Distance Guide: Shooting Targets

 There is no one size fits all type of shooting target. Just as handguns differ from rifles, and rifles differ from shotguns in size and shape, targets are designed to accommodate specific shooting needs.

Target shooting assesses accuracy and speed. Each type of target is a different dimension, shot at varying distances.

Long gun and high power rifle targets commonly feature three different sized targets.

·         For 100-yard target practice, the targets measure 14 inches by 42 inches (LRS), 10.5 inches by 10.5 inches (SR21C) and 21 inches by 24 inches (SR1). The varying size of these targets allows the shooter to improve his/her accuracy by testing his/her skills in a variety of conditions.

·         Two-hundred-yard shooting targets feature three sizes as well: 24.5 inches by 24.5 inches (ARMYA), 28 inches by 28 inches (SR42) and 24 inches by 24 inches (SRC).

·         Three-hundred-yard targets include: 21 inches by 24 inches (LRP), 35 inches by 35 inches (MR63) and 40 inches by 42 inches (SR3). The LRP target is commonly used for slow-firing weapons and the SR3 for rapid-fire.

·         Five-hundred-yard targets include: 37 inches by 37 inches (MR65F), 19 inches by 19 inches (MR65C) and 67 inches by 72 inches (MR).

·         Six-hundred-yard targets vary slightly. The MR1FC has seven different rings, measuring 32 inches by 32 inches. The standard MR1C target is 37 inches by 37 inches. Slow-firing weapons at this distance typically use the MR1.

·         Eight hundred yards to 1,000 yards: 26 inches by 26 inches (LRFC), 45 inches by 45 inches (LRC) and 67 inches by 72 inches (LR).

Pistols and handguns are shot are considerably less distance, as they are not accurate at lengthy distances. The bottom line is that small targets help simulate a greater distance.

Moving targets are excellent for all types of shooting, ranging from rifles, and handguns to pistols. Revolvers are typically fired at ranges between seven to 10 yards and shotguns at distances between eight to 16 yards. Shooting moving targets allow shooters to spend more time shooting and less time setting up their targets. The innovative design is similar to an old school game of jacks. The target mimics a jack in the sense that when one of the areas is hit, it bounces back into an upright position, ready to take the next hit.

Jumpingtargets.com is an innovative company that designs moving targets for use with all types of guns, including high power rifles. While competitors’ products cannot withstand the repeated abuse, these well-constructed steel targets are long lasting, making them ideal for shooting enthusiasts.

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