The Benefits of Superior AR500 Steel

Steel is steel, right? WRONG! In fact, nothing could be further from the truth. Before purchasing steel shooting targets, consumers should understand the differences between the types of steel on today’s market. This helps consumers make the appropriate decision based on their needs when purchasing steel plate targets.

Steel is a metal that contains iron and varying amounts of carbon or alloy, including manganese, tungsten, nickel and chromium. Simply adjusting chemical compositions produces different types of steel, essentially meaning that the number of different types of steel that can be produced is endless. With more than 3,000 grades of steel available on the market, understanding these differences is important.

There are two main factors when assessing steel hardness.

  1. The amount of alloy elements present in the steel.
  2. The heating and cooling methods used to manipulate the steel.

In general, steel hardness is critical to safety. Steel that is not hard can produce hazardous pits, dimples and deformations. When using steel targets, consumers do not want something that can splitter and break. Gun and target safety should be a priority when selecting the right type of shooting target.

Two of the most commonly used forms of steel for shooting targets include AR400 and AR500. The main difference is that AR400 is designed for light impact. AR500 is the strongest type of steel, designed for severe extremes. only sells high-grade AR500 steel targets. Understanding that steel is only as good as the design of the product, they have created advanced moving targets that do not use clamps or bolts to tie critical pieces together, as this creates fragile seams. The last thing a consumer wants to think about is how a bullet will react if it meets unpredictable damaged steel. Their advanced safety targets are designed at 90-degree angles, forcing bullets to ricochet at 20 degrees.

AR500 targets are specifically designed to take the high-end abuse of a handgun, rifle or shotgun. Abrasion resistant and designed to take extreme abuse, this top-of-the-line steel is safe, providing years of enjoyable target practice.

Rest assured that all the products offered at are made and manufactured in the U.S.A. You can breathe a little easier knowing that your hard-earned money is going towards local steel resources to help design and create some of the safest and best moving targets on today’s market.

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