Top 10 Hunting Rifles

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Hunters should always feel comfortable shooting their weapon of choice. Practicing with a target is extremely important. A hunter needs to feel the accuracy of his/her weapon, understand “the kick” of the weapon and feel comfortable aiming the gun.

This leads one to ponder, what are the top 10 hunting rifles. While some may disagree, the following list is not comprehensive, but generally represents the most popular hunting weapons. Without further ado, and in no particular order, the list includes:

·         Remington Model 700 – This weapon is popular in homes across America. Often, this bolt-gun is considered the ideal starting point for a custom-rifle.

·         Winchester Model 70 – This weapon defines the bolt-action. Designed in 1936, this weapon reflects a smooth safety located underneath the telescopic sights. This is always a classic hunter’s weapon.

·         Marlin 336 – This weapon is nicknamed the “deer gun” by avid hunters. Often it is one of the first weapons a hunter purchases when discovering the art of hunting. Produced in 1936, this weapon is still manufactured and is one of the most popular hunting weapons in the U.S.

·         Kimber 84M – Combining three classic weapons – the Winchester 70, Mauser 98 and Remington 700 – this weapon is extremely accurate and is considered the best factory-produced gun in the U.S.

·         Browning BAR – This highly accurate semi-automatic weapon is extremely popular among hunters across the country.

·         Holland & Holland Royal Double Rifle – This archetype is a highly sophisticated British custom rifle design and is often referred to simply as the “H&H-type.”

·         Knight MK-85 – This weapon redefined the term “muzzleloader” – combining precise technology with primitive weapon designs.

·         Ruger 10/22 – A .22 is a must-have in every hunter’s collection. This easy to use, beginning-style hunting rifle is easily customizable and great for target practice.

·         Hawken Rifle – This weapon redefined side-locking muzzleloaders and is typically what comes to mind when someone thinks about Western-style frontier weapons.

·         Mauser Model 98 – Designed in 1898, this bolt-action weapon offers a controlled-round feed action. This weapon’s distinct pressure-proof design is still used by gunsmiths today.

Obviously, weapons are subject to the individual user’s opinion, body shape and frame, and ultimately are a matter of comfort. The above list is a general recommendation for popular hunting rifles in the U.S.

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