Avid Survivalists

With survivalist show ratings at an all time high, there is a surge of gun sales in the U.S. While personal safety should always be the utmost priority with any weapon, people who strive to live off the land or think the ultimate survivalist situation may soon be around the corner, should be stealthily accurate with a weapon.

Using jumping targets is an excellent way to ascertain unparalleled accuracy when using a handgun or rifle. If someone desires to live in the wilderness, it is of paramount importance someone be able to defend him/herself against a wild animal attack. Additionally, accurate rifle hunting skills can also lend to someone being able to survive off the land and forage for wild game.

Metal shooting targets allow hunters to practice on one single target, without going through the expense and time of setting up paper targets or throwing clay pigeons. The targets themselves move very much like the childhood game of jacks, bouncing into position when hit and rebounding with clarity, prepared to take the next shot.

Experienced hunters understand the importance of taking an animal down with one single shot. An animal should never be forced to unnecessarily suffer, as the concept of overall humanity should reign supreme when honoring the animal kingdom. Animals are an excellent source of protein and should be regarded for the life they represented. Never should they be tortured or forced to linger in pain. This is the reason why experienced hunters understand the definition, concept and importance of the “kill shot.”

A kill shot is one that immediately forces the animal down, causing death in the most humane, painless way possible. Whether it is through the heart, snapping the spine or simply severing the nerves to the brain, the kill shot is of vital importance when hunting small or large game.

Steel shooting targets allow hunters to practice their aim and accuracy. Hunters should always know the feel of a weapon, in particular how it “kicks” and if its aim is accurate. Some weapons aim low and need to be re-sighted, while others may aim high. A hunter needs to have a fluid, seamless feel with his/her weapon. This will enable the hunter to be an even more accurate shot, increasing the likelihood of a definite kill shot.                      

In wilderness and survivalist-type situations, someone never knows if they will be confronted with a life and death scenario. What if someone is hiking through the Alaskan wilderness and meets a deadly Grizzly bear? Suddenly it charges. How does someone react? If someone is a trained shot and knows the feel of his/her weapon, they will respond with accurate, deadly force. This will often be someone’s salvation and save his or her life.

Definitive practice and preparation is often key to understanding the basics of shooting, firing and successfully utilizing a weapon – albeit it a handgun or a rifle.

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