Gun Types

There are many different types and models of guns. Ranging from antique weapons that rely on gunpowder for ammunition to modern warfare that is assigned in combat to troops, weapons are as different as people are and no two are exactly alike.

While there are a number of different handguns, this article focuses on the elusive rifle. Jumping Targets specializes in creating high-quality U.S. made AR500 steel targets that are designed to withstand the impact from both high-powered rifles and pistols. These shooting targets offer the ultimate experience for hunters, gun enthusiasts, gunsmiths and hobbyists alike. 

A rifle is defined by its barrel. The spiral twist of the rifle causes the bullet to be come engraved as it spins through the barrel, expelling itself into the air. When the bullet itself spins at such a high velocity, it gains stability, making the rifle a perfect hunting companion for increased aim and accuracy. A little known fact is that rifles predate the 16th century, so while forbearing rifles have some similarities to the rifles of today, modern rifles have advanced accuracy with improved sights.

There are four main types of rifles: the level action, bolt action, single shot and semi-automatic.

  • Lever Action – Similar to those rifles used in old John Wayne movies, the lever action defined how the West was won. Ranging from the Spencer, Henry, Winchester and Marlins, this weapon is a repeating rifle, which means it can fire several shots before the shooter is required to reload the weapon. Depending upon the type of weapon and cartridge, lever action rifles can fire up to 10 rounds or more in certain cases. This weapon is also defined by its rapid succession of fire.
  • Bolt Action – A popular weapon during World War I, the bolt action is still highly prized among collectors, hunters and as military sniper weapons around the world. This ultra-strong design can handle any type of cartridge, making it a wanted commodity due to its extreme versatility. Hunters prize this accurate weapon and caliber types range from .22 to .50 BMG.
  • Single Shot – Only capable of holding a single shot, or one cartridge, these weapons require reloading before additional shots can be fired. There are two types: the falling block design and the single action rifle. The falling block design causes a breach block, which slides down when opening the gun’s the chamber. The block is extremely heavy and strong, making this weapon a workhorse. The single action rifle is defined as a break open design. A hinge at the bottom, which reveals the weapon’s chamber, releases the barrel. This is typical of old movie scenes where the barrel bends forward to reveal a chamber for reloading.
  • Semi-Automatic – Developed during the World War II, this weapon redefined battle. Often incorrectly labeled as “assault rifles” this type of weapon allows multiple shots to be fired, even when the trigger is only pressed once. Popular types include the M14, Ruger 10-22, .308 Winchester and other models are also offered by Browning and Remington.

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