Hunting I Shall Go …

If someone desires to begin hunting, here are a few important tips to take into consideration:


·         Each type of gun is for a different type of sport. The shotgun is considered the most versatile weapon among hunters. It can be used to hunt small game, such as birds, rabbits and rodents. Rifled slugs are designed to hunt larger game, including deer, bears, elk and even bobcats.

·         Prices vary considerably. The cheapest firearm is not always the best option, though the same is true for expensive models. Someone should select a gun well within his/her price range and one he/she feels comfortable shooting.

Hunting Licenses

·         Required nearly everywhere within the U.S., hunting fees and legality issues vary from state to state. Before hunting in a particular state, someone should always speak to a game warden. Going to jail is never worth the hunt!

Learning to Shoot

·         Always learn to shoot a weapon when it is not loaded. It is especially important to get a good feel for the weapon, as this helps improve gun safety.

·         Be proficient in gun safety and consider taking a local gun safety class and firearm orientation.


·         Jumping Targets provide a great opportunity for first-timers and experienced hunters to learn and/or improve their firearm skills.

·         Steel targets are ideal for people who need additional practice and allow maximum time effectiveness, as time is not carelessly wasted retrieving targets or replacing clay pigeons.

·         Determine which type of moving targets best meets specific needs:

o   .22 Paddle Gun Target – Designed for smaller guns, including handguns

o   2,5” AR 500 Target – Designed for handguns and small rifles

o   3.5” AR 500 Target – Designed specifically for high powered rifles and handguns

o   4.5” AR 500 Target – Designed for large guns with the ability for shooters to aim and hit the target from hundreds of yards!

Gun Safety

·         One point that is not emphasized enough is gun safety. While shooting firearms is a hobby and can be a method of obtaining food, firearms are deadly weapons and should be handled accordingly.


·         Consider purchasing binoculars for targets that are designed for long distances.

·         A sharp knife is necessary for any hunter – albeit it beginning or advanced – as animals need to be cleaned upon the kill.


·         There are several requirements hunters should know. For example:

o   Hunting shoes tend to run slightly large because hunter’s feet swell during hikes and in extreme conditions.

o   Hunters who hunt waterfowl tend to wear hip-length waders or rubber boots.

o   Some states require orange vests or brightly colored fluorescent red hunting hats/coats be worn when hunting certain types of animals. This is for safety reasons and must be followed.

o   Other types of hunting, including big game and duck, call for camouflage materials.

Hunting Dog

·         Certain types of hunting are considerably easier if a hunting dog is present. For example, hunting dogs are trained to retrieve ducks, flush up pheasants, etc. They are not designed for deer hunting.




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