $980.

·         Ruger SP101 – This heavy-style revolver is available in 2.25 or 3 inches. It is available for approximately $400.

·         Smith & Wesson Model 686 – This 2.5-inch or 4-inch weapon features between six to seven shots, is stainless steel and has adjustable sites. It is priced between $725 and $930.

·         Charter Arms Model 73520 – This .357 magnum features a 2.2-inch barrel and stainless steel. It is available between $335 to $450.

·         Taurus Models 617SS2 – Taurus features a number of different models, including the M85, an ultra light model, perfect for self-defense. This concealable revolver is priced at less than $400.

·         9mm – An ever-popular handgun, it is easy to use and has high capacity cartridges. Prices vary based on manufacturer.

·         Sig Sauer P226 or P229 – With tritium night sites and 10 to 12 round magazines, this weapon features an excellent trigger system. Used by Special Forces units worldwide, this weapon ranges in price between $700 to $1050, depending upon model options.

·         Beretta 92A1 – This .40 caliber weapon holds 12 rounds and features a weighty, sturdy frame. An extremely reliable weapon, it ranges in between $525 and $700.

·         1911’s – Colt and Spingfrield are popular manufacturers of these weapons. Prices start at approximately $540.

·         Glock 22 or 23 – This .40 caliber weapon is extremely reliable and is a dependable self-defense weapon. Prices range between $400 to $500.

·         Taurus PT940 – This lightweight, yet compact model is extremely affordable at $500.



It depends on where you live. Usually it’s the legtnh of the blade. You could ask the local police or sheriff department. Also you will probably need concealed weapon permit.One last thing, don’t carry a knife or any other weapon until you learn how to use it. Using a knife in a fight is not like on TV. The same goes for a firearm.Good luck.


a knife over four inches in letngh{in my state and neighboring others} is considered a legal defense knife. anything over that is considering being armed with a deadly weapon and the knife is confiscated and u may be arrested for possession of a dangerous weapon with intent to inflict harm.u must register the knife immediately after purchase to not chance any risk of arrest and confiscation

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