Target Practice Exercises

Target practice is more than simply shooting a gun. Target shooting can actually help increase visual-motor coordination and build muscle memory.

Some of the best target drills include using moving targets. These are designed to allow the shooter to focus on the task – improving his/her accuracy – instead of consistently fetching a target.

A practice drill typically consists of firing ten rounds at several different distances: five yards, seven yards, 10 yards, 15 yards and 20 yards. This will help improve visual coordination as well as aim, improving skill level. Depending upon the type of weapon being used, for example, double action revolvers allow quick firing successions; however, some semi-automatic pistols require the gun be cocked.

Most people know that if they hold up a finger in front of their faces, depending upon which eye they open and close, they have one dominant eye. This is important when aiming and firing a weapon. People should practice enough to know which eye is dominant so they have an understanding of how to obtain the most accurate aim and shot.

Metal shooting targets also help increase a shooter’s perceptual awareness. Seeing a bright colored target helps people concentrate and focus on their aim. When people practice shooting, they should focus on a number of skills, including shooting at varying distances, practicing trigger control, drawing the weapon from a holster or hip area, focused sight and alignment, accuracy with follow-up shots, general accuracy and speed. Typically, practices are not measured in time, but in ammunition used. Most people agree that one box of ammunition can provide an adequate training session.

If someone has a laser sight and is using steel rifle targets, it is important to practice aim, as this can feel different from shooting through general sights. The rhythm drill consists of discharging a firearm’s ammunition in rapid succession. While this tests different skills from thoughtful, fluid scoped movements, it is important for shooters to possess and be accurately familiar with a wide number of shooting range skills.

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