Gun Shows Across America

Each state has their own gun shows, some hosted as private galas and others open to the public. People travel from far and wide to attend these events. Some of the guns being sold are used, though the sellers typically note how many times the gun has been shot, assigning it a grade. Other weapons have been used in crimes and the government is reselling them (similar to a police seizure auction, without the fast-talking auctioneer) and other guns are the latest and greatest modern inventions to hit the gun enthusiasts’ market.

Some gun shows offer buyers the ability to shoot the weapon at shooting targets before committing to a purchase. Depending upon the locale of the gun show, they may have a testing area set up outdoors to accommodate this. Moving targets as well as metal shooting targets are ideal, as they are extremely safe to use in secure areas.

Click on each state for a thorough list of upcoming gun shows coming to an area near you!


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