Introduction to Firearms

If people find themselves, just entering the world of firearms, without trusted guides to help them along their newfound journey, this practical resource will serve them well.

First, when someone starts a new hobby, it is perfectly acceptable to feel overwhelmed. Take it one slow step at a time. No one becomes a firearms expert overnight. It takes well-versed practice to become a fluent, excellent shot.

People can take local gun safety courses – check with local National Rifle Association chapters and Department of Fish and Wildlife, as they have valuable resources for people seeking firearm safety classes and instructional courses.

Second, what draws someone to wanting to use a firearm?

  • Is the person interested in hunting?
  • Target practice?
  • Does he/she seek personal protection?

Third, what type of gun is of interest?

  • Handgun – primarily used for hunting, personal protection and target practice
  • Rifle – commonly used for hunting and target practice
  • Rimfire .22 – most often used for target practice and hunting
  • Shotgun – used for hunting and target practice

Fourth, local gun dealers know all! They are considered assets and guides to those entering the world of firearms. They can offer purchase advice, weapon guidance, local gun range information and even personalized shooting instructors.

Fifth, purchasers should know which type of gun(s) and the caliber(s) that best suits their needs. Always remember that a gun should be comfortable. This will help make someone a much better shot in the end.

Sixth, join a class! Once someone has their own weapon, he/she should consider joining a personalized or group class. Gun safety is always a priority when handling a firearm!

Seventh, never underestimate the importance of practice. The saying “practice makes perfect” has severe truth to it. A gun is a weapon and perfection should be something each firearm owner ardently strives to master.

Jumping Targets recommends using an AR500 steel target. Not only is this type of weapon made from high-quality U.S. steel, but also it is designed with the basic principles of physics – causing bullet to deflect safely at 20-degree angles without shooters risking injury.

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