A Basic Guide to Gun Scopes

There are a variety of different gun scopes on the market. Each manufacturer has a niche scope market, bringing something different to the table. For consumers, it is simply a matter of determining their needs and matching those to a high-quality scope. There are several different basic types of optical gun scopes for shotguns, handguns and rifles. These include:

·         Telescopic Scopes – The most popular type of scope for shooting targets, especially high power rifle targets, and hunting, telescopic scopes dramatically increase magnification. In non-technical language a 3-9x45 scope means that, it offers magnification powers ranging from 3-9x. The scope’s measurement is 45mm. Telescopic scopes allow shooters to zero in on a target at great distances, giving them surprisingly accurate results.

·         Laser – A laser scope combines the capabilities of a telescopic scope with a marked laser sight. This type of scope shoots a red laser dot at the target, giving the shooter a clarified target. Popular for handguns, the laser scope makes shooting easier and greatly improves accuracy.

·         Red Dot – While the laser scope pinpoints a visual laser mark on the target, red dot scopes do not. Offering the flexibility and increased accuracy of lining up a red dot through the scope, this does not tip off prey but is a superb visual aid for helping mark targets.

·         Dioper – Known as a “peephole,” a diopter scope allows the shooter to zero in on the target through a small hole. Providing exceptional target accuracy, the downside is a compromised surrounding field of vision.

Common scope brands include ATN, B-Square, BSA Optics, Burris, Bushnell, Butler Creek, Chipmunk/Rogue, Eotech, Hi-Viz, Leupold, Matech, Meprolight, Millett, Redfield, Ruger, Steiner, Tasco, Trijicon, Tru-Glo, Ultra Dot, Walther, Weaver and Zeiss.

Different types of high powered targets scopes are recommended for different shooting activities. For example:

·         Deer Scopes – Ranging from 3-9x40, 4-12x40 and 4.5-14x42

·         Handgun Scopes – 2-7x32 to 2x20 and 4x28

·         Red Dots – Some of these are offered in tactical and military grades.

·         Rimfire – Ideal scopes for a .22 or .17 Rimfire

·         Scout Scopes – These are ideal for mounting on a scout rifle.

·         Specialized Shotgun and Turkey Scopes – Designed for shotgun, black powder guns and turkey guns, these scopes allow the shooter less eye strain than traditional deer-gun scopes.

·         Sniper Scopes – Rated for medium to long range shooting

·         Tactical Scopes – Rated for shot to medium range shooting

·         Varmint Scopes – Offered in 6-24x40 and 8-32x44

When looking to purchase a scope, consider your needs. Are you looking to shoot purely for recreation? Are you a hunter? Answering these important questions will help guide you towards making a purchase that best compliments your requirements.

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