Indoor Shooting Ranges vs. Outdoor Shooting Ranges: Benefits and Drawbacks

There are two types of shooting ranges: indoor and outdoor. Both have benefits and drawbacks. Using a combination of both is ideal for the outdoor hunting enthusiast. A variety of targets can be used in both types of facilities, including metal shooting targets, steel targets and moving targets.  

Indoor Shooting Range

Indoor ranges are designed to be more interactive than outdoor ranges. People can watch shooters aim and hit their targets through special glass windows. This is excellent for people wanting to learn how to shoot, as they can study form and different methods of aiming from a distance.

Professional knowledgeable staff members are typically on hand to help answer questions. These types of ranges are designed for families and attract a larger number of people.

Ideal for people learning to use a gun or improve their marksmanship, these ranges provide protection from the elements – no glaring sunlight, no dismal treacherous rain and complete stillness, void of all wind. Learning how to shoot under inclement weather conditions is something that should be tackled once someone is familiar with the weapon and how to properly manage and shoot it.

Outdoor Shooting Range

Outdoor ranges are ideal for shooters to practice in all weather conditions. Shooting outdoors also teaches a basic understanding – likely through trial and error – of how to compensate your aim based on wind direction. There is no easy method to accurately increase shooting competency based on weather conditions, except practice, which makes outdoor ranges ideal.

Outdoor ranges typically offer more thought-out processes, including the ability to have distance ranges – anywhere between 50 yards to 1,000 yards. These are perfect for hunters who will be in long-range situations in the wilderness.

Practicing outdoors is a very different experience than being warm indoors. Instead of unloading a cartridge, outdoor situations require more thought based on weather conditions. Outdoor ranges are a great way for a shooting enthusiast to take his/her skills to the next level.

Some areas offer combination indoor and outdoor ranges, which are ideal for all circumstances. Indoor ranges are most often associated with learning basic gun safety. All types of ranges will require and enforce gun safety, as well as wearing auditory noise deflecting devices, such as earplugs or earmuffs.

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