Self Defense

Knowing self-defense is extremely important in a variety of situations. Whether you live in the wilderness, a rural farm or in an urban area, knowing different methods of self-defense can save you and your family’s life.

If you or someone you know is considering purchasing a gun as a weapon, it is extremely important that someone practice using a gun and be familiar with gun safety.

When living in the remote wilderness, having a gun is not just simply a matter of self-defense, but of survival. Knowing how to fend off a bear or animal predator is extremely important, especially if an attack is imminent and an animal is charging.

Rural farm areas find a different use for defense – defending their livestock and herd. In some areas where coyotes or other predators are predominant, it is important for farmers to save their animals from death – especially young calves, newborn sheep, baby goats, etc. Often times, farming is a livelihood and farmers need to protect their young from being killed by hungry, vicious predators.

Urban areas have a different need for self-defense, as crime typically tends to be higher in densely populated areas. While in no way does this condone taking someone’s life, sometimes it is necessary to establish a form of self-defense, and in some cases, people prefer purchasing a weapon.

If someone has never shot a gun before, it is extremely important for him/her to have a basic understanding of how a gun kicks, how to properly aim and a general feel for the weight of the gun. Jumping targets offer excellent practice for people who desire to learn how to shoot a gun.

These high quality, solid U.S.A. steel products are designed to accommodate a variety of calibers, ranging from pistols, handguns, to rifles and shotguns. The compact steel shooting targets design displays instant results. If the shooter hits the target, it will automatically jump, revealing a different target “side.” These metal spinning targets are great for group practices (shooters can alternate, people should never shoot at the same target simultaneously), great for hours of shooting practice – as the shooter does not need to retrieve the target and replace it – as well as helping improve accuracy.

Whether a consumer is looking for a small 2.5”, 3.5” or 4.75” target to practice their gun skills, offers a variety of targets that will appeal to gun safety practitioners and shooting enthusiasts alike.

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