The Allure of Steel Targets

The allure of U.S. made, high-quality AR500 steel targets is similar, in hunting terms, to comparing an economy sized car to a luxury vehicle. Eloquently, yet simply stated: the two do not and will never compare.

Jumping Targets designs targets that are ideal for gun hobbyists, gunsmiths, gun enthusiasts and hunters. These powerful, heavy-duty shooting targets boast a unique design, making them able to stand the test of time.

The .22 paddle gun target is an excellent choice for beginning gun enthusiasts. An easy target, designed specifically for .22 pistols and .22 rifles, this sturdy weapon will bring hours of pleasure.

The 2.5” AR500 target is designed for use with a .22 rifle, which makes the target appear to “walk.” Handguns are also designed for use with this target, causing the target to literally jump and reposition itself, ready for the next shot. This size target is excellent for smaller guns.

The 3.5” AR500 target is larger than the aforementioned 2.5” target. Made with 3/8” steel, this target is a perfect choice for handguns and high-powered rifles. If a gun collector owns models varying from a .22 to a .306 or a .308, this target affords the perfect “practice station.”

The 4.5” AR500 target is designed to make gun owners open up their large gun safes and practice shooting those “big guns.” Bigger, thicker, larger and taller than the other aforementioned targets, this target can easily be used in close range for handgun practice, or can even be used from several hundred yards away for large big-game rifles.

Practicing shooting weapons is not only vital to gun safety, it is important for a gun owner to be familiar with his/her weapons. Every weapon has a different length, barrel length, barrel width, different “kick,” different sights, etc. In short – no two weapons shoot alike.

Quality is something that should never be overlooked or short-changed when creating and designing high-quality shooting targets. U.S. steel is unparalleled and inferior steel is not only poorly designed, but also extremely dangerous. Safety is of the utmost importance when shooting a weapon. Inferior steel shooting targets are prone to becoming deformed, pitted – thus possibly making them extremely dangerous or causing parts to shatter and lodge into other objects.

With targets designed at 90-degree angles, engineered to make bullets deflect safely at 20-degree angles, Jumping Targets creates shooting targets that will last a lifetime and bring years of shooting enjoyment.

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