Why choose Jumping Targets?

Typically, there are two different types of targets: paper and clay pigeons. Both types are costly and require frequent replacement. Replacing these types of targets can add up in the end.

Recently, Jumping Targets have been invented, completely revolutionizing the world of target practice. Designed for recurrent, frequent use, these highly advanced targets are designed to take a weathered beating and keep on ticking!

The AR500 steel targets are made from the highest quality steel. Not only does this enable the target to have a long life span, but also it makes the target safe for shooters. It means that the steel will not shred or become deformed after repeated usage. Not only is the type of steel used important, but the design is also vital. These steel plate targets have safe 90-degree angles, which means that according to basic physics principles, the bullets should ricochet at a calculated and precise 20 degrees.

Before hunters venture into the unknown wilderness, it is important that they have good gun safety skills and are completely fluent with the feel of their guns. This means that repeated practice at hunting targets is not only the best option, but also a necessary requirement for optimal gun safety.

Jumping Targets allow hunters not to waste valuable time fetching targets and setting them back up. A jumping target is designed very much like a child’s jumping jack – when one angle is hit, it bounces over and lands in an upright position, ready for the next hit. Shooters will know immediately if they are versed with hitting their targets, as if they do not hit the jumping target, it will not move or “jump.”

Jumping Targets offers four different types of targets:

  • .22 Paddle Gun Target – Ideal for plinking or racing
  • 2.5” AR 500 Target – Made from highly durable steel, this target is designed for .22’s and an assortment of handguns.
  • 3.5” AR 500 Target – Made from 3/8” steel, this target is excellent for high powered rifles.
  • 4.75” AR 500 Target – Designed for working with large guns, this tall target provides the perfect shot up close or even hundreds of yards away.

The basic principles of a Jumping Target are as follows:

  • Aim and SHOOT.
  • Watch the target JUMP.
  • Another Target immediately pops UP.
  • Shoot the next TARGET!
  • Repeat until the movements feel swift and FLUID.



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